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Aspiration System
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  • BVC Fluid Aspiration Systems for Cell Culture


    The new family of BVC fluid aspiration systems are the first to account for the needs of a modern Biology laboratory. Three models: Basic, Control and Professional to serve your fluid aspiration needs Containment: 2 or 4 liter vessels for safe collection and disposal of your biological…

  • E-Vac Aspiration System

    Argos Technologies

    A New Approach to Safely Handle Biological Fluids Safe, compact, self-contained waste system provides an alternative to traditional in-house vacuum! These compact waste systems are ideal for use with critical or dangerous liquids or supernatants, pathogens, or any class III or IV…

  • Vacuum Aspirator Collection System

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    This compact, portable system is ideal for vacuum aspiration of a variety of liquids, including tissue culture media, supernatants, and chemical wastes and is available with the original strength or HiFlow pump. Self-contained system with 1.0 gallon bottle, tubing and vacuum pump is…

  • Gilson Safe Aspiration Station


    Aspiration System Comfort and flexibility Quiet operation – motor starts only when vacuum pressure drops Compact design and small footprint allows for efficient use of space in laminar flow cabinets Adjustable aspiration speed allows for quick aspiration

  • Biotrak™ Matrix Metalloproteinase-1, Human, ELISA System

    GE Healthcare

    …be bound to the wells, other components of the sample being removed by washing and aspiration. A second polyclonal antibody to MMP-1 is then bound to the MMP-1. Any excess is removed by washing and aspiration. The second antibody bound to the wells is detected using donkey anti-rabbit Horseradish…

  • Vactrap™ Vacuum Trap System

    Foxx Life Sciences

    … Vactrap is the world's most advanced vacuum trap system. Ideal for protection of vacuum lines and scientists alike, Vactrap safely contains waste from supernatant removal, chemical separation, and cell or tissue culture media aspiration. Best of all, Vactrap comes ready to use--simply attach…

  • Vactrap™ XL Vacuum Trap System

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …is the world's most advanced vacuum trap system. Ideal for protection of vacuum lines and scientists alike, VactrapXL safely contains waste from supernatural removal, chemical separation, and cell or tissue culture media aspiration. Best of all, VactrapXL™ comes ready to use;…

  • HandEvac Handheld Aspirator

    Argos Technologies

    A Complete Set of Tools for Aspiration Rapidly remove supernatant from a variety of cell culture or multi-well plates and dishes! This ergonomic, hand-held aspirator can be used with Pasteur pipettes, plastic aspiration pipettes or a variety of adapters for specific applications. A…

  • Vacuubrand BVC Basic and Control Liquid Aspiration Systems


    Vacuubrand BVC Basic Liquid Aspiration System Designed for use with existing vacuum supplies, individual diaphgragm pumps and house vacuum systems Include mechanical regulator to control vacuum supply to provide sufficient suction for aspiration or filtration, without evaporating the…

  • VACUBOY® Hand Operator

    INTEGRA Biosciences

    …operator and its adapters provide the flexibility to aspirate liquids from a wide range of laboratory containers, including cell culture vessels and multi-well plates. The VACUBOY® is the perfect match to the VACUSAFE Aspiration System.   Ordering Information: Supplied complete…

  • FastPette™ V2 Pipette Controllers


    …cordless work with glass or plastic pipettes Max. aspiration rate of 25 mL in 4.3 seconds Touch-control of aspiration rate Ergonomic handle Precision valve system The FastPette™ features high and low aspiration speeds and gravity or pump-supported dispensing settings.…

  • FTA-2i Advanced Aspirator

    Grant Instruments

    The FTA-2i aspirator with 2L trap flask is designed for removal of alcohol, buffer and liquid from reaction vessels eg during DNA / RNA purification and other macromolecule re-precipitation techniques. All in one system with integrated pump 2L autoclavable polypropylene trap flask Fitted…

  • Maxitips®


    …Select the right Eppendorf Maxitip which meets your needs. The Eppendorf Maxitip P is designed for aspirating 1 mL to 10 mL, for example from beakers. The Eppendorf Maxitip S for 2.5 mL to 10 mL forms a system with the Maxitip and is used for aspirating liquid from tall, narrow-necked vessels.

  • Accessories for BVC Fluid Aspiration Systems


    Accessories for BVC BioChem VacuuCenter Systems.

