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Absorbent Pads
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  • Absorbent Pads


    …of sterile absorbent pads. Applications: Wine Beer Bottled Water Cider Clinical Lab Cosmetics Environmental Analysis Food and Beverage Industrial QC Laboratory Filtration Soft Drink Sport Drink Please note: Dishes are not included. Pads only.

  • 3M™ Steri-Drape™ Absorbent Pad

    3M Health Care

    Made of a plastic film with a highly fluid absorbent layer on top with an adhesive strip.

  • SPECI-GARD® Bags w/ Absorbent Pad


      The only bag featuring the a liquid-tight, PRESS AND CLOSE® adhesive closure system. Simply peel away the release liner and press to close     Separate outside pocket for the requisition slip     It’s the ORIGINAL…

  • Absorbent Bench Underpad, Bench pads, 16.5 x 23 in./42 x 58cm., 50 per pack


    50 per pack Absorbs up to 500ml per pad Filled with 100% fluffed cellulose Blue polyethylene liner

  • PIG® Absorbent Mat Pads

    New Pig

    …Exclusive dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout mat for faster, easier cleanup. Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction won't leave liquids or fiber residue behind. Absorbs and retains oils, coolants, solvents and water. Dark gray color hides grime so mat stays on the job…

  • Pig Blue® Absorbent Mat Pads

    New Pig

    …most absorbent mat! No leak zones! Consistent construction produces a mat that's free of light spots to absorb liquid evenly for better wicking and retention FiberFusion Technology fuses superabsorbent natural fibers with strong synthetic fibers for one high-performance absorbent Stays…

  • PIG® Poly-Back Absorbent Mat Pad

    New Pig

    …liquid throughout mat for faster, easier cleanup Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction won't leave liquids or fiber residue behind Absorbs most common industrial liquids - oils, water, solvents, coolants and more Absorbed leaks and drips blend right in; dark gray color hides grime…

  • PIG® Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pad

    New Pig

    …easier cleanup. Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction won't leave behind liquids or fiber residue. Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids - including lubricants and fuels - without taking in a drop of water. Bright white color makes absorbed oil easier to see; draws attention…

  • Lab Guard® Recloseable Bio Specimen Bag w/ Absorbent Pad


    America's healthcare professionals prefer Lab Guard's easy "open and close” zipper technology and grip ridges. Lab Guard's biohazard specimen transport bags are supplied by the company that's synonymous with reclosable bags and are trusted by hospital and lab workers…

  • TIDI Non-Absorbent Abdominal Pads

    TIDI Products

    Quick wicking, high wet strength padding with non-woven cover. Sterile padding has absorbent lamino filler, non-sterile padding has non-absorbent back. Available in either an all absorbent fill (AAF) or with a non-absorbent backing (NAB) to impede fluid s

  • Pad, Non-Permeable Heavy Absorbency

    Smith & Nephew

    Uniquely designed to minimize trauma, save nursing time and lower total dressing costs. Replaces non-adherent dressings, gauze and abdominal pads. Designed to minimize adherence and is more comfortable for patients during the between dressing changes. Its Anti-Shear Layer™ helps reduce friction and…

  • Pro Advantage® Non-Adherent Sterile Pads

    Pro Advantage

    Ideal for lightly draining wounds, these highly absorbent pads provide cushioning protection without sticking to the healing area. Sterile.

  • Oval Eye Pads


    Cotton filled highly absorbent pads have a soft non-woven outer shell. Enjoy increased protection with sealed edges to reduce the risk of loose fibers while providing exceptional patient comfort with soft, non-linting and breathable non-woven material.

  • CURAD® Sterile Non-Adherent Pads


    This sterile, absorbent rayon/polyester pad will not interfere with granulating tissue by sticking to the wound The soft perforated film allows air to circulate and the absorbent pad allows the fluid to collect It can easily be cut to fit any shape without separating

  • Tap Dancer Mini Tube Vortex Mixer

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Compact, with low profile and small footprint. Pressure sensitive cup Continuous or touch operation Rubber suction pads prevent walking, absorb vibration Low voltage supply for safe cold room use 2 Year warranty Power pack is UL, CSA and CE approved

  • Abdominal Pads


    Used for effective protection of cuts, scrapes and burns. ABD pads don't stick to the wound so they are easy to remove. They also provide cushion protection. Primary or secondary dressing sealed on all 4-sides. Extra absorbency. Soft material contruction for patient comfort. Disperses fluid quickly…

  • safeForce Soaker Pads

    safeForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …durable cloth-like fabric top. Backing helps prevents skids and chemical soakthrough, while absorbing 1 liter per square meter. Light-Duty soakers are made with multiple layers of 100% recycled absorbent tissue with a waterproof, skid-resistant and chemical resistant poly backing that makes…

  • Dukal Sterile Gauze Pads

    Dukal Corporation

    Ideal for cleansing wounds and applying medication. They are highly absorbent and made form USP surgical gauze mesh.

  • Dukal Gauze Pads

    Dukal Corporation

    Made of 100% woven cotton, the pads are individually wrapped for your convenience when only one sponge is needed. This highly absorbent and versatile product will meet all market needs and applications.

  • safeForce Gray Universal Dimpled Pads

    safeForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    safeForce universal pads are designed for standard-use applications, designed to absorb oils, coolants, solvents, water and so much more. Standard pads offer great wicking and overall performance. The dimple bond pattern increases the physical strength of the polypropylenein every…

  • Dukal Under Pads

    Dukal Corporation

    Made of 100% washed fluff cotton gauze, the roll offers superior performance. It is a highly absorbent dressing, with excellent bulk & loft that will conform as needed and hold dressings in place.

  • Dukal ABD Pads

    Dukal Corporation

    Highly absorbent, large dressing with a moisture resistant barrier provides for superior care of large wounds and prevents exudate from wicking through.

  • Dukal Non-Adherent Pads

    Dukal Corporation

    Designed to protect to wound site while promoting the healing process. The non-stick outer facing will allow the dressing to absorb, but not interfere with the granulating tissue by adhering to the wound. The easy removal of the pad will minimize trauma t

  • Spilfyter® Standard Universal Sorbent Pads


     These universal pads are designed for standard-use applications. Universal sorbents absorb oils, coolants, solvents, water and so much more Standard pads offer great wicking and overall performance. The dimple bond pattern increases the physical strength of the polypropylene in every…

  • 3M™ Tegaderm™ + Pad Film Dressing With Non-Adherent Pad

    3M Health Care

    A sterile, waterproof bacterial barrier which consists of a non-adherent absorbent pad bonded to a larger thin film transparent dressing. Breathable film.

  • Hazmat Sorbent SM Pad


    Yellow Hazmat Premium SM Single-Weight Pads Absorbs up to 11 gallons/41 liters per case

  • FormaPad™ & FormaPad™ Select Grossing Pads

    Azer Scientific

    Azer Scientific's FormaPad™ and FormaPad Select™ grossing pads provide a surface for grossing, while neutralizing and absorbing formalin.

  • Spilfyter® Standard Oil-Only Sorbent Pads


    Standard use applications. Absorbs oil from water or land while repelling water Float on water to absorb oil spills. Dimple bonded for strength. Vertically perforated for a customized fit. Standard oil-only sorbents are white in color, which creates a high-contrast when used with…

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