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  • Cryogenic vial locking racks feature a locking mechanism that allow one-hand opening for self-standing cryogenic vials. Accommodates both round bottom and self-standing vial formats. Racks have A - J and 1 - 5 row and column indexing for easy organization. Autoclavable. 5 per pack.

  • XT Starter


    Low profile, open platform ice-free cooler XT Starter is an open platform cooler that keeps samples at a uniform 2°C for over 4 hours - without ice, batteries or electricity. XT Starter accommodates most CoolRack and CoolSink sample modules, making it a versatile and flexible tool for a…

  • CoolCell Stem Cell Cryopreservation System is a kit designed for efficient and controlled preparation and cryopreservation of stem cells and cell therapy products. Ice-free cell preparation: The XT Starter ice-free cooling base and CoolRack SV2/SV10 vial module provide up to 4 hours of…

  • CryoCeps cryogenic vial grippers are the perfect tool to protect fingers when extracting frozen tubes from cryostorage boxes, CoolRack modules or CoolCell cell freezing containers. Unique design grips cryogenic vials by the cap and allows you to lift the tube and move its position. Compatible with…

  • XT Starter Kits


    Streamline your PCR Sample preparation. The XT Starter PCR96 Kit includes one XT Holder base, one XT Cooling Core and a CoolRack® PCR module which holds one 96 well PCR plate, strip wells or 200ul tubes. The XT Starter M-PCR Kit includes one XT Holder base, one XT Cooling Core and a…

  • Inserts for TruCool cryogenic vials auto caps 1,000 per pack For TruCool® Cryongenic Vials, see the May We Suggest information below the Insert listings.

  • TruCool leak-proof, auto-cap cryogenic vials are ideal for cell culture and biobanking. The screw cap features a co-molded thermally-fused gasket which prevents leaking, slipping and risk of contamination. The gasket is 95kPa certified to provide a leak-proof seal. The star socket on cap top is…

  • Patented hinged lid offers convenience and archival integrity, ensuring markings and vials remain in sync. Lid stays attached to base minimizing risk of separation and lid contamination. Lid is easy to open when frozen. Available in 9x9, 10x10, and vapor phase LN2 compatible formats. Plastic…

  • CoolRack® and CoolSink™ modules

    Brooks Life Sciences

    BioCision® thermoconductive modules provide reproducible and standardized temperature control to biological samples while on the bench. Place CoolRack® or CoolSink™ modules on ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, water baths, heat blocks (-200°C through 100°C+) or other and they…

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