Balance Slab

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Balance Slab
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  • Scienceware® Vibrasorb® Vibration Damping Mount

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Isolate instruments from disturbing vibrations Two convenient sizes Absorb vibration down to 9 Hz Molded of dense black and white terrazzo, with four Vibro-Absorber™ cushions and neoprene feet, damping mount absorbs even the slightest vibrations. Supports up to 35 lbs.…

  • Marble Slab

    Gawet Marble & Granite

    Standard Hone Mat Finish, for use on laboratory table to reduce vibration Overall dimensions 20 x 13 x 2 inches thick; weight: 60 lbs. Shipped directly from quarry, F.O.B. Center, Rutland, VT.

  • Marble Table/Slab for Excellence Balances

    Mettler Toledo

  • Balance Tables

    Gawet Marble & Granite

    Consists of three massive rectangular slabs of marble, 3 inches thick, braced by a powder-coated steel pipe Overall dimensions 35 x 24 x 31 inches high Because of weight, table will be shipped directly from quarry, F.O.B. Center, Rutland, VT. CAUTION: Intended location must withstand…

  • Xpert Weigh Boxes

    …safety glass viewing window with powder-coated steel frame and neoprene gasket; interior-mounted anti-static ionizer fan; balance vibration isolator consisting of a marble slab, isolator pads and stainless steel cover; space-saving inner and outer transfer chamber doors that pivot upward, are…

  • Series Tx Analytical Balances

    Accuris Instruments

    …of 220g and readability of 0.1 mg. The W3002A-120 is a semi-micro class balance with a maximum capacity of 120g, and readability of 0.01mg up to 62g. The Tx internal calibration system helps ensure that the balance is always calibrated and ready for use. Auto calibration can also be set…

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