Acid Base Spill Kit

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Acid Base Spill Kit
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  • Specialty Spill Control, Mini Acid/Base/Alkaline Spill Kit


    This Kit takes up very little space on shelves or table tops. Box has removable perforation to hold contents but keep them visible before use. Components: (1) Quart Bottle Liquid Acid Neutralizer (1) Quart Bottle Liquid Base/Alkaline Neutralizer ( 5) 12” x 12”…

  • Specialty Spill Control, Acid/Base Neutralizer Spill Kit; Bucket


    Grab & Go® Neutralizer Spill Kits are packed in a 5 gallon plastic bucket for easy portability & disposal of spill clean-up materials. Contains a quart bottle of both acid & base neutralizers. Bucket is rigid and keeps contents protected. Chemical Classifiers can detect other…

  • Universal Spill Kit


    Neutralizes acids and bases Color-coded Non-toxic Safe to handle Easy-to-store Easy-to-use Ampho-Mag™ is a rapid response powder that safely adsorbs and treats any spill and produces less heat and spattering than any other neutralizer available. This product can be used on acids, bases,

  • Compact Neutralizer Spill Kit


    Acids or bases Portable Visible This compact kit contains everything needed in order to neutralize a small spill involving acids or bases. Kit contains 1 qt. Liquid Acid Neutralizer, 1 qt. Liquid Base Neutralizer, 1 Aqualockit Shaker Bottle, 2 Trigger Sprayers, 1 pair of Nitrile…

  • SpillSolv® Chemical Spill Kits


    …bottles eliminate having to scoop neutralizers out of a container. Replacement kits contain neutralizers only. Multi-Purpose Spill Kit (8237A01 / A03) For acid, caustic and solvent spills Kit contains 2 x 1 kg Acid Neutralizer; 2 x 0.9 kg Caustic Neutralizer; 2 x 0.5 kg Volatile Adsorbant…

  • Hazmat Spill Station


    …53 gallons. Kit is stored in UN-Certified (Open Head) Poly Drum for complete spill response capability. Kit contains 12 Hazmat socks (3” x 4’), 100 Hazmat pads (16” x 18”), 10 lbs. Dry acid neutralizer, 10 lbs Dry Hydrofluoric Acid neutralizer, 10 lbs Dry Base neutralizer,…

  • 5-Gallon Battery Acid Kit

    Evolution Sorbent Products

    5-Gallon Battery Acid Kits Meltblown HazMat Absorb toxic and aggressive chemicals including battery acid, coolants and solvents as well as oil- and water-based fluids Contain high-performance meltblown sorbents to withstand aggressive chemicals Custom-made to any size

  • Chemical Classifier Kits


    Chemical Classifier Kits are used to identify unknown liquid hazards in sewers, construction sites, accident sites, storage facilities, landfills, etc. Chemical Classifier Strips identify the following chemical risks: Acid or Base (0-13 pH), Oxidizers 1mg/L (1 ppm), Fluoride 20mg/L (20 ppm),…

  • Wastewater Classifier Kits


    Wastewater Classifier Kits are used to detect concentrations of chemicals in wastewater. Wastewater Classifier Strips quantify the following chemical risks: Acid or Base (0-13 pH), Fluoride 20mg/L (20 ppm), Petroleum Product/Organic Solvent 10 mg/L (10 ppm), Hydrogen Sulfide 10 mg/L (10 ppm),…

  • Ampho-Mag™


    …color indicator to show pH level. Red indicates a low pH and blue indicates a high pH material. When the material has been neutralized, the color will be yellow or green. Ideal spill response agent for the handling of hazardous materials. Treats acids, bases, organics, hydrocarbons, water and more.

  • Decontamination Solutions


    …be used separately or in sequence, based upon the material causing the contamination. These solutions don?t require dilution and are phosphate free. Solutions are not for use on skin. Decon 1 is used where the contaminant is unknown such as inorganic acids, metal processing wastes, solvents and…

  • Aqualockit Solidifier For Neutral Liquids


    Aqualockit helps in the effective clean-up of contaminated water, sludge, neutralized acids or bases or low-level radioactive water. Once solidified you can use a broom and shovel for clean-up. Aqualockit will not gel liquids that are not pH neutral. Aqualockit will absorb 320 gallons of liquid per…

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