  • QuickTRAP™ Vacuum Protection System

    C.B.S. Scientific

    QuickTrap Systems are for the aspiration of standard, radioactive or pathogenic cell culture supernatants.  Housed in acrylic cabinets for protection from beta radioiostopes. Primary and secondary traps. Tygon vacuum tubing with in-line ABS quick disconnect fittings. Hydrophobic PTFE filter…

  • P-Vac Portable Vacuum System

    Argos Technologies

    … The P-Vac can be operated with bottle top aspirators, or any glass or plastic bottles up to 2 liters Unit is supplied with a quiet, adjustable diaphragm pump System can empty a 2 liter container in 40 seconds with an aspirating pipette The hydrophobic filter protects unit from…

  • 48 Tube Rack System 1.5mL for Te-MagS

    LVL technologies

    6 x 8 conical reaction tubes in rack Volume by well 1.5 ml Microtube polypropylene Fixation of the tubes in x-, y- and z-axis (no lifting of single tubes durning aspiration) Stable plastic frame Pre-sterilized

  • Closed Suction Systems

    Halyard Health

  • Adult Closed Suction Systems

    Halyard Health

  • Semi-Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer


    …using. Diagnosis of Operation Automatic Calibration System of aspiration of sample (Pale of flow, Aspiration System, Faslk of Residuals, Tubes, Connectors, etc) Power Cable included Works with WindowsCE operating system. Single chip machine, does not require Windows XP or Windows 7…

  • Apex-100 PFA Nebulizer


    High temperature apex-100 PFA nebulizer with integrated 90-150 L/min self-aspiration capillary. These nebulizers allow self-aspiration at low sample consumption rates with the apex high sensitivity desolvation system.

  • Apex-ST PFA MicroFlow Nebulizer


    High temperature apex-ST PFA MicroFlow nebulizer with external 1/4-28 threaded connector. These nebulizers allow self-aspiration at low sample consumption rates with the apex high sensitivity desolvation system.

  • Vacuum Check Valve

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Works best between 10 to 28 in. Hg Prevents back pressure with aspirator-type vacuum pumps Made of high-density polyethylene with gum rubber flap Serrated connectors on inlet and outlet take 1/4- to 5/16-inch-bore tubing Useful for vacuum systems Not for use with liquids

  • The Blot Washer

    IBI Scientific

    …provide automated dispensing and aspiration of western blot reagents. The IBI Blot Washer system comes with the pump/module, 4L wash bottle with cap, 4L waste bottle with cap, mini blot tray, standard blot tray, vacuum tube with connectors, dispense manifold, aspirate manifold, power cord, and…

  • Macro™ Pipet Controller with Membrane Filters


    …including polypropylene, PTFE and silicone A single lever controls liquid aspiration and delivery for easy operation; press up to draw fluid, press down to dispense fluid. A unique valve system responds to a touch of the pipetting lever to provide outstanding accuracy when adjusting…

  • Repeater® E3/E3x


    …supernatants (Aspiration mode) Creation of dilution Series (Sequential Dispensing mode) Concentration Determination (Titration mode) Pooling and volume determination with subsequent dispensing (Aspirate and Dispense mode) Conclusion The Repeater/Combitips system is a…

  • JP Recirculating Water Pumps


    Recirculating Water Pump that ensures optimum aspiration depending on the digestion phases and the number of samples placed in the digester connected to the pump. Optimized Performance Aspiration matches digestion phases and sample number Eliminates the problem of unreliable water…

  • Socorex Acura® Manual 825 Micro and 835 Macro Single-Channel Variable Volume…

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Swift-set user calibration system Lightweight Optional adapter-nozzles allow for added protection against liquid fill and contamination Color-coding at will with the Smarties button caps The Acura 825 adjustable volume micropipettes are equipped with a precision setting mechanism,…

  • Gomco® Suction Accessories

    Allied Health

    Features Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter is custom engineered to help prevent fluid and aerosol contamination of portable suction systems Filter efficiency is – 99.97% D.O.P. retention (0.3 micron particles in air)

  • Rubber Pipetting Bulbs

    Argos Technologies

    … Manufactured for the safe and reliable aspiration and delivery of laboratory liquids. Our pipetting bulbs are manufactured from natural rubber and are ideal for use with serological pipettes up to 50mL. Our pinch and release valve system allows for one-hand operation. Each valve has a…

  • Snoop

    Agilent Technologies

    Leak test most pressurized gas systems. We recommend that leak detecting solutions be used with care where there is any possibility of the fluid being aspirated into gas flow streams supplying the column or detector. This squeezable bottle comes with a “Snooper Tube” extendable up to 12…

  • Hematology Clinical Chemistry Analyzer


    …peripheral blood and venous blood respectively and save the results automatically Internal Real-time monitoring system (continually supervising the micro hole, liquid circulating system and reagent residue), reminding the special results and diagnosing the problem automatically Internal…

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