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  • Compact Oil-Free Diaphragm Pumps and Regulators


    The new ME1 and ME1C diaphragm pumps offer a compact, high performance and easy-to-use solution which is perfect for both single and multiple filtrations. The functional, space saving and innovative design with readily accessible top mounted power switch ensures convenient and quick operation. …

  • Air Pump


    …displacement pump Motor mounted piston has self-lubricating Teflon sealing rings Provides oil-free exhaust at pressure up to 75 psi (520 kPa) or vacuum up to 25” Hg in continuous operation Produces pressure to 100 psi (690 kPa) in intermittent operation Free air

  • MembraClear Cellulose Ester Membrane Filters

    GE Healthcare

    …using the membrane filter method The membrane filter method is used to assess the risk of potential asbestos contamination. First, sample air is pumped through mixed cellulose ester membranes to extract airborne fibers. The asbestos concentration is analyzed with phase contrast microscopy, and…

  • Pump Air Diaph 240V 50Hz


    …the Gast line of oilless Diaphragm air compressors and vacuum pumps, which come in standard, twin, and miniature styles. Plastic component construction on the miniature pumps makes them especially compact and lightweight...ideal for light-duty applications. Air flow capabilities for the entire…

  • Pump Air PX420 115/230V

    Thermo Scientific Precision

  • Hand Air Pump

    United Scientific Supplies

    This pump features a painted steel barrel, steel valve assembly, and a wooden handle. Both in a out ports are equipped with hose connectors, for use with vacuum experiments as well as to generate pressure. Length: 14", barrel diameter 1"; shipping weight 1 Lb.

  • Scroll Vacuum Pumps


    Scroll Vacuum Pumps are dry pumps that use two spiral scrolls to compress air and vapors and move them toward the exhaust. While they can have higher up-front costs, the lifetime operation costs are much lower because they don’t require oil and very little maintenance is needed. It is…

  • Foot-Operated Solvent Pump


    pump ensures a long service life. The pump works according to the overpressure principle. An excess pressure is built up in the tank with the foot actuator, forcing the liquid out of the container. Easy foot operation of the pump with foot actuator leaves both hands free for dispensing. The air hose…

  • Diaphragm Air Pump

    Motor driven for moderate vacuum and pressure work Air flow maintained by pumping action of a neoprene diaphragm, driven by air-cooled, induction-type motor Cast aluminum base and pump housing Free air capacity 3.6 Lpm and vacuum 12” Hg 120 V, 60 Hz; connectors take …

  • Rocker Vacuum Pumps


    Oil-free vacuum pumps are piston powered, so they do not pollute the air and require minimal maintenance Quiet, low-vibration units keep disturbances to a minimum Built-in thermal protector automatically shuts off pump if it overheats and then restarts it once the unit is cool Inlet filter…

  • Laboratory High Vacuum Pump

    Fischer Technical

    … All vacuum pumps require changing oil after every use. Contaminated oil, laden with moisture and acid will damage pumps and shorten pump life. On top of that, deep vacuums cannot be achieved with contaminated oil. Maintaining clean oil in your pump will ensure that your pump will operate at…

  • PILOT5000 Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

    Fischer Technical

    …has free air displacement at 115V / 60 Hz (50 Hz) and a maximum vacuum of 24"Hg (200 mbar), while the PILOT5000C-02 has free Air Displacement at 230V / 60 Hz (50 Hz). They are recommended for operations utilizing organic/aqueous solvents and/or light acid/base solutions. The pump can also be…

  • Portable Rotary Vane Air Pump


    Cost effective, self-lubricated, vacuum/pressure pump with gauges 26 in. Hg maximum vacuum 1.3 or 4.5 cfm maximum flow rate Very efficient rotary vane design Self-lubricated oiler Compact, lightweight portable models provide very good vacuum performance for labs on a…

  • Model 2019 vacuum pump


    Affordable Model 2019 vacuum pump is durable and chemcial resistant. Use Model 2019 for vacuum filtration, desiccation, degassing, and other mid-range vacuum applications. Free air flow 37L/min; Maximum vacuum 24" Hg. Pump can also be used to pressurize up to 18 PSIG. Comes standard with…

  • Hand Vacuum Pump

    United Scientific Supplies

    Good quality, economical hand operated air/vacuum pump is easy to operate. Each squeeze of the pump delivers approximately 15ml, and can be used to create vacuum of 15mm Hg, or air pressure of about 2 atm (standard atmosphere). Pump features a gauge along with a removable cap and elastic valve to…

