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  • CBK Bench Scales

    Adam Equipment

    Reliable performance, durable construction and versatility Serving a variety of applications the CBK includes basic weighing, check weighing with LED limit indicators and parts counting. Full featured and easy-to-use, the CBK is the right choice for industry when flexibility matters. Features …

  • CPWplus P Bench Scales

    Adam Equipment

    The CPWplus P is a multi-purpose industrial scale with pillar display stand. All CPWplus scales utilize the same versatile indicator which features 4 weighing modes (lb, kg, oz, lb-oz), a crisp backlit display, color coded buttons with positive click feel, and simple, quick operation. The…

  • Bench Counting Scale

    Adam Equipment

    The GBC is a fully featured counting scale with numeric keypad for unit weight and sample entry. The bright large backlit display shows unit weight, total weight and number of pieces. A grade 304 stainless steel top pan with mild steel base and pillar mounted ABS plastic indicator, make the GBC a…

  • Defender Bench Scales


    Features a simple, yet rugged, tubular-frame base design Adjustable non-slip rubber leveling feet with externally visible level indicator 1 inch (25mm) high LCD weight display with high-contrast backlight Built-in RS232 for printing and data connection Platform size 1230J32: 12" x 14"…

  • Defender™ 3000 Bench Scales


    Defender™ 3000 Bench Scales feature a simple tubular-frame base design and the T31P indicator with tactile keys, backlit LCD display, built-in rechargeable battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities. Maximum Resolution 1:6000-7500d 304 stainless steel pan, frame and IP67…

  • Eclipse Precision Balances

    Adam Equipment

    Designed for advanced scientists and researchers, the Eclipse occupies minimal space on the laboratory work bench, yet maintains optimal performance. Its elegant capacitive touch keypad provides highly efficient operation and an increased lifespan of the balance. When a key is pressed, the pad…

  • Ranger® 4000 Compact Bench Scales


    …weighing, while extending the product’s usable life. A Bright White LED Display Makes the Scale Usable Even in Dim Conditions—The largest, white LED display on any scale in its class, combined with checkweighing LEDs and audible indicators, make Ranger 4000 highly functional…

  • Accuris™ Compact Balances

    Accuris Instruments

    …toward the front of the balance for easy access, and a leveling bubble in the control panel is easy to see for quick and simple leveling on the lab bench. The balances can be calibrated using a calibration weight and a few key strokes on the control panel – just select a calibration point in…

  • LBK Bench Scales

    Adam Equipment

    …profile design is compact and allows these scales to be used where you need them. Simple to use with only 5 keys, which are color coded to highlight the most used keys for faster operation. Basic weighing tasks are quick and easy with the LBK weighing scales. And with percentage weighing, basic…

  • Ranger™ 7000 Compact Scales


    …memory library of any industrial bench scale in the OHAUS portfolio. Ranger 7000 has ten advanced application modes for a variety of complex applications which minimize the need for manual calculations, and can also control peripheral devices and/or a scale platform with option kit With…

  • Defender® 7000 Bench Scales


    High Performance Bench Scales for Advanced Applications Defender 7000 Series bench scales provide enhanced performance and operation for versatile and advanced industrial weighing applications. With an ABS plastic indicator and painted-steel bases and columns, the Defender 7000 has multiple…

  • CPWplus Bench Scales

    Adam Equipment

    The CPWplus is a multi-purpose industrial scale. Features 4 Weighing units (kg, g, lb, oz) Simple 4 button operation Hold function Full range tare Zero Tracking Large backlit LCD display Wall mount bracket Large stainless steel pan Modern low profile design …

  • Defender™ Rectangular Bench Scale Bases


    Defender Rectangular Bench Scale Bases offer durable, welded and painted steel plate construction and water resistant load cells. Rectangular 304 stainless steel pan Painted carbon steel frame Weld/fold steel plate base (R, L sizes) Aluminum IP67 load cell 150% safe…

  • Defender™ Square Bench Scale Bases


    Defender Square Bench Scale Bases offer durable, welded and painted steel plate construction and water resistant load cells, allowing these bases to be used for general industrial applications. Square 304 stainless steel pan Painted carbon steel frame Weld/fold steel plate base (R,…

  • Clean-In-Place Sprayer, Bench Scale, PTFE

    Ace Glass

    Bench scale, 1000 - 6000mL, Clean-In-Place sprayer for use with either pressurized or vacuum assisted flask washing. All PTFE construction. Four, 3 inch sections with available extenders allow flexibility. Ace recommends that the sprayer ball be positi

  • Support Stand Bench Scale Chromatography Columns

    Ace Glass

    Support stand assembly for bench scale size Chromatography columns. "H" shaped base stand and 122cm high stainless steel rod gives great stability for the larger bench scale columns. Stand comes complete with base, rod, support plate with hole, clamp holder, chain clamp and cork ring.

