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Air Flow Meter
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  • Direct Reading Flowmeters

    Matheson Instrument

    Controls and directly indicates flow rate of gas or air Meter body, 25 x 25 x 95 mm high, is transparent acrylic plastic block with aluminum support frame, mounted on acrylic base. Cylindrical, tapered bore contains ball float. Metric scale is fused on face of block. Multi-tapered manual control…

  • Gilmont Accucal Flowmeters


    …values Precision valves Each meter includes correlation charts for air and water and two direct-reading scales: an air scale and a water scale. They can be easily changed between correlated and direct reading scales depending on the application. Meters have a 150 mm scale length. Accuracy…

  • Digi-Sense Pressure and Flow Meter


    …components, promoting good indoor air quality Ideal tool for helping HVAC field technicians determine the performance of heating and cooling systems. This handheld meter measures differential and static pressure, and calculates air velocity and flow. Meters are heavy duty, easily configurable,…

  • Calibrated Flowmeters For Liquids And Gases


    …capability, see 5080K60 series). Specially designed Teflon® stops allow standard taper joints with precision bore ends to be attached to meter; O-ring seal makes this connection vacuum tight. Standard flowmeters feature small outside diameters, require minimal space and fit into streamlined…

  • Anemometer, CFM / cmm w / Built-In Ir Therm °F


    …Laser Pointer Simultaneous display of Ambient Temperature and Air Flow or Air Velocity Up to 8 easy to set Area dimensions (ft 2 or cm 2 ) are stored in the meter’s internal memory 20 point average function for Air Flow Super large LCD Backlit Display 3% velocity accuracy via low friction…

  • Roto-Flo™ Flow Indicators

    Bel-Art Products

    Instant visualization of flow in a tubing line Brightly colored indicator polypropylene paddle wheel Fits tubing I.D.: 4mm to 7mm (1/4" to 5/16") Tube ends: Barbed The flow indicator provides immediate visual indication of water, air or gas flow, when the paddle wheel…

  • SYNTHWARE Chromatography Flow Control Adapters with Rodaviss Joints

    Kemtech America

    SYNTHWARE chromatography flow adpater with a 0-4 mm high vacuum PTFE valve with metering tip to adjust the air pressure. The o-rings on the valve are completely encapsulated with a thin layer of PTFE, making it inert to most chemicals. Foruse with columns having a Rodaviss 24/40 outer joint.

  • 65 mm Industrial Flowmeters With Standard Valve


    …mounting hardware is supplied with each meter, and tripod bases are available for bench top applications. Calibrated tables for air and water are included with each meter. Flow analysis software is available (Thomas number 5080L82) to generate accurate flow tables for an infinite number of…

  • Scienceware® Flow Monitors

    Bel-Art Products

    …immediate visual indication of water, air or gas flow, indicating continuity and relative flow rate Minimum flow rate to actuate the ball with water is 50 mL/min. in horizontal position, 140 mL/min. in vertical position. With air, the minimum flow rate is 3 liters/min. in horizontal position,…

  • Meter Valves


    …and 1/4“ tube fittings Metering valves gives very fine control of gas flow between 100 and 800 cc/min. Valve is not designed for shutoff service. The handle dead stop is factory set at a flow rate of 3 to 10 cc/min with 15 psig inlet air pressure. 8 to 12 turns of the stem are…

  • Multi-Function Environmental Tester

    Dawson Tools

    …stand is deal for travel and office use. This DSM130 an All-in-One environment meter that is ideal for both professional and hobbyists. Measures:   Air Velocity (m/s, ft/s, km/h, knots) Air Flow (CFM, CMM) Ambient Temperature Relative Humidity Luminance Sound Level…

  • CFM Thermo-Anemometer + IR Thermometer


    …932°F (500°C) with 30:1 distance to spot ratio and Laser pointer Simultaneous display of Air Flow in CFM/CMM or Air Velocity plus Ambient Temperature Easy to set Area dimensions are stored in the meters internal memory for the next power on Large (9999 count) LCD backlit display Large LCD…

  • Micro Control Valves


    …50-55 psi air supply. Brass Micro Control Valve (BMCV) - Manual Operation The BMCV-1 mini-valves are ideal for on-line microcontrol such as septum purge and non precision flow control. The valve accepts 1/16" OD flow lines. The BMCV-1 can provide smooth flow metering up to 2…

  • Mini-Anemometer


    Measures air velocity, two temperatures and volume flow Measures air velocity in ventilation ducts Measures air quantities at duct exits Checks extraction systems and hoods With a length of 12”, this anemometer is suitable for larger duct diameters. It fits in a…

  • Meters/Dataloggers


    Thomas Nos. 1215Y44/1215Y45 Air Velocity/Air Flow meter with telescoping probe designed to fit into HVAC ducts and other small openings Telescoping probe extends up to 7.05ft (215cm) maximum length with cable Adjustable data sampling rate Stores 99 readings manually and 20M…

  • Thomas Enviro Meter


    Lightweight and compact Wide measurement ranges Easy to operate Enviro Meter is four tools in one small and easy transportable hand-held unit. Anemometer, humidity meter, light meter and two thermometers all feature exceptional accuracy and reliability. Unit features a bright LCD…