  • FreeZone® 6L -50°C Console Freeze Dryers with Stoppering Tray Dryer


    …automatically to user-entered email addresses. FreeZone exclusive features protect the vacuum pump from damage. A vacuum break valve bleeds air into the system when power to the freeze dryer or vacuum pump is shut off for more than 5 minutes. A moisture sensor prevents refrigeration or vacuum…

  • Miniature Air Sampling Canisters


    These small canisters are designed for controlled sampling, such as personal air sampling, as an alternative to tube and pump samplers. The 1,000 cc canister is suitable for sampling volatile organic compounds in air according to methods TO-14A, TO-15, IP-1A, ASTM 5466, OSHA PV 2120, and NJ DEP Low…

  • ACTI-VOC Low-Flow TD Sampling Pump


    Robust, low-flow pump optimized for sampling volatile organic compounds (VOCs) onto thermal desorption (TD) sorbent tubes Small, lightweight, easy to use, and intrinsically safe—ideal for personal monitoring and a wide range of other air and gas sampling applications Compatible with any…

  • MD1C+AK+EK Oil-Free Diaphragm Vacuum Pump


    …VACUUBRAND pumps are engineered for performance, with flowrates as much as 40% higher at working vacuum level than competitive pumps with similar free air capacity ratings. Excellent Corrosion Resistance. Like all VACUUBRAND chemistry-design diaphragm vacuum pumps, the MD1C+AK+EK vacuum pump

  • 1 Gallon Tall Stainless Steel Chamber

    Best Value Vacs

    …plated air manifold     - Vacuum release valve and vacuum connect valve (1) 1/4 Female flare universal pump adapter for vacuum hose (1) 5ft clear steel reinforced vacuum hose (1) 8"x8" Platinum cured silicone non stick VacPad® (1) 50 Micron air filter …

  • 2 Stage Laboratory Vacuum Pump

    Walter Products

    This two stage vacuum pump is CE approved and comes ready to operate. With an easy to carry design, it is smaller, lighter and more portable. This high performance, powerful pump provides free air displacement of 2.5CFM@50Hz and 3.0CFM@60Hz and runs steadily for a long period of time. Comes…

  • MZ2C NT+2AK Dry Chemistry Diaphragm Pump


    … Ultimate vacuum: 5Torr (7mbar) Free air capacity: 38lpm (1.4cfm) Perform More Work. VACUUBRAND pumps are engineered for performance, with flowrates as much as 40% higher at working vacuum levels than competitive pumps with similar free air capacity ratings. The MZ2C NT+2AK has an…

  • GEM Direct Drive Gear Pump


    Rugged GEM direct drive gear pumps provide versatile vacuum for applications requiring a broad range of vacuum level operating conditions. GEM pumps can operate continuously in the pressure range that rotary vane pumps can not: 10 torr up to atmospheric pressure; oil recycler 1416B is recommended…








  • Air Cadet™ Vacuum Pump

    Thermo Scientific

    Handle tough vacuum/pressure applications with ease using Thermo Scientific Air Cadet Single-head Vacuum/Pressure Pumps. Ideal for filtration, evacuation, flue-gas sampling, and other gas or air handling applications Compact size for portability Economically priced and can handle many…

  • Foot Pump

    United Scientific Supplies

    This foot operated air pump is equipped with a 15" hose with locking valve and features a pressure gauge. Ideal for use with Rocketry kits.

  • Miniature Air Sampling Kits


    air samples and is easy to assemble for field sampling.* Kit includes flow controller, critical orifice, 2 µm frit filter, vacuum gauge, and sample inlet. The gauge and sample inlet are downsized for use with smaller canisters. Provide accurate integrated sampling without a sampling pump

  • Polypropylene Pump Aspirator

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …faucet with 3/ 8 inch internal pipe thread Usable for pump-off of corrosive vapors which attack metal Operates efficiently with water pressures as low as 7.5 psi for minimum water consumption Maximum free air pumping capacity of 11.5 liters per minute at a water flow rate of 6.5 liters per minute

  • Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters

    Eliminate 99.9% of oil mist and smoke from vacuum pump exhaust Prevent oil accumulation in ductwork Recover expensive lubricating oils Eliminate potential OSHA and EPA violations High-efficiency filter cartridge continuously drains the collected liquids, allowing the user to…

  • RC6 Chemistry-HYBRID Vacuum Pump


    …with a free air capacity of 4.1cfm, making it an excellent choice for most laboratory fine-vacuum applications, such as freeze-drying and molecular distillation. In the RC6, a chemistry-design diaphragm pump is used to back the rotary vane pump. This arrangement keeps the pump oil under…

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