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  • Whatman PM2.5 Air Monitoring Membrane Filters

    GE Healthcare

    …for PM 2.5 ambient air monitoring. These high-purity, thin filters are sequentially numbered and come with chemically resistant polypropylene support rings. Robotic air sampling filter for PM 2.5 air monitoring Ambient air monitoring requires a chemically resistant air sampling filter that…

  • Dust-Off


    100% Ozone-safe Pure moisture-free blasts Extension tubes for precise dusting Ideal for cleaning in laboratories, photographic equipment and computers. The Special Application Formula (2905T03) has been formulated for use in especially sensitive environments, such as scientific…

  • Air Canister Tripod


    Restek’s air canister tripod holds two canisters simultaneously for collocated ambient air sampling. The custom-designed bracket holds most 1, 3, and 6L canisters* securely without any tools. Lightweight (12 lb) and compact for easy storage and transport Extends from 6' to 9'…

  • Air Sampling Sweep Elbow

    Ace Glass

    Sweep elbow, available with one end threaded, the other end reduced for use with 7506 bushing or both ends threaded for use with either 7506 bushing or 5841 coupling.

  • Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate

    MP Biomedicals

    …hydrosulfate and oxysulfate of iron(III). Isothermal and dynamic thermal analysis methods have been proposed to study its thermal decomposition in air. Ferrous sulfate heptahydrate used in the manufacturing of iron compounds, in electroplating baths, aluminium etching, process engraving and…

  • Impinger, Air Sampling

    Ace Glass

    A high velocity impinger (Ref. AGI-4) which passes 12.3 to 12.6L/min. (corrected to engineering standard gas conditions) when the pressure drop across the orifice is 41cm Hg or greater. Stopper fits 24/25 125ml bottle and features a 11mm OD center tube, 8mm OD side arm with bulge, 0.05in capillary…

  • MD8 Air Samplers


    The MD8 series of air samplers are monitoring devices combined with novel filtration systems for the exceptional recovery of airborne microorganisms. MD8 AirScan: (Integrated) Quantitative detection in sterile areas such as clean rooms/RABS, isolators, or blow-fill-seal machines. AirPort…

  • Air Pump


    …(520 kPa) or vacuum up to 25” Hg in continuous operation Produces pressure to 100 psi (690 kPa) in intermittent operation Free air displacement 1.3 cfm (37 Lpm) Stainless steel pump valves; aluminum cylinder and piston parts Equipped with safety pressure relief valve,…

  • Minisart AIR


    Minisart Air, for sterile venting and gas filtration, validated, non-sterile, gamma-irradiatable PTFE membrane, pore size 0.2 µm, connector inlet: Female Luer Lock.

  • 3M™ Air-Mate® Powered Air Purifying Respirator

    3M Health Care

  • Impinger, Air Sampling

    Ace Glass

    A high velocity impinger which passes 6L/min (corrected to engineering gas conditions) when the pressure drop across the orifice is 41cm Hg or greater. Stopper fits 24/25 125ml bottle and features a 11mm OD center tube, 8mm OD side arm with bulge, 0.035in capillary tip that is positioned 4mm above…

  • Adapter, Bleed, Air Sampling

    Ace Glass

    …adapter used for reducing air flow in the Air Sampling Manifold to prevent a pressure drop across the sampling ports. Normally installed in front of the 7511 blower, in line with the manifold. Positioning of holes in threaded nylon plug controls the volume of air flow. Plug supplied with O-Ring.

  • Air Sampling Cane, Straight

    Ace Glass

    Straight tube type air sampling cane with polyethylene hood and stainless steel brackets. Codes -35 & -37 feature a #7 Ace-Thred port for introducing calibration gases.

  • Tee, Air Sampling

    Ace Glass

    Sampling tee with top threaded, side and bottom tubes reduced for use with 7506 bushing.

  • Impinger, Air Sampling

    Ace Glass

    A high velocity impinger (Ref. AGI-30) which passes 12.0 to 13.0L/min. (corrected to engineering standard gas conditions) when the pressure drop across the orifice is 41cm Hg or greater. Stopper fits 24/25 125ml bottle and features a 11mm OD center tube, 8mm OD side arm with bulge, 0.05in capillary…

  • Air Sampling Collection Bottle

    Ace Glass

    Collection bottle, usually connected to the bottom arm of the 7495 tee with reduced ends, to collect heavy particulates before they enter the manifold train.

