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Autoclave Cleaner
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  • QuickTask™ Mopping System


    …easily installed onto a hinged mop head frame and QuickConnect handle. QuickTask mop head frames are available in stainless steel or durable autoclavable polypropylene. Use with Contec buckets and trolley systems, including 2757, 2769-KIT, 2650 and 2700.? ? Polyester Knit mop covers (TASK 0200,…

  • Controlled Environment Extendable Aluminum Angled Mop

    Connecticut Cleanroom

    …specific applications Ergonomic grip reduces worker fatigue Ideal for the "Pull and Lift" technique used in cleaning and disinfecting Resists autoclave, gamma and ETO Non-Rusting Fits all Original and Advanced Technology Roll-O-Matic® approved refills Extend handle with a turn of writs…

  • EasyCurve™ Mopping System


    autoclavable frame for Contec's EasyCurve mop heads have Contec's QuickConnect handle adapter which enables use with a wide variety of telescoping and fixed length handles. Mop head frame 2724 may be sterilized by most common methods including gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide, or autoclave.

  • Cleanroom Mops


    …pieces/Case Ideal for applying disinfectant to walls or ceilings Absorbs over 5 times of its weight in water Machine washable and autoclaveable ISO Class 5—8 compatible STRING MOP Materials: Microfiber with 80% polyester and 20% Polyamide, tubular strings …

  • Original Mop & Head

    Connecticut Cleanroom

    …environments. Handles and refills?are available in cold rolled steel and also in stainless steel. PVC?rollers and polyurethane sponges offer durability and high absorbency. Single lever handle Stainless Steel handles and mopheads are autoclavable Handles are packaged with one mophead

  • Chamber Brite Autoclave Cleaner


    Cleans the chamber, reservoir and copper tubing Pre-measured packets replace messy liquids, measuring and scrubbing Easy to use Just sprinkle into the chamber and run a cycle. Regular cleaning and maintenance optimize autoclave function and extends autoclave life span.

  • BCR® Mop 4


    …fan-tail construction to minimize particle generation. 100% knitted polyester Laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom Lot number on each pack ensures traceability Chemical and abrasion resistant Low particulate and fibers Durable Beta - Gamma - Autoclave

  • DeSCAL®

    Decon Labs

    DeSCAL® descales waterbaths, autoclave reservoirs, ultrasonic tanks, and stills. Anywhere mineral deposits, iron stains and crusty build-up need removing, just soak in DeSCAL®, rinse and it's clean.

  • Autoclave Deodorizers

    Argos Technologies

    …a line of Autoclave Deodorizers that will remove unwanted odors from your facility by chemically absorbing odor causing molecules rather than masking them. Unlike similar products on the market, these are true deodorants. Instead of trying to overwhelm odors produced by the autoclave, the Argos…

  • Odo-Clave® Autoclave Deodorant Pads

    Bel-Art Products

    Neutralize Autoclave Odors with a Choice of Four Fragrances Heat-released deodorant pads neutralize autoclave odors with one of four pleasant scents. Simply open foil pouch and place pad in bag prior to autoclaving Pads have a three year life span; will last longer if stored in a…

  • Surgical Instrument Stain Remover

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    …luster to surgical instruments, autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, stainless steel countertops and other surfaces. Ideal for use on stainless steel, chrome, nickel, brass, copper and silver. Effective on instruments, autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners or any stainless steel, tile or plated…

  • BCR® Foam Mop Covers


    …knit cleanroom fabric laminated to absorbent polyurethane foam Laser cut and cleanroom laundered to minimize fiber and particle release High absorbency capacity — autoclavable 10mm thickness provides cushioned surface for optimum conformance to uneven floors, walls and ceilings

  • OdorGone® Autoclave Deodorant Capsules

    Decon Labs

    Heat and moisture from the autoclave release the contents of the capsule to overcome unpleasant smells generated from heating microbiological waste. One capsule per load absorbs offensive odors leaving the laboratory smelling fresh and clean. Comes in two fragrances - apple and lemon.

  • Right-to-Understand Safety Wash Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …service ALERT: Hand wash LDPE wash bottles with mild, non-abrasive detergent. Follow with a rinse in tap water and final rinse in distilled or deionized water. To avoid scratching the plastic or printing, do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. Do NOT autoclave LDPE wash bottles.

  • Controlled Environment Blue Universal Galvanized Mop Head

    Connecticut Cleanroom

    …more liquid release than competing foams. Absorb spills Clean particulates Apply disinfectant while reaching optimum contact times Individually packaged and lot number controlled Resists autoclave, gamma and ETO Fits all Original and NEW Self-Wringing Roll-O-Matic® handles

  • Stainless Steel and Polypropylene Double Bucket System


    …cart features a unique removable handle for easier autoclaving and storage. For maximum flexibility, we offer 3 types of wringers that are ordered separately. Choose from a heavy-duty stainless steel downpress wringer, a durable autoclavable polypropylene sieve, or our patent-pending polyester…

