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  • …access to entire inside surface of flasks or BOD bottles Black hog bristle brush 4 1/4” long mounted on a flat steel shank attached to pivoting shaft Brush (12 1/8” long) has bristle diameter of 1 1/2”; brush (16” long) has bristle diameter of 1 5/8”

  • Cream Test Bottle Brush

    Justman Brush

    Body: Black Bristle- 1-3/4" dia, 2" length, 11-1/2" overall Neck: Black Horse Hair- 1/2" dia, 3" length -  fan tip

  • Use this brush to clean any type of deep vessel. Good for restaurant kitchens, laboratories with round-bottom flasks, repair shops, any facility needing dexterity and small size in the cleaning head. Diameter of wooden head: 1.7025 x .8915" and the bristles are 1.578 x.74". Head of brush

  • Great for washing bottles, cylinders and large test tubes. Full radial tip provides thorough cleaning action and prevents the brush from scratching the glassware.

  • Of white nylon bristle with galvanized iron wire handle Convenient for cleaning the necks of dairy test bottles Bristled portion 3” x 1/2” diameter; length 12”

  • Flask & Bottle Brushes

    Justman Brush

  • Flask & Bottle Brushes

    Justman Brush

    Special construction puts the cleaning action where it is needed. The bristles fold flat to fit through the narrow bottle neck, then expand to fill the chamber.

  • Specially designed brush folds flat as it enters the glassware, then opens to reach across flask and bottle bottoms for very effective cleaning.

  • Cylinder & Bottle Brush, Nylon Bristles

    United Scientific Supplies

    Designed for cleaning cylinders, bottles, and large test tubes. Features nylon bristles with a radial top mounted in twisted heavy gauge galvanized wire.

  • …laurel, red-fruit saw-sedge, blueberry lily, she-oaks, coastal rosemary, burrawang, eucalyptus/gum tree, seaweed/crayweed, coastal banksia, bottle brush and honey gem. For more information, please inquire. As part of our test and review campaign, many of our customers have shared their positive…

  • For use on bottles, jars, cylinders, etc. Black nylon bristle with tufted end and twisted galvanized iron handle with loop The 305 mm brush is also for 50 ml round bottom centrifuge tubes

  • Cylinder/Bottle Brushes

    GSC International, Inc.

    Sturdy, black bristle bottle & cylinder brushes with galvanized handles to prevent rusting. Sold in packages of 12.

  • Glassware Brushes

    Brush Tech

    …thin, bendable brush that can reach where hands and conventional brushes can not. It can slip into the narrowest openings, pass down through the longest necks and flex to reach every contour. Models 1929M23 and M26 have a more rigid polypropylene neck for cleaning cylinders and bottles. Ultra soft,…

  • Bottle brushes have smaller diameter handles and softer bristles for delicate cleaning of jars, bottles, and glasses with smaller openings All plastic handles Base resins used to produce blocks and bristles are made of FDA approved materials

  • Bottle brushes have smaller diameter handles and softer bristles for delicate cleaning of jars, bottles, and glasses with smaller openings 40469, 40470, and 41276 are specifically designed to slip easily into bottle necks to remove deposits from hard to reach places All plastic handle Base…

  • Nylon Brushes

    Allied K&R

    For use in cleaning beakers, jars and cylinders Four rows of black nylon monofilament bristles, twisted in wire and with wooden handle Bristle length portion approximately 6"; maximum diameter 3 1/4"; total length 15 3/4".

  • Volumetric Flask Brushes

    Justman Brush

    Angled handle fits easily into flask or bottle necks and bends to allow brush to fit container shape. Brushes are mounted on a flexible plastic handle designed for cleaning Erlenmeyer, Filtering, Kjeldahl, Nephelo, Pear-shaped, Round-bottom, Flat-bottom, Reaction, and Volumetric Flasks.

