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  • Membrane Filter, 0.2 um, Non-Sterile, Bag 10


    Accessory for accu-jet® pro Pipette Controller (26330), (26331), (26332) and (26333). Ideal for tissue and cell culture applications 0.2 µm Non-Sterile Pack of 10

  • Septa Caps, TPE, 96 Caps in a Bulk Bag

    NxTBIO Technologies

    Septa Caps, TPE, 96 Caps in a Bulk Bag 10 Bags/pk

  • Polypropylene Beard Covers

    Safety Zone

    Polypropylene beard covers. 100 covers per bag, 10 bags per case. White beard covers? Spunbond polypropylene 100% latex free 19″  

  • Cleanroom ISO Class 5 Nitrile Gloves


    Low particle count and low extractables Beaded cuff with micro-textured finger tips and tapered finish for better fit Excellent puncture resistance Complies with FDA 21 CFR 50 pieces x 2 (100 pcs) in a sealed CR polybag, double bagged. 10 bags/carton

  • Isolation Gowns

    Cardinal Health

    Provide basic coverage Lightweight, comfortable Latex free Lightweight, comfortable isolation gowns are made of nonwoven, spunbonded polypropylene fabric and provide users with basic coverage. Gowns are available in sewn or sealed construction. Sewn gown feature latex-free…

  • BEE-SAFE™ Polypropylene Bouffant Caps

    High Tech Conversions

    100% Latex Free Lint Free Available in Blue and White 100% Spunbound Polypropylene Construction Soft and Comfortable Equipped with Elastic Bands for Secure Fit   Bouffant caps are ideal for medical or light industrial applications, as well as applications in the food…

  • SMS Cover Gowns

    Cardinal Health

    Resist fluids Excellent barrier protection SMS material Sewn or sealed styles Latex free Comfortable cover gowns are constructed of high-quality, fluid-resistant, tri-layer spunbond meltblown spunbond (SMS) material and provide an excellent barrier. Available in…

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Spill Clean Up Kit

    Weatherproof case comes with a carrying handle and is wall mountable. Contents assist with meeting federal OSHA standards. Size: 8.25" x 5.5" x 3.25" 21-Piece Kit Contents: (1) Biohazard Bag, 24" x 24", 10 gallon capacity (1) Biohazard Scoop (1)…

  • Impervious Gowns

    Cardinal Health

    Serve in fluid-intensive settings Polyolefin coated Meets ASTM synthetic blood and viral penetration standards Open- or half-back styles Impervious gowns are designed for use in fluid-intensive settings where being splashed, sprayed or soaked with fluids is a high…

  • Cleanroom Wipers


    Wiper Cleaning Principle Cleaning is a process of lowering the adhesion force between the particles and the surface to be cleaned allowing the contaminant to be easily captured by the wiper. It involves a method of balancing the particle content between the contaminated surface and the wiper.…

  • Master Trace Evidence Collection Kit

    Arrowhead Forensics

    This kit contains all of the items you need to collect trace evidence from a crime scene and transport it to your agency. This Master Trace Evidence Kit can be used in large agencies for multiple CSIs or one single kit for a small department. Packaged in a sturdy carry case with four separate,…

  • Master Crime Scene Tac Pak Kit

    Arrowhead Forensics

    The first and only crime scene pack for investigators! The all new Master Crime Scene Tac-Pak Kit features the products needed to accomplish basic and some advanced levels of crime scene processing. Secure the premises with barrier tape, mark evidence and from there move into the collection process…

  • Crew® Critical Task Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    …binder-free, single ply wipers absorb up to four times their weight in liquids. Extra low particulate levels make wipers ideal for Class 100 Cleanrooms. Wipe cleanly without scratching. Anti-static, polybag packaging conforms to EIAS 541. Wipes are packaged 50 to a bag/10 bags to a case.

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