Borosilicate Petri Dish

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Borosilicate Petri Dish
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  • KIMAX® Borosilicate Glass Petri Dishes

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Shallow glass dishes used for culturing bacteria and other general laboratory uses. Designed to meet Federal Specification NNN-D-1478. KIMAX® dishes remain clear after repeated use in wet or dry sterilization cycles Reinforced beaded edges resist mechanical breakage and help in…

  • Borosil® Culture/Petri Dishes


    Borosil® brand Culture/Petri Dishes are designed to fulfill your wide-ranging needs from Crystalizing, Evaporating, Drying, and Storing to Petri dishes for culture, assay and micro-biological works. These Petri Dishes comply with IS 2626. These Dishes are clear and withstand repeat…

  • Glass Petri Dish

    GSC International, Inc.

    Borosilicate Glass Petri Dish with reinforced rims

  • Petri Dishes

    United Scientific Supplies

    Made from high quality borosilicate glass, these autoclavable, flat, clear Petri dishes can withstand repeated sterilization and can be used many times. Each dish includes a lid. Note: Lid does not seal air tight.

  • Dish 150X20 Pyrx Vista Pk12


    …is 460ºC. These dishes are not designed for rapid thermal shock The Corning® brand Petri Dishes should be viewed as a low cost alternative to Pyrex® brand Petri Dishes (Catalog #3160) which are made from low expansion (32.5 x 10-7 cm/cm/ºC) borosilicate glass.

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