Autoclavable Erlenmeyer Flask

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Autoclavable Erlenmeyer Flask
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  • Erlenmeyer Flask

    Celltreat Scientific

    …  Avoid contamination with single-use, pre-sterilized flasks Lightweight material is easier to handle than glass Bottles include molded graduation lines Individually bagged for easy storage and handling Medical grade virgin Polycarbonate is autoclavable

  • Heavy walled, autoclavable, Erlenmeyer flasks with tooled necks Supplied complete with polypropylene stoppers Temperature characteristics and approximate graduations are clearly and indelibly printed on each flask

  • hybex™ Erlenmeyer Flask

    Benchmark Scientific

    …long-term storage. The standard erlenmeyer flasks have permanent, white enamel graduations for volume measurement and a white identification box for marking or coding. For storage of media and cultures, the capped flasks include an autoclavable polypropylene cap & drip-ring. Optional…

  • Graduated Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer Flasks

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Scale indicates approximate volumes Transparent, autoclavable 50 mL flask No.1; 125 ml flask No.5; 250 mL flask No.6; 500 mL flask No.7; 1,000 mL flask No.9

  • Flask comes sterile via gamma irradiation, packaged in its own protective bag with a polypropylene, 38 mm, dual purpose cap. The cap works both as a leak-proof closure and a vented closure with a PTFE membrane, 0.22 um pore size for sterile air exchange. The polycarbonate is autoclavable which…

  • Foxx Life Sciences Erlenmeyer Shaker Flasks are molded from virgin, optically clear, non-leaching polycarbonate resin that complies with stringent FDA and USP requirements. Our flasks can be used for cell cultures, microbial cultures, media preparation and storage. Flasks are available in…

  • Erlenmeyer Shake Flasks

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …The Flasks are manufactured in a class 10K clean room. The flasks are certified pyrogen-, DNase- and RNase-free and are packaged particulate free and wrapped in an easy tear, sterile bag. Wheaton offers both flat bottom and baffled Erlenmeyer Flasks. Both Erlenmeyer Shake Flasks are supplied…

  • Corning PETG Erlenmeyer flasks are sterile, single-use, and ideal for all shaker culture applications. The addition of PETG to Corning's broad range of polycarbonate Erlenmeyer flasks, offers the option to choose the flask material that best suits the experimental application and cell line.…

  • Erlenmeyer Shaker Flasks

    Greiner Bio-One

    Greiner Bio-One Erlenmeyer shaker flasks are ideal for suspension culture of mammalian cells, plants, microbes and microorganisms. The shaker flasks feature a patented 2-in-1 DuoCAP® which allows for flexibility between vented and non-vented applications. Each flask is manufactured utilizing an…

  • EZBio® Erlenmeyer PC Flasks

    Foxx Life Sciences

    The EZBio® 5L Erlenmeyer flask is designed to be space-efficient with scalability in mind. The flasks come E-Beam sterilized and ready-to-use for shaker culture applications, microbial cultures, flora growth, media preparation, storage, and all related sterile applications. They fit all standard…

  • PVC Flask Clamps Autoclavable One piece, molded PVC construction Will not scratch or mark flask like other clamps Includes hardware for easy attachment to platforms Attaching and removing of flasks is quick and easy

  • Wide Mouth, Conical Erlenmeyer Flasks

    United Scientific Supplies

    Wide Mouth, conical flask made of polypropylene. Comes with a screw cap, or can be used with a stoper. Chemical resistant and autoclavable to 120 degrees C. Graduated in easy to see green print

  • …Nonpyrogenic and RNase-/DNase-free BSE/TSE compliant accessories Erlenmeyer flasks are autoclavable once at 121°C, 15psi for 20 minutes. Repeated autoclaving weakens the flask and is not recommended. Vent cap is not autoclavable. BSE/TSE compliant accessories Customizable solutions …

  • …continuous service at 130°C Autoclavable 2,000 mL flasks have molded-in graduations Stopper size: 50 mL flask No.1; 125 mL flask No.3; 250 mL flask No.6; 500 mL flasks No.7; 1,000 mL flask, No.8; 2,000 mL flask, No.10. NOTE: before autoclaving, place cap on flask without engaging threads.

