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  • Ammonia Dissociation Buret

    Wilmad LabGlass

    …in 1% subdivisions, this borosilicate glass buret is used to determine the degree of dissociation of ammonia during the nitriding of steel alloys. Buret is 100mL and reads the amount of ammonia absorbed. Stopcocks are glass and a Standard Taper 14/20 joint connects the filling funnel with the buret.

  • Ammonia-Ammonium Chloride Buffer T.S. 1 L Baker Analyzed® Reagent

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

    For Laboratory, Research or Manufacturing Use. Comes in a 32 ounce narrow mouth polyethylene bottle. HTS Number: 3822005090 Specific Gravity: 1L = 0.00 Kg

  • Ammonia TNTplus, HR


    For determination of Ammonia Nitrogen by the Salicylate Method, using TNTplus vials. Hach Method 10205. High Range: 2 - 47 mg/L NH3-N. ?25 tests/package. Reduce Errors with Bar-coded Vials No Reagent Blank Necessary Innovative Vial and Reagent Delivery Helpful package design

  • Ammonia Test Paper

    Micro Essential

    Hydrion Ammonia Meter Test Paper is designed and calibrated to measure the amount of ammonia in air in parts per million wherever there may be actual or potential ammonia pollution. The color chart has matches at 0-5-10-20-50-100ppm. The Hydrion Ammonia Test Kit is especially useful where large…

  • Ammonia Nitrogen 1 Solution, 25ml


  • Free Ammonia Reagent Set


    Improved reagent set for sequential determination of free ammonia and monochloramine by the Indophenol method. Replaces 2879700. Hach Method 10200 Ranges: 0.04 to 4.50 mg/L Cl2 and 0.02 to 0.50 mg/L NH3-N Set contains reagents for approximately 50 tests

  • High Performance Ammonia Electrode

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …techniques The high performance ammonia electrode can be used with pre-assembled outer body and membrane caps (1229G34). These provide the highest quality results with the convenience of not having to assemble a membrane on the electrode. The ammonia electrode has a waterproof BNC connector…

  • Ammonia Stabilizer Solution


  • Professional Ammonia (Medium Range) Photometer

    Milwaukee Instruments

    …readings in mg/L. Ammonia detection in water treatment systems is particularly important for aquarium owners and fish farm operators. Ammonia is highly soluble in water and extremely toxic to fish. Fish farm owners must monitor and maintain careful control of ammonia levels to ensure…

  • Suprapur® Ammonia Solution 25%


  • Ammonia Standard

    Ricca Chemical

  • Suprapur® Ammonia Solution 25%


  • Ammonia Nitrogen Reagent 500ml


  • Ammonia Nitrogen Test Kits


    …determining ammonia nitrogen in water using Nessler method Octet Comparator has color standards representing 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 ppm ammonia nitrogen Sufficient for 50 tests Octa-Slide Comparator Method (9859C75 and C76) For determining ammonia nitrogen…

  • Ammonia CHEMets® Kits, Direct Nesslerization Method


    …effluents (particularly from petroleum refineries), or fertilizer runoff. Excessive ammonia concentrations are toxic to aquatic life. The Direct Nesslerization Method Reference: ASTM D 1426-08, Ammonia Nitrogen in Water, Test Method A. APHA Standard Methods, 18th ed., Method 4500-NH3 C…

  • IWT Ionxchangers

    Evoqua Water Technologies

    …cartridge operation mode Adsorbers should be changed with IonXchanger or every 3 to 6 months. METEX Model (3923D85) Widely used in removing ammonia and other cations Removes all metallic ions to a level of 0.1% of the influent. Color indicating type. Model 3923D40 has a faucet adapter, 3…

  • Ammonia Ion Electrode Accessories

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …in ammonia measurements. Ammonia Standard Solutions; 0.1 M ammonium chloride or 1,000 ppm as N. Replacement Membranes or Membrane Caps; Loose membranes for probes with O-Ring membrane holder; membrane caps for probes with threads to mount membrane. Nitrate Test Kit Permits use of Ammonia

  • Ammonia Borane

    GFS Chemicals

    H3NBH3 CAS#: 13774-81-7 F.W.: 30.87 Not intended for fuel cell use.

  • Distillation Apparatus, Ammonia

    Ace Glass

    Generally used for the determination of ammonia in water. Joints are standard taper 24/40.

  • Ammonia ISA Solution 500ml


    Ammonia Ionic Strength Adjustor Buffer Solution for use when making ammonia determinations by electrode methods.

  • Reagent Set, Nitrogen Ammonia


    Nitrogen-Ammonia Reagent Set (Colorimetric Method) Salicylate Method contains: Ammonia Cyanurate Reagent Powder Pillows and Ammonia Salicylate Reagent Powder Pillows Sample: 10 mL 100 tests Powder Pillows

  • Ammonia Salicylate Powder Pillows


    Method: Nitrogen, Ammonia Salicylate Sample Size: 10 mL pk/100 Powder Pillows

  • Ammonia Nitrogen Apparatus

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Apparatus is for determining the proteinaceous nitrogen content in water. It is also useful for preparing small quantities of distilled water. Apparatus can be used for phenol, selenium and fluoride determinations. It has 24/40 Standard Taper joint and a #2 hose connection. Unit measures 595 mm H x…

  • Electrode, Ammonia Bnc


    Electrode with three ammonia membrane modules, electrode filling solution, and a manual.

  • Ammonia Membrane Replacement Kit


    Replacement membranes for ammonia ion-selective electrode (3241U50). Pack of 5 membranes

  • Free Ammonia Chlorinating Solution


    Improved reagent for determination of Free Ammonia by the Indophenol method. Replaces 2877336. Requires new procedure and instrument software update. Hach Method 10201 4mL self contained dropper bottle (SCDB).

  • Ammonia Filter Cell Cx


  • Ammonia Accessory Solutions Pack


    Qty. per pack: Two 10mL bottles of A-1404 Stabilizer Solution Two 10mL bottles of A-1405 Catalyzer Solution Two 10mL bottles of A-1406 Activator Solution Shelf-life: 8 months The A-1410 Accessory Solutions Pack supplies enough of each solution to perform approximately 80…

  • SIAL Ammonia solution


    7 N in methanol Empirical Formula: H3N Formula Weight: 17.03 Linear Formula: NH3 MDL Number: MFCD00011418 Density: 0.779 g/mL at 25 °C Storage: 2-8°C RIDADR: UN 3286 3/PG 2

  • Ammonia Buffer, EDTA/NAOH Solution


  • Ammonia Solution, FCC

    Spectrum Chemical

    Grade: FCC CAS No.: 1336-21-6 UN No.: UN2672 Class: 8 Pkg. Group: PG III

  • Acetaldehyde ammonia trimer, 98%

    Alfa Aesar

    Synonym(s): Hexahydro-2,4,6-trimethyl-1,3,5-triazine trihydrate Formula: C6H15N3 3H2O Formula weight: 183.25 Purity: 98% CAS Number: 58052-80-5 UN Number: UN1841 Hazard Class: 9 Packing Group: III Harmonized Tariff Code:  2933.69 Hazard Statements: H315-H319-H335 Causes…

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