Alcohol Resistant Pen

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Alcohol Resistant Pen
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  • Solvent Resistant Pen

    Diversified Biotech

    These Solvent Resistant Pens feature ultra-permanent ink that resists solvents such as xylene, alcohol, acetone and formalin. Ideal for histology and cytology. Markings will not run on embedded cassettes, frosted or painted slides or labware, even after repeated washes and solution treatments.…

  • Azer-Ink Chemically Resistant Markers

    Azer Scientific

    …specifically designed for cytology and histology applications. The ultra fine tip leaves a permanent mark on slides and cassettes. It is smear proof, waterproof, odorless and resistant to chemicals such as alcohol and xylene. Works great for marking our cassettes and Unifrost® microscope slides!

  • Identi-Markers


    …s®  and other Jaece products. Writes on cold or wet surfaces. Marks on plastic, glass and metal. Ideal for general laboratory, hospital or industrial use.  Unique Features Economical Permanent, quick-drying ink Extra-fine, durable plastic tip Alcohol resistant

  • JetTAG™ Cryo Ink-Jet Labels

    GA International

    Cryo ink-jet labels printable in colors with roll format inkjet printers. The eye-catching brilliant colors are resistant to alcohol, xylene, toluene, acetone, formalin, bleach, DMSO and other detergents, solvents and chemicals. These cryogenic labels are ideal for printing commercial grade high…

  • SHURMark® Marking Pens

    General Data Healthcare

    …marking pens.  No remarking required and easy to read. Pens have a consistent ink flow with easy, no pressure writing. Simply remove cap and prime by depressing pen tip until saturated.  SHURMark® Marking Pens are resistant to histology solvents, especially alcohol and xylene.…

  • Shur/Mark Marking Pens

    General Data Healthcare

    Quick drying, will not smudge or smear immediately after marking Reagent-resistant, especially to alcohol, xylene and many other laboratory solvents. Consistent ink flow for clear, effortless writing on slides, cassettes. Replaceable priming tip eliminates clogged and/or worn out tips.

  • Solvent Resistant Pens

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Solvent Resistant Pens feature an ultra-permanent ink. Resistant to xylene, alcohol, acetone and formalin Ideal for histology and cytology Markings will not run on embedding cassettes or frosted/painted slides and labware, even afterrepeated washes and solution treatments Remove…

  • StatMark™ Pens


    …and cassettes. StatMark Pens are made of rigid nylon that allow for precise hand marking on glass slides as well as on most tissue embedding cassettes. This quick drying ink is highly resistant to aqueous based stains, alcohols, xylene and xylene substitutes. StatMark Pens do not dry out easily and…

  • Felt Tip Marking Pens

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …Easily removable with alcohol. Markings withstand temperatures in excess of 175°C. Plastic cap has pocket clip. Leakproof plastic body, 12 mm diameter; overall length: 137 mm. 7320A20 felt tip pens are fine tip and produce a line 0.5 mm wide. 7320B20 felt tip pens are medium tip and produce…

  • Solvent-Based Paint Pen Markers

    Bel-Art Products

    …ink flow and preserves the pen’s life, even if left uncapped When dry, the solvent based ink is temperature resistant from 0°C to 155°C (32°F to 310°F) Markings are insoluble in water or hydrocarbons Resists many solvents, but is easily removed with alcohol or acetone

  • Scienceware® Colony Counter

    Bel-Art Products

    …breaks between counting Long life, red and black felt-tip markers (included) work on plastic or glass and are oil and water resistant; ink is removable with ethyl alcohol Includes 3V lithium battery and protective storage case NOTE: Complete Colony Counter System is also available.…

  • IntelliXmark™

    Brooks Life Sciences

    …ml - Labels or stickers are not required. Clearer and more durable marking compared to marker pen - Consistently legible text and barcodes at high resolutions. Resistant to alcohol, water, liquid nitrogen and mechanical abrasion - Long lasting sample identification at competitive…

  • UDK 149 Automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Unit


    …Handling Powerful archiving features Data exporting via USB to pen drive or PC in .xls format Data manipulation software can be user preferred Outstanding Reliability Maintenance-free, resistant, patented steam generator Patented titanium condenser for unmatched…

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