  • Volumetric Flask Brushes

    Justman Brush

    Angled handle fits easily into flask or bottle necks and bends to allow fitting of brush to container shape. Brushes are mounted on a flexible plastic handle, designed for cleaning Erlenmeyer, Filtering, Kjeldahl, Nephelo, Pear-Shaped, Round Bottom, Flat Bottom, Reaction, and Volumetric flasks.

  • These Test Tube Brushes are engineered to perform a wide variety of cleaning functions. Radial Tip or Double Fan tip Brushes have formed brush sprays at the tip of the brush. This allows the brush to thoroughly clean the bottom & corners of the bottle or tube, without scratching the glassware.

  • Ground Glass Wide Mouth Stoppered Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Wide mouth bottles Ideal for solids and viscous liquids Bottles are designed for easy cleaning in dishwasher or with a brush Specially designed rim prevents fluids from running down the outside of the bottle Wheaton 400 borosilicate glass Standard Taper stopper size indicated in listings.

  • The handy set, which comes complete with carrying case, combines the LiquiSampler and the ViscoSampler with practical accessories. Models in PP or PTFE/ FEP. QualiSampler set consisting of: LiquiSampler, 100 cm ViscoSampler, 100 cm Case, five bottles, cleaning brush

  • …tests for iron and manganese to see where the problem lies. Simple, fast, color disc method Kit includes three reagents, bottles, test tube brush, color discs, comparator box, viewing adapter, viewing tubes, instructions and carrying case Method / Chemistry: Color disc colorimetry…

  • Master Fingerprint Kit

    Arrowhead Forensics

    …Powder 1 - roll 2" Frosted Lifting Tape Powder 1 - roll 2" Clear Lifting Tape 1 - Mini Scalpel Cutter 1 - Bottle Rough Lift 2 - Fiber Brushes 1 - Feather Brush 1 - Magnetic Applicator 50 - White Lifting Cards 50 - Black Lifting Cards 1 - UV Lamp

  • QuickPicker


    …sampling bottle directly. QuickPicker is uncomplicated in its use and cleaning. No undercuts or edges mean no sample residues which could falsify subsequent samples. It is therefore ideal for quality control. The sampler QuickPicker is delivered complete with two 250 ml PE sample bottles and…

  • Hardware Assortment Kit

    United Scientific Supplies

    …# 6 2-hole - 2 Rubber Tubing, 4 ft., 1/4" i.d. - 1 Test Tube Clamp - 2 Test Tube Brush 3x1/2" - 1 Test Tube Rack, 12 Holes, 12 Pins, Wood - 1 Thermometer 20 to 150 C - 1 Wash Bottle 250 ml Polyethylene - 1 Water Reservoir Pneumatic Trough - 1 Wire Gauze Ceramic 5x5"…

  • … EC Number: 209-103-7 MDL Number: MFCD00001848 PubChem Substance ID: 24892523 Packaging 1 g in glass bottle, 100, 250 mg in glass bottle Biochem/physiol Actions Protonophore (H + ionophore) and uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria. Shown to…

  • Deluxe Chemistry Hardware Assortment

    United Scientific Supplies

    …labs and includes the following:  Beaker, Glass, 100ml (1), Beaker, Glass, 250ml (1), Beaker, Glass, 400ml (1), Beaker, Glass, 1000ml (1), Bottle, Wash, 125ml, Plastic (1), Clamp, Burette (1), Clamp, Mohr's Pinchcock (1), Crucible with Cover, 10ml (1), Cylinder, Graduated, Glass, 10ml (1),…

  • … EC Number: 226-642-3 UNSPSC Code: 12352100 Application: Methyl 2-bromopropionate was used as initiator during the synthesis of polymer brushes with single-walled carbon nanotubes as backbones. It was used as starting reagent for the synthesis of 2-18F-fluoropropionic acid, positron emission…

  • …designed for lyophilizing moderate to large loads and stoppering vials or serum bottles under vacuum. The console features a front viewing window and interior space for a vacuum pump (sold separately). They feature a brushed stainless steel and glacier white, powder-coated steel exterior, hot gas…

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