96 Well Plates Round Bottom

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96 Well Plates Round Bottom
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  • 96-Well Deep Round and Square Plates

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …highest possible volume to be used while maintaining an overhall height of 45mm Cylindrical well with round bottom optimizes mixing and recovery "V" Bottom allows total liquid removal Can be stored at 80°C 50 plates per case – packaged in sealed sleeves of 5 plates

  • 96 Well Assay Plates


    …design These plates are ideal for solution-based assays, serial dilutions and general storage applications. Built to proposed industry standard footprint. Each well holds from 320 to 360 µl depending on which well geometry is selected. Choose from traditional flat bottom, round bottom or V-bottom.…

  • Untreated, Sterile 96-Well Microplates

    Evergreen Scientific

    …Every plate is precision-molded from select polystyrene for minimal well-to-well and plate-to-plate variations and uniformly low background readings. All 96-well sterile microplates are gamma-irradiated. Evergreen offers three configurations: flat (F) bottom, conical (V) bottom, round (U)…

  • 500µl, 96-Well Assay Round Bottom Plate (SBS FootPrint)


    Axygen® deep well and assay plates are used for sample collection, in vitro growth chambers and long-term storage. Made of polypropylene, they offer excellent chemical resistance and will withstand temperatures down to -80°C. 96-well plate format ANSI/SLAS 1-2004: Microplates -…

  • Culture Plate, 96-Well, U-Bottom


    Falcon® 96 Well Clear Assay Plate uses a well-characterized, clear not treated polystyrene and a highly controlled vacuum-gas plasma process to create consistent growth surfaces. 96 Well plate with low-evaporation lid U-Bottom shape Individually wrapped Non-pyrogenic Sterile

  • UNIPLATE Collection and Analysis Microplates

    GE Healthcare

    …of well volumes ranging from 80 µl to 10 ml, well densities from 24 to 384 wells with round or 'V' bottom for maximum recovery. Chemical compatibility: Available in chemically resistant polymers capable of withstanding low temperatures for long-term storage. Opaque plates prevent…

  • MicroWell® Plates

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …working volume of 10µl. The well surface is Nunclon® treated for good cell attachment. Lids incorporate a stacking feature and are tight-fitting, which reduces evaporation. µ 96 Well Plates These plates measure 86x128mm and come in either flat or round bottom wells. Vented lids allow for…

  • Assay Plate, MaxiSorp, Round Bottom, 96 x 0.3 mL / Cs. 60

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™, Immulon™ clear plates are ideal for quantitative and qualitative solid phase immunoassays, e.g. ELISA, and binding assays. The Assay plate has a MaxiSorp surface and Round-Bottom shape for reliable and reproducible results in colormetric assays. …

  • 96 Well CELLSTAR® Plates

    Greiner Bio-One

    plates, reducing sample usage while avoiding the instrument compatibility issues introduced by 1536-well plates. The wells on Small Volume™ plates feature conical well geometry; wells have a round top and a flat bottom, resembling a truncated cone. Plates with µClear® bottoms

  • Falcon® 96 Well Tissue-Culture Treated Plates


    Sterile Non-pyrogenic polystyrene Flat or Round bottom plate with lid

  • 96 Well Tissue Culture Plates

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …polystyrene plates with 96 wells are treated for improved cell attachment and growth. Model 6905A11 and A13 plates have round-bottomed wells. Wells are 7 mm diameter x 10.3 mm deep; capacity 0.3 mL. Bottom of well is 1.2 mm thick. Culture area per well is 0.36 cm 2 . Top of plate is frosted…

  • 96 Well Storage Plates


    …Certified RNase/DNase- free These 96 well polypropylene plates are built to the industry standard footprint. They are available in flat, round and V-bottom formats to meet a wide variety of assay and storage needs. V-bottom holds 320 µL. Flat and round bottom hold 360 µL. All are white and…

  • 96 Well Polystyrene Microplates

    Greiner Bio-One

    …optical clarity and consistency. Plates are available with flat-, round-, conical-, V-, and C-bottom well styles. C-bottom plates feature a flat bottom for optical measurement, but the hard corners are curved to eliminate liquid traps and improve plate washing. MICROLON™ 200 and…

  • 96 Well EIA/RIA Assay Plates


    plate surfaces have capacity of 250 ng/cm 2 . Thomas numbers 6928B30, 6928B45 and 6928B50 come with Certified Surface Chemistry. Thomas number 6928B15 comes sterile with lid. All others, lid not included. Easy wash wells have flat bottom with rounded corners. Maximum volume for all three well

  • 96 and 48 Deep Well Plates

    Evergreen Scientific

    Evergreen’s 0.5 & 1.0 ml 96 deep well plates are designed with a tapered bottom to allow for easy pipetting and optimum volume. 96 deep well plates are available in both transparent polystyrene and clarified polypropylene copolymer. They can be used with 8-channel and 12-channel pipetters…

  • Corning® 96 Well Black Round Bottom Polystyrene Ulta-Low Attachment Microplate,…


    Has low background fluorescence and minimize light scattering Designed to reduce well-to-well crosstalk 360µL total volume Recommended working volume of 75 to 200µL Conforms to standard microplate footprint and dimensions Ulta-Low attachment surface with covalently bonded…

  • 96 Well Assay Blocks


    Certified DNase/RNase-free Sterile and non-sterile configurations Available in V-bottom or round-bottom These deep-well plates are made of polypropylene. Available in 0.5, 1 or 2 mL volume formats.

  • 96 Well Polypropylene Plates

    Greiner Bio-One

    …alphanumerically coded wells with round, conical, or flat bottoms. Chimney well plates feature a chimney-like arrangement in which each well stands on its own to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination, and feature individual rims that rise above the surface of the plate to aid in sealing by…

  • 96-Well Plates for Pierce™ BCA-RAC Assay

    Thermo Scientific