  • Traceable® Hot Wire Anemometer / Thermometer


    Air velocity ranges /resolution (see chart below for details) Accuracy is ±(1% full scale plus 1 digit) Temperature accuracy is ±0.8°C or 1.5°F Probe expands from 9 1/2 inches to 3 feet in length Features include minimum/maximum memory, data hold and Serial…

  • CFM/CMM Mini Thermo-Anemometer


    …and Laser Pointer Simultaneous display of Ambient Temperature and Air Flow or Air Velocity Up to 8 easy to set Area dimensions (ft 2 or cm2) are stored in the meter's internal memory 20 point average function for Air Flow Super large LCD Backlit Display 3% velocity accuracy via low…

  • Leland Legacy Sample Pump Kit


    air environments Low Noise With the noise-reducing case accessory, the Leland Legacy can operate at 10 L/min and 12 inches water back pressure with a noise level of only 52 dBA.** ** Measured 3 feet (1 meter) from pump operating at 10 L/min without media Advanced flow

  • Digital Anemometer

    Dawson Tools

    …temperature, wind speed and air volume. The compact design enables the meter to be hand-held or fixed. The large LCD screen with backlight provides easy-to-read testing results. Measures: Air Velocity (m/s, ft/s, ft/m, km/h, mile/h, knots) Air Flow (CFM, CMM, CMS) Ambient…

  • 1700°C Max Controlled Atmosphere Muffle Furnaces

    Across International

    … Multiple gas inlets and outlets with stainless steel ball valves. Flow meter to control inbound and outbound gas flows. Outlets can be ignited to burn off gas. Furnace chamber is welded and oil leak tested to ensure air tightness. Furnace door is sealed with high temperature silicon gasket.…

  • Nitrogen Purge Cabinets


    …with Flow Meters. Direct reading scale flow meters with control valve let you not only measure flow through the meter, but also make flow adjustments in the line. Acrylic, ethylene polypropylene and Type 316 stainless steel wetted parts. Flow range: 2-20 scfh with accuracy of +/-6%. Flow meter

  • Accessories for 62 Series Fluorometers

    Jenway (Bibby Scientific US)

    …the heated cell holder, controller, and connection leads for universal power supplies. Fluorimeter Sipper Pump and Tubing Add an air gap to separate your samples Create a wash cycle to clean your cuvettes Move your sample to a waste container or return in a closed loop system…

  • Electro-Flo Shut-Off Valve

    Ace Glass

    …water or .35Kg/cm2 for air and up to 91 degrees C. Internal design of pilot-operated piston-type valve. Made of cast bronze with waterproof Kast Coil that is guaranteed forever. Valve must be installed in horizontal piping with solenoid in vertical position. Supplied with 1.8 meter grounded cord and…

  • Traceable® Digital Anemometer / Thermometer


    Air velocity ranges resolution (see chart below) Accuracy is ±(2% + 1 digit) Temperature accuracy is ±1°C Data hold feature Wind vane is 2 3/4” in diameter, 2 1/2” long and has a cable length of 4 feet. Unit measures 6 1/4” x 3” x 1…

  • Model 840003 Digital Anemometer / Thermometer

    Sper Scientific

    Large display Hold function Air current accuracy: ±3% Air current range: 0.4 to 30 meters/second; 80 to 5900 feet/minute; 1.4 to 108 km/hour; 0.8 to 58 knots, 0.9 to 68 miles/hours Temperature range: 10 to 50°C/14 to 122°F RS232 out Unit is ideal…

  • Anemometers/Dataloggers


    …with 6 x AA batteries, SD card, metal vane sensor with 3.9ft (120cm) cable, and hard carrying case Thomas No. 1215Y42/1215Y43 Air Velocity/Air Flow meter with telescoping probe designed to fit into HVAC ducts and other small openings Telescoping probe extends up to 7.05ft (215cm)…

  • Laboratory Oxygen Meters


    GLP functions QA functions Laboratory oxygen meters have a large multifunction display. The inoLab Oxi 7300® and Oxi 7400® meters offers a range of automated functions such as air pressure correction, temperature compensation and OxiCal rapid calibration. The inoLab740 include terminal, PC…

  • MC126 Portable Conductivity/TDS/C Meter

    Mettler Toledo

    …be carried out in air for speed where less accurate determinations are acceptable. For best accuracy, two point calibration can be carried out in air followed by a conductivity standard. A choice of 4 standards are available. For added convenience, the conductivity meter automatically identifies…

  • pH Meters Accessories/Replacement Parts


    …bench-top conductivity meters calibration. Tubes for Portable pH Calibration 3 x 10 mL Set of 3 x 50 ml printed flasks for bench-top conductivity meters calibration. Protector-Calibation Flask Protector-calibration flask for D.O electrode Continuous Flow Measurements,…

  • Compact Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer with Light Sensor


    Extech's Evironmental meters measure Air Velocity, Air Flow, Temperature, Humidity, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, Heat Index, Wind Chill, Barometric Pressure, and Altitude. The Model EN100 has built-in Light sensor measuring light level and Auto-rotating display depending on function being used.

  • Enviralab Sterility Module


    flow speed control level and color-keyed air velocity indicator gauge. Housing is welded steel with polyurethane enamel finish. With 3-wire cord and plug for 120 volts, 60 Hz; 15 amperes; CSA approved. EACI Stands For use with EACI Enviralab Sterility Modules Depth 0.82 meters;

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