  • …impact strength and autoclavability Transparent to microwave radiation Use for titrations, preparation and storage of culture media 125 mL has size 33 cap, 250 mL has size 38 cap, 500 mL has size 43 cap, 1,000 mL has size 53 cap. NOTE: before autoclaving set cap or closure on…

  • …and many culturing techniques Safer than glass flasks for use in shakers Closures are linerless, polypropylene non-contaminating Flasks and closures are autoclavable, but polycarbonate shows some loss of mechanical strength after repeated autoclaving Closure size (mm): 50 mL has size 24; 125 mL…

  • …Level (SAL) of 10?6 Nonpyrogenic and RNase-/DNase-free Erlenmeyer flasks are autoclavable once at 121°C, 15psi for 20 minutes. Repeated autoclaving weakens the flask and is not recommended. Vent cap is not autoclavable. Disclaimer: This product is not intended to mitigate the…

  • …Unbreakable, nearly transparent, non-contaminating, and resists virtually all chemicals Flasks withstand temperatures from -270°to +205°C; closures from -100° to +150°C Can be autoclaved or chemically sterilized repeatedly Useful with all organic solvents, concentrated…

  • Erlenmeyer flasks. Molded of chemically resistant, autoclavable polypropylene. Graduations are permanently molded into flask. The autoclavable polypropylene ribbed flask stand supports round bottom flasks that contain up to 10 liters.  May be stacked to save space or add height. Dimensions…

  • Double lengh for better heating of Erlenmeyer flasks Decomposable and autoclavable

  • Polypropylene Screw Closures

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Linerless closures are for use only with NALGENE narrow- and wide-mouth bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks Autoclavable Available in natural and amber

  • Polypropylene Filtering Flasks

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Polypropylene flasks are molded in one piece to withstand full vacuum to 30" Hg Oval marking area Autoclavable Tubulation at 45° angle prevents tipping. Barbed adapter accepts 1/4" to 3/8" I. D. tubing

  • Polypropylene Screw Closures

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    1228A16, A17 and A25 are for use only with NALGENE narrow- and wide-mouth bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks 1228A27 is for use with carboys Autoclavable Available in natural and amber

  • KimCote® Filtering Side Arm Flasks

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Autoclavable KimCote® safety coating reduces the hazards of shattered glass and leakage of toxic or corrosive chemicals The plastic safety coating is steam-autoclavable The 125mL flask has a No. 5 stopper joint The 1, 2 and 4 liter flasks have a No. 8 stopper joint All flasks have…

  • TriForest Fernbach culture flasks are sterile and designed for single use, however, it can be autoclaved and reused multiple times. They are ideal for all shaker/suspension culture. Like all TriForest Erlenmeyer flasks, the 3L Fernbach flasks come with the patented DuoCAP®. They are certified…

  • Tunair Shake Flasks

    IBI Scientific

    …the flask neck from airborne particles and eliminates the need for flaming. All TUNAIR™ flasks, caps, and linings can be sterilized by autoclaving. The two-piece cap assemblies are constructed of polypropylene, and are resistant to most solvents. All caps and flasks are fully autoclavable

  • Detachable autoclavable plastic sidearm designed to accept 5/16" ID flexible tubing (US Patent 3,268,300) Sidearm has two ears to provide a finger grip for easy insertion into a neoprene grommet by turning the plastic piece Opening in the sidearm is larger at the flask end to hold a…

  • Baffled Flasks, Polycarbonate

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Nalge 4110 Break resistant, autoclavable polycarbonate Cell growth comparable to glass flasks Use for preparation and storage of culture media and many culturing techniques Straight neck design

  • Shake Clamps

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    WHEATON Polypropylene Shaker Flasks Clamps are carefully engineered to provide both clipping elasticity and motion resistance in one product. WHEATON Shaker Clamps feature a non-scratch design and are offered in a standard blue color accompanied by stainless steel screws and washers. The Clamps fit…

  • Flask, Culture, Long Neck, Scale, 125ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    KIMAX® flask has a thick-walled tubing neck with a plain fire-polished finish sealed to an Erlenmeyer-shaped body. Autoclavable All flasks have durable white ceramic enamel scales to indicate approximate volumes at various levels Designed from ASTM Specification E1404, Type IV,…

  • Vactrap™ Vacuum Trap System

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …use--simply attach to your vacuum and begin your work. The full Vactrap system includes two shatterproof Foxx Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles (autoclavable PP or chemically-resistant HDPE), each with a patented VersaCap closure for tangle-free opening --no need to disconnect tubing, ever. A …

  • …Corning media bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks and spinner flasks with standard GL threads. Standard Plug Seal Caps are autoclavable and use a linerless plug seal design for efficient sealing. Pouring Rings fit on the lips of bottles for drip-free pouring. Autoclavable Vented Caps have a…

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