  • SYNTHWARE Air Reflux Condenser

    Kemtech America

    Air Reflux Condensor,Microscale, Synthware, Joint: 14/10, Effective Length: 100mm, supplied with one compression cap, one Viton O-ring and one PTFE-faced silicone septum.

  • Tedlar Air Sampling Bags


    …PVF (Tedlar) film, a material that is inert to a wide range of chemicals. Tedlar is manufactured without plasticizers. Can be used for collecting air containing all common solvents and many other classes of chemicals. Bags with dual stainless steel fittings feature hose/valve and replaceable…

  • Air Motor, Heavy Duty

    Ace Glass

    …heavy duty air motor with highly damped muffler. Complete unit consists of an air hose with a snap coupling on motor end and shut-off valve on the other. Motor will develop 1.5 hp. at 90 lbs. air pressure. Speeds are variable from 300 to 3000 r.p.m. It consumes approximately 1.98m3 free air (70cfm)…

  • Air Sampling Accessories


    Accessories for MD8 air sampling devices

  • Hand Air Pump

    United Scientific Supplies

    This pump features a painted steel barrel, steel valve assembly, and a wooden handle. Both in a out ports are equipped with hose connectors, for use with vacuum experiments as well as to generate pressure. Length: 14", barrel diameter 1"; shipping weight 1 Lb.

  • Diaphragm Air Pump

    Motor driven for moderate vacuum and pressure work Air flow maintained by pumping action of a neoprene diaphragm, driven by air-cooled, induction-type motor Cast aluminum base and pump housing Free air capacity 3.6 Lpm and vacuum 12” Hg 120 V, 60 Hz; connectors take …

  • Whatman Grade EPM 2000 Air Sampling Filter

    GE Healthcare

    Air retention efficiency of 99.95 percent of 0.3 µm size particulates Selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in a nationwide network of HiVol air samplers Manufactured according to ISO9001:2008 QMS standards Available in both sheet and circle design Binder-free Air

  • Stainless Steel Air Showers

    Sapphire Cleanrooms

    …cleanliness. Air Showers and Tunnels supply concentrated Class 100, clean air flows to lift off contamination while an individual stands in, or walks through, a specially constructed air chamber. Whenever an automatic floor switch inside the unit is activated, pressurized air streams from…




  • Thermistor Air Probe


    Thermistor air probe with extra-long cord length.

  • Quiet Air Source

    United Scientific Supplies

    This low noise (<58dB) air source is an ideal accessory for air tracks, air tables, and other pneumatic equipment in physics labs. The 250 W motor produces a clean air output with a flow rate of 35 m (cubed)/hour at a 0.70 kPa overpressure. Shipping weight: 12 Lbs., dimensions: 16" x 19" x 10".

  • M Air T Cassettes


    The Sterile Empty M Air T Cassette is used for the manual production of culture media for special applications in the microbiological air monitoring. The M Air T Cassette prefilled with TSA is used for the total count of airborne microorganisms in pharmaceutical clean rooms, hospitals and food…

  • Miniature Air Sampling Kits


    Restek’s passive air sampling kit incorporates all the hardware necessary to collect air samples and is easy to assemble for field sampling.* Kit includes flow controller, critical orifice, 2 µm frit filter, vacuum gauge, and sample inlet. The gauge and sample inlet are downsized for use…

  • TurboMatrix Air Monitoring Trap


    …for U.S. EPA Method TO17, the PerkinElmer standard trap, packed with Tenax ™ , on the TurboMatrix ™ Thermal Desorber, will improve productivity and trapping capacity. The TurboMatrix air monitoring trap is packed with carbonaceous sorbents suitable for ozone precursor and air toxics monitoring.

  • Versaflo™ Air Flow Indicator

    3M Safety

    The TR-971 air flow indicator may be used to confirm air flow levels of the TR-600 series PAPR. The TR-971 is designed to enable testing at various elevations and temperatures within the operational range of the PAPR system. See the User Instructions for details regarding how to use the TR-971.

  • Air Cadet™ Vacuum Pump

    Thermo Scientific

    Handle tough vacuum/pressure applications with ease using Thermo Scientific Air Cadet Single-head Vacuum/Pressure Pumps. Ideal for filtration, evacuation, flue-gas sampling, and other gas or air handling applications Compact size for portability Economically priced and can handle many…

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