Autoclave Deodorizer

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Autoclave Deodorizer
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  • Autoclave Deodorizers

    Argos Technologies

    …by the autoclave, the Argos Deodorizers capsules neutralize odors and leave a subtle clean scent of Lemon or Apple. To use, simply place one capsule into your autoclave or incubator with each load. The heat and moisture will dissolve the capsule and release a clean fresh scent. Argos Deodorizer

  • Heat and moisture from the autoclave release the contents of the capsule to overcome unpleasant smells generated from heating microbiological waste. One capsule per load absorbs offensive odors leaving the laboratory smelling fresh and clean. Comes in two fragrances - apple and lemon.

  • …gelatin capsules contain concentrated formulation to neutralize, not simply mask, odors caused by autoclaving organic and inorganic samples or waste Capsules dissolve in hot water to vaporize or can be placed in biohazard bag One capsule deodorizes up to 7 cubic feet autoclave capacity

  • Odo-Clave® Autoclave Deodorant Pads

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Neutralize Autoclave Odors with a Choice of Four Fragrances Heat-released deodorant pads neutralize autoclave odors with one of four pleasant scents. Simply open foil pouch and place pad in bag prior to autoclaving Pads have a three year life span; will last longer if stored in a…

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