Autoclavable Check Valve

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Autoclavable Check Valve
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    Check Valve ( 1211Z01 ) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 2.75x0.75x0in Polypropylene, large. Valve prevents the reverse flow of the liquid when the pressure is interrupted.  Useful for any tubing system on vacuum line. Large size valve will fit tubing 12-13-15 mm (7/16 " to…

  • Polypropylene plastic valve with neoprene valve disk stops reverse flow of liquid when pressure is interrupted. Useful when connecting a vacuum line to a filter flask Recommended maximum pressure 20psi (1034 Torr) Autoclavable

  • Check valve and filter allow pressure equalization for safe solvent delivery Filter prevents particulate contamination Use without any fittings or use male Luer fittings to connect various tubing sizes Anti-twist design The T-series solvent bottle caps help contain vapors, protect…

  • …1 to 100 mL Useful in confined areas such as a laminar flow hood Hose and handle components are completely autoclavable and resistant to most laboratory reagents Check valve protects against accidental fluid intake into the handle and the Tissue Culture Nosepiece will prevent cross-contamination…

  • …rubber nozzle socket takes pipets with 3 to 9.5 mm o.d. mouths Internal intake and discharge valves are operated by spring-loaded buttons on handle; finger pressure controls flow. Check valve prevents liquid from being drawn into plastic body. Separately housed suction and pressure pump has…

  • …an all-Teflon® valve (with glass check) and Teflon® sinker on 45.7cm (18") line, 2.4mm I.D.(1/8") Aqueous Minipet Pipettors are autoclavable and can be used with a Luer lock manifold for multi-well plate work; supplied with a chrome plated check valve, Luer lock fitting,…

  • …Judge® to the bottom of the tank. The float valve opens, allowing materials to flow in. When the bottom has been reached and the pipe has filled to the surface level, tug slightly on the rope as the unit is raised. This sets the check valve, trapping the mixture inside. When the unit has…

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