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Blood Lancet
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  • …highly selective medium and should be used in conjunction with a non-selective media such as Loeffler Serum Medium (M537) and Blood Agar Base (M089) with 10% horse blood (3). C.diphtheriae are usually present in small numbers permitting the formation of well isolated colonies. So, inoculation…

  • Used by healthcare professionals to obtain capillary blood samples. Designed to help facilities meet OSHA requirements for needlestick safety. The needle is shielded before and after use. Also features an automatic lockout after use. This system helps pro

  • Arkray Techlite® Lancets

    Arkray USA, Inc.

    Sterile, disposable devices used to obtain a capillary blood sample. Compatible with most standard lancing devices. The lower gauge lancets work best on callused fingers where it is sometimes difficult to obtain a sample. The higher gauge lancets work bes

  • Maximize blood flow while minimizing pain in heelsticks on newborns with the safetyengineered BD Microtainer® Quikheel™ Lancet. Easy, one-handed activation releases a retractable surgical blade for making a precise, consistent incision that produces sufficient blood flow to conduct PKU…

  • …Microtainer® contact-activated lancet is a safety-engineered device used for the fingerstick collection of blood. Fingersticks should not be performed on children less than 1 year of age (according to CLSI guidelines). Ergonomic design The lancet enhances user comfort with an ergonomic…

  • For Taking Fingertip Blood Samples MEDIpoint’s Blood Lancets are carefully inspected for the utmost sharpness, uniformity, and absolute sterility. Ultra-Keen point tapers from all sides for minimum pain Made from the finest quality rigidized chrome stainless steel …

  • Used to safely obtain a capillary blood sample. These single use safety lancets are available in three color-coded versions to meet the desired blood sample size and address a variety of skin types. Needle is concealed before and after use to prevent need

  • CAPIJECT® Safety Lancets

    Terumo Medical Corporation

    CAPIJECT® Safety Lancets High quality, single-use lancets offer the form, fit and function you’ve come to rely on: Never See or Handle the Sharp: Automatic blade or needle retraction styles - the sharp edge is enclosed before and after use No Special Staging…

  • Provides retractable safety technology for capillary blood sampling. Automatic retraction reduces needlestick injuries and cross-contamination exposure while providing a quick, gentle puncture. The needle is shielded before and after use. Built-in needle

  • …results. Kit contains enough materials for 1 test. Instructions are included. Kit Includes: 6 mL Buffer Solution 1 Erycard™ 1 Alcohol Wipe 1 Lancet 4 Blood Collection Sticks DOT Info: Non-regulated This test kit is designed for educational/instructional use only. This test kit is not designed for…

  • Help shield your staff against accidental needle-sticks with Surshield® Terumo® Surshield® Safety Winged Needle Sets provide:  One-handed*, easy-to-activate safety device  Minimal steps for activation  No change in needle insertion technique required …

  • Adapts to present blood drawing trays and techniques Available holders and brackets A variety of container sizes and openings allow for disposal of other sharps such as lancets, butterfly tubing and small syringes Containers lock for final disposal

  • GBS Medium Base


    …Color change (due to pigment production) of the butt occurs gradually, starting from the bottom of the tube towards the upper end. Presence of blood in the specimen may give false positive results. Presumptively positive tubes should be further confirmed by biochemical analysis to identify Group…

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