  • Defender™ Square Washdown Bench Scale Bases


    Defender Square Washdown Bench Scale Bases offer durable, welded all stainless steel construction and IP67 water resistant load cells, allowing these bases to be used where washability is required. Square pan All 304 stainless steel design Weld/fold steel plate base (R, L sizes) …

  • ES Series Low Profile Bench Scales


    …together in the ES Series of all-purpose bench scales. The low-profile design makes them perfect for shipping, receiving and general bench applications. The unique 3-way mounting bracket allows you to mount the indicator to the scale base, above the scale platform or on any vertical surface. With…

  • Bench Check Weighing Scales

    Adam Equipment

    The GBK offers all the features needed for weighing, check weighing with LED limit indicators and parts counting application with fully selectable sample or unit weight. Built tough for a variety of industries the GBK can meet the demands of warehouse, production floor or even medical applications. …

  • Scale-Up Series™ Bench-Top Reactor

    Ace Glass

    Ace Glass Scale-Up Series™ plain bench-top reactor base system includes the essential items needed to begin building a customized reactor specifically for your application. Reactors scale-up from 100mL to 6000mL on the bench and their geometry tr

  • Scale-Up Series™Jacketed Bench-Top Reactor

    Ace Glass

    …to begin building a customized reator specifically for your application. Reactors scale-up from 100mL to 6000mL on the bench and their geometry translates into our Kilo Scale reactors. Base systems include a flask, CAPFE o-ring, stand with supports and KF flange adapter clamp with FVMQ gasket.…

  • Scale-Up Series™ Bench Top Reactor Stand

    Ace Glass

    Thomas No. 1165L72 Reactor stand, Scale-Up Series & trade; 3-6 liter size 19-1/2 x 24-3/4 x 48 inch (LxWxH) Thomas No. 1165L73 Reactor stand, Scale-Up Series & trade; 100mL to 2 liter size 19-1/2 x 24-3/4 x 38 inch (LxWxH) Thomas No. 1165L74 Vertical mounting rod…

  • Scale-Up Series™ Bench Top Dual Reactor Stand

    Ace Glass

    Dual stand only,designed for the Dual Scale-Up Series™ reactors. Stand features: 100ml to 6000ml capacity, lightweight aluminum, adjustable leveling feet and six (6) quick adjustment rod-holding brackets for up to 5/8in (16mm) diameter rods. Base dimensions are 19-1/2 x 30in (DxW) with code…

  • Introductory Optical Bench Set

    United Scientific Supplies

    An economical, high quality bench set that is excellent value for introductory lens work.  Features include: 74cm extruded aluminum bench with push-on plastic feet and large easy to read scale, three-position riders accommodate push-in stems of optical parts, pushing stem in locks rider in…

  • Optical Bench Set

    United Scientific Supplies

    Student optical bench contains sufficient equipment for high school physics applications. Set includes the following: 1 Meter Stick, 1 Screen support, 2 Lens Supports for 38mm and 75mm lenses/mirrors, 5 Board screens measuring 10 x 12.5cm with a millimeter scale on both sides, 1 Marker and object, 2…

  • Traceable® Full Scale Thermometer


    …Magnetic back allows for placement on a metal surface (incubators, freezers, water baths). Unit also incorporates flip-open easel for use on lab bench and spring fastener for clipping to any edge. Stainless-steel probe with piercing tip allows constant exposure to extreme temperatures at the ends…

  • Lab Scale Rockers, SSL3 and SSL4

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    These compact rockers are ideal where gentle mixing is required, either on the bench or in incubators. Choice of two models: Model SSM3 provides a 3D gyratory motion, ideal for low foaming agitation, DNA extractions, staining and de-staining procedures etc. The angle of tilt can be moved to any…

  • Ranger® Count 4000 Counting Scales


    …counting jobs that require durability and accuracy at a great value. Portable with die-cast metal housing and a rechargeable battery, this scale is equipped with weighing, parts counting, check counting, and accumulation functions, and can produce results for a variety of industrial weighing,…

  • Scale-Up Series™ Jacketed Cylindrical Flasks

    Ace Glass

    …right hand flask orientation. The Easy Drain valve is designed to prevent accidental removal when opening and incorporates a compression tube angled side arm for maximum unobstructed drainage. Flasks scale-up from 100mL to 6000mL on the bench and their geometry translates into our Kilo Scale flasks.

  • HyClone™ Water for Injection (WFI) Quality Water

    GE Healthcare

    …Quality Water is available in convenient volumes and packagings to fit your cell culture and biomanufacturing process. As products move from bench scale to production, capitol investment in dedicated WFI quality water systems and the related validation and testing costs can be exorbitant. EudraLex…

  • "Classic" Water Stills


    Bench, floor or wall-mounted models for efficient production of high-quality distilled water Feedwater preheated in condenser allowing for energy conservation Space-saving horizontal condensers Energy saving double-walled evaporator Typically lasts up to 20 years, metal…

  • Stomacher® Bag Openers


    Made from high grade plastic polymer, Seward bag openers hold open bags for easy addition of sample without risk of instrument contact on the bag. Compatible with Stomacher® 80 and Stomacher® 400 bag sizes Stable on bench-top or scales Easily cleaned with most lab disinfectants

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