  • ES 7X Cleaning Solution

    MP Biomedicals

    …surfaces being cleaned. 7X solutions contain a powerful wetting agent which will penetrate and clean minute crevices not accessible to ordinary cleaners. Laboratory equipment and glassware washed in any of the 7X solutions drain completely in a few seconds. Solutions which do not drain quickly can…

  • BCR® Large Mop Head Frame


    …Available with a range of wiping substrates to support your level of cleanliness. Clean, light and durable High quality anodized aluminum Autoclavable Unique stainless steel spring mechanisms for wiper attachment (Mop 2) Plastic eyes for wiper attachment (Mop 3 and 4)

  • The Pill™ Autoclave Deodorizer Capsules

    Decon Labs

    …gelatin capsules contain concentrated formulation to neutralize, not simply mask, odors caused by autoclaving organic and inorganic samples or waste Capsules dissolve in hot water to vaporize or can be placed in biohazard bag One capsule deodorizes up to 7 cubic feet autoclave capacity

  • Clorox Healthcare® Bleach Germicidal Cleaner Refill Bottle, 1 Gallon


    …VRE and MRSA. Clorox Healthcare® Bleach Germicidal Cleaner is premixed, ready to use and is similar to the 1:10 bleach solution strength that is recommended by CDC guidelines for effective disinfecting. Clorox Healthcare® Bleach Germicidal Cleaner contains an anticorrosive ingredient that makes it…

  • Crystal Clear, Autoclavable PMP Cylinders

    United Scientific Supplies

    Crystal Clear, autoclavable PMP (TPX) Cylinders feature excellent chemical resistance. Permanent graduations are molded in. Pentagon bases provide added stability. Chemically non-absorbent and cleaner than glass. No wetting and no meniscus. Manufactured per ISO standard 6706-1981 (E).

  • CleanWIPE® Foam Wiper, .078" x 6" x 9"

    Foamtec International

    …surfaces. CleanWIPE® is laundered with a proprietary process yielding a Class 100 wiper that is ideal for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical applications. Versions are available that are certified as non-cytotoxic. CleanWIPE® is compatible with ETO, Gamma and autoclave sterilization processes.

  • Norprene Hot Food And Beverage Tubing

    Saint Gobain

    Formulation A-60-F Temperature resistant from -60°F to 275°F Compatible with virtually all common sanitizers and cleaners Can be autoclaved repeatedly Meets FDA, 3-A and NSF criteria This tubing will not crack or deteriorate even following extended exposure to heat…

  • Irradiated Bucket Liners


    Contec's irradiated bucket liners protect buckets and disinfectant solutions by reducing the opportunity for cross contamination. Intended for single use, these buckets liners provide users with no access to autoclaves the ability to keep solutions sterile.

  • CleanZorb™ Nonwoven Wipers

    Connecticut Cleanroom

    …information presented may be used as a guideline for a particular use or uses. Nonwoven, spunlaced construction for excellent strength Available in Lightweight and Heavyweight Compatible with most solvents Autoclavable Standard sizes from 4" x 4" to 18" x 18"

  • Choice® MicroFiber Mop


    …attract and trap dirt and debris Terry knit structure enhances absorbency to increase Tubular knit construction with sewn head and tail bands provides added durability Lot number assures traceability Chemical resistant and non-abrasive Autoclavable Can be laundered and re-used

  • Dip Baskets, Mini Polypropylene


    Mini dipping baskets. Autoclavable polypropylene basket is perfect for dipping very small parts. Excellent chemical resistance allows for use with acids. Continuous use temperature up to 180°C. Openings in mesh are .090" x .040" with 24% open area. Ring around top acts as a handle and…

  • Polypropylene Double Bucket System


    Fully autoclavable polypropylene rolling cart with two 6.5 gallon (25L) buckets and wringer. Durable, yet lightweight construction makes Contec's 2720 bucket system easy to maneuver around cleanrooms. Red and blue buckets allow for differentiation between cleaning and rinsing solutions. …

  • Bucket System 2771


    Bucket System 2771-KIT is a fully autoclavable stainless steel rolling cart with standard casters, two 6.5 gallon (25L) polypropylene buckets (gray, red) and a stainless steel drip cap. The durable and lightweight stainless steel caster base is easy to maneuver around any cleanroom. The double…

  • RNase & DNA Away™

    Bio Basic Inc.

    DB0339 efficiently remove surface-contaminant from glasswares and plasticwares without having a residual effect on subsequent DNA & RNA samples. The product provides more effective at degradading DNA than autoclave.

  • Bucket System 2772


    Contec's Bucket System 2772-KIT is a fully autoclavable rolling cart with two 6.5 gallon (25L) polypropylene buckets. The lightweight, yet substantial stainless steel cart with heavy duty casters is easy to maneuver around any size cleanroom. The quiet, heavy-duty wheels feature stainless steel…

  • Polypro Buckets


    These polypropylene buckets are replacement parts for the 2650 bucket system (1203Q68). Autoclavable at 121º C for 30 minutes Compatible with all common disinfectant solutions and most common solvents Color-coded (blue and red) buckets for easy identification of waste vs. fresh…

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