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Air Gun
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  • 3M Ionized Air Gun 980, 120V


    The 3M Ionized Air Gun 980 Is An Excellent Tool For Blowing Particulate Contamination Off Of Any Surface. It Releases A Balanced Stream Of Compressed Ionized Air That Neutralizes The Static Charge That Can Hold Particulates To A Surface.

  • Master-Mite® Heat Gun

    Master Appliance

    …optional easyto-  change plug-in  heating elements  available: 500°, 650°  & 800°F Ideal heat & air flow  (3.8 CFM), performs  benchtop heating  jobs without blowing  components around  the work station Use to…

  • 3M 980-F Ionizer Air Filter


    Replacement air filters for use with 3M's TM980 ionized air gun.

  • PROHEAT® heat gun PH-1100, AC input 120 V, 6 - 12 A


    General Description Compact, lightweight heat guns with dual temperature settings of 430°F and 840°F (221°C and 449°C). Excellent source of flameless heat with air flow at 15 cfm. The PROHEAT heat guns meet most general laboratory applications. Legal Information PROHEAT…

  • Master Heat Guns

    Master Appliance

    Professional Quality, Heavy-duty, Multiple Use Heat Guns High temperature and power ratings: up to 1000°F/540°C at 1740 watts High air flow rating: 23 CFM at 3000 FPM gets the job done fast Powerful high speed universal motor Sturdy die cast aluminum housing …

  • Masterflow Heat Blower

    Master Appliance

    3 models produce 300°F, 500°F or 750°F. High temperatures accommodate many heating, drying & shrinking applications High air flow: 47 CFM at 2200 FPM gets job done fast Brushless induction type motor for quiet, continuous-duty operation Easily replaceable, reinforced,…

  • CApture™ BT Fuming Chambers


    …control automates cyanoacrylate (CA) fuming of evidence Large 19 cubic foot chamber with 58.6" diagonal length - holds up to 15 long guns Programmable operating system for precise parameters and repeatable programs Fuming to 424° F with built-in humidifier and LCD display …

  • Accessories for Avidity Science Water Systems

    Avidity Science

    Remote Dispensing Stand and Gun Volumetric or continuous control dispensing Delivers 2 liters/min Dimensions: 10" (W) x 25" *(H) x 10" (D)  * To the top of dispense gun, height to the top of the dispense tube curve is 29" Tank Ultraviolet Light…

  • Vacuum Chamber Digital Heat Pads

    Best Value Vacs

    …the environment and air movement)The heater includes full instructions to operate it and make PID controller changes. You can leave this heater on for months without any off time.The pad comes with thermal tape seen in the images above. This will be used with a thermal laser gun to shoot the temps.…

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