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Animal Cages
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  • …from chamber by perforated front plate; can also be used to hold anesthesia Elongated slot in floor allows subcutaneous, intramuscular or intraperitoneal injection Tail of animal protrudes through slot in gate, permitting intravenous administration Made of clear, acrylic plastic

  • Stainless Steel Cage Covers

    Maryland Plastics

    Type 304 stainless steel cage cover fits 1113H35 series cage bottoms of corresponding size Heavy wire frame and V-shaped feeding trough 83 mm deep has partition for water bottle Metal disc with 8 mm diameter opening for drinking tube prevents gnawing of bottle stopper Partition folds down…

  • Cage Plastic Sz140

    Maryland Plastics

    Econo reusable cages are designed for the housing and/or breeding of rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs. Economical polypropylene cages are translucent with good impact strength, and the smooth surface allows for easy cleaning They are highly resistant to chemicals and…

  • Rodent Exposure Restraint Cage

    Biaera Technologies

  • Polycarbonate Cage Bottoms

    Maryland Plastics

    Similar to 1113H35 series, except constructed of polycarbonate Provides complete visibility Practically unbreakable in ordinary use Resistant to most acids Heat distortion point 121°C but can be repeatedly autoclaved at 120°C (248°F) for 15 minutes without distortion.

  • Polypropylene Cage Bottoms

    Maryland Plastics

    Molded with sloping walls and turned rim; can be nested for storage Fits covers 1113G20 through G52 of corresponding size; covers must be purchased separately Light, translucent, with excellent chemical resistance Withstands considerable impact and can be washed repeatedly at…

  • SmartFrame Cage Rack System

    Kinder Scientific

  • Aluminum Tilt Top Baskets

    Blacks Machine Co.

    …baskets have covers that double as supports that tilt baskets for easy dispensing of test tubes. The cover allows the basket to be used as an animal cage or it can be used to rinse a large quantity of tubes at one time. Products are manufactured in the USA Custom sizes are available on…

  • Provides secure storage for animal cage, lab instrument, or hazardous chemical transport. Solid stainless steel shelf with raised ship’s edge can be used as a work surface and can contain unwanted spills. Lab Security Cart features two stainless steel wire shelves, one stainless steel security…

  • …for constant atmosphere in humidity chambers Protects against infectious diseases if saturated with disinfectant (for clinical laboratories) Condensate absorption in the lids of reaction vessels Sanitary protection of laboratory animal cages Chemical resistant weighing paper

  • Drinking Bottles

    Maryland Plastics

    16 oz. glass drinking bottle is 7” long Neck accepts size 8 1/2 (1113R53) rubber stopper which takes Thomas number 1113S10 Drinking Tube Stopper and drinking tube must be purchased separately.

  • cage floor are removable without disturbance to the animal being tested. This allows for tests to be conducted over a prolonged period of time without interruptions caused by animal reacclimation. Total accessibility to the separation area allows for removal of adhered pellets, invaluable in animal

  • …provides personnel, animal and environmental protection while offering utmost efficiently for cage changing operations. PuriCare Open Access Stations have openings on two sides to provide ample work space for one or two operators to transfer animals from dirty cages to clean ones. ISO Class…

  • …Vertical Flow Stations provide an economical solution to safe cage changing and small animal transfer. Its narrow profile fits easily in crowded colony rooms. It protects the user from exposure to allergens and the animals from environmental and cross contamination. Nominal downflow velocity…

  • …stretchers, wash basins and wheelchairs Dental Chairs, counters, operatory hard surfaces and light lens covers Veterinary Animal equipment, cages, fountains and clinic surfaces Laboratory Countertops, autoclaves and blood glucose monitors General Use Doorknobs, hand railings,…

  • PuriCare Procedure Stations provide personnel, animal and environmental protection. They are specialized Class II, Type A2 biosafety cabinets that create a particulate-free environment for conducting small animal research activities including cage changing, weighing, anesthesia delivery and surgical…

  • PuriCare Procedure Stations provide personnel, animal and environmental protection. They are specialized Class II, Type A2 biosafety cabinets that create a particulate-free environment for conducting small animal research activities including cage changing, weighing, anesthesia delivery and surgical…

  • …strong cleaning ability and disinfecting power are necessary. Simple Green d Pro 5 is also EPA rated for use in kennels, cages, veterinary hospitals, and other animal areas. While Simple Green takes non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning and deodorizing seriously, we take no chances with products…

  • Drenchers

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Intended for safe animal nose and mouth feeding, the drenchers have straight or bent shapes with rounded extremities Luer Lock fixture for tight fitting on syringe nozzle Stainless steel material, autoclavable

  • Rabbit Restrainers


    …provides total observation of animal Highly polished edges prevent chafing Non-slip surface provides better footing Clear acrylic aids in retaining body warmth The non-slip surface also helps calm the animal and is easier on the animal’s footpads. The anatomically…

  • Behavioral System Core™

    Kinder Scientific

    …to run and control several assays off of a single computer! The Behavioral System Core runs all of our behavioral assays: Open Field Cage Rack Plus Maze Rotometer Light/Dark Startle Reflex Active & Passive Avoidance Forced Swim Tail Suspension Cue &…

  • …have developed the world’s first UHFmicro RFID animal tag. This is digital method of identification that is low cost, much more humane for the animal and, importantly is interoperable with other RAIN RFID tags that can be used with cage cards, samples and lab instrument asset tracking. …

  • …field and specifically for in vivo imaging. Luciferase labeled tumor cells, stem cells, or infectious diseases are often inoculated into research animals such as rats or mice for investigation. The injection of Luciferin allows for the real-time, non-invasive monitoring of disease progression and/or…

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