Air Overhead Stirrer

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Air Overhead Stirrer
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  • Air-Driven Stirrers

    Arrow Engineering

    … Compact and quiet; operates on compressed air at pressures from 30 to 100 psi (210 to 690 kPa) Sturdy, smooth-running motor develops 1/6 hp (120 W) at 80 psi (550 kPa) input Speed is variable by adjustment of valve which controls air intake Air inlet is 11 mm long x 13 mm o.d., threaded…

  • Electric Laboratory Stirrers

    Arrow Engineering

    …with variable-speed control, allowing the user to create the most dynamic and violent mixing action with no formation of air bubbles Can be used as a regular stirrer by simply selecting the standard mode. Specially designed to handle the more viscous material. Direct driven and delivers…

  • Air Driven Laboratory Stirrer Accessories


  • Air Motor, Heavy Duty

    Ace Glass

    …heavy duty air motor with highly damped muffler. Complete unit consists of an air hose with a snap coupling on motor end and shut-off valve on the other. Motor will develop 1.5 hp. at 90 lbs. air pressure. Speeds are variable from 300 to 3000 r.p.m. It consumes approximately 1.98m3 free air (70cfm)…

  • Upward Flow Stirrers


    Continuous shearing and blending action mixes with introducing air Corrosion-resistant stainless steel Teflon® TFE bushing 11,500 rpm 120V or 240V models available Includes lab clamp The upward flow stirrer may be used effectively with pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,…

  • Beater Paddles


    Designed for high torque, heavy-duty mixers. Paddle design inhibits incorporation of air, making it suitable for stirring shampoos and other foaming liquids. Constructed of stainless steel and available with PTFE coating. Creates radial flow. Small paddle blade is 4.5L x 3W" (114.3 x 76.2mm),…

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