Alcohol Thermometer

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Alcohol Thermometer
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  • Alcohol Filled Student Thermometers

    GSC International, Inc.

  • Alcohol Hydrometer Tralle And Proof Scales

    Chase Instruments

    … Calibrated at 60°F within a tolerance of ±0.5 smallest scale division Approximate total length 305 mm, length of scale 150 mm Requires a cylinder 340 x 38 mm and approximately 250 mL of liquid. Tralle scale expresses percent by volume of alcohol as 0 to 100° Tralle.

  • Thermometer FREEZER ALCOHOL UN3363-9


  • MEL/MF Total Coliform Laboratory


    …to perform microbiological analysis. Contains: Portable Incubator and rack, Thermometer, Whirlpak bags with thiosulfate (200), Filter funnel/pad assemblies (200), alcohol burner (order alcohol separately), vacuum filtration apparatus, colony counter, magnifier and permanent marker.…

  • Basic Wall Mount Thermohygrometer


    …economical thermohygrometer for relative humidity and temperature readings in your lab, office, or computer room. It’s small size makes it ideal for areas with limited space. Monitor humidity and temperature Features alcohol-filled thermometer with °F/°C temperature scales

  • Magic Touch™ Ice Buckets

    Bel-Art Products

    …dry ice, dry ice alcohol slurries or liquid nitrogen Non-sweating Impervious to moisture and odors Expanded Polymer Foam; chemical resistant Unbreakable under normal use conditions Flared edge for easy carrying Lid can be cut to make openings for thermometers, cooling coils, flasks…

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