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Ammonia Isa
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  • ISE-07 Ammonia Ion-Selective Electrode

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …length The gas-permeable membranes can be replaced if they foul or tear This electrode correlates a pH change to the concentration of ammonia after the ammonia in the sample is made gaseous, by the addition of ISA (pH>11) Suitable for all general purpose or more advanced applications

  • Thomas Brand Ammonia Ion Electrodes


    Traditional Gas Sensing Type ISE High accuracy Robust, rugged and reliable Combination Electrodes measure 12 mm diameter x 145 mm length and are equipped with a one meter cable, BNC type connector, 2 membrane caps and filling solution.

  • Ammonia ISA Solution 500ml


    Ammonia Ionic Strength Adjustor Buffer Solution for use when making ammonia determinations by electrode methods.

  • Ammonia Ion Electrode Accessories

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Accessories: Ionic Strength Adjusting Solution (ISA) adjusts the pH of standards and samples used in ammonia measurements. Ammonia Standard Solutions; 0.1 M ammonium chloride or 1,000 ppm as N. Replacement Membranes or Membrane Caps; Loose membranes for probes with O-Ring membrane holder;…

  • High Performance Ammonia Electrode and Reagent Kit

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …low level ammonia analysis. The kit also contains pre-assembled membrane caps to simplify membrane changes. The low level ammonia Ionic Strength Adjuster adjusts the pH and ionic strength of ammonia standards and samples for the most accurate low level ammonia measurements. The ISA contains…

  • Standard Ammonia Electrode and Reagent Kit

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …Orion Ammonia Electrode and Reagent Kits make it easy and economical to measure ammonia levels in wastewater during and after treatment. This kit includes the Orion Standard Performance Ammonia ISE and is ideal for mid to high ammonia level measurements. The Ionic Strength Adjuster (ISA)

  • Solution Kits


    …include replacement reference electrolyte, ISA (ionic strength adjustor)*, calibration standard, and filling pipette. Kits for solid-state electrodes also include polishing strips. Kits for gas sensing electrodes also include replacement membranes. *Ammonia solution kit does not include ISA.

  • TruLine Laboratory Electrode Kits


    … 3 foot cable Made in the U.S.A Reference/electrode fill solution, ionic strength adjustor (ISA), and small bottle of standard** included with each ISE Complete suite of fill solutions, ISAs, and standards available to support customers after purchase 12 month warranty for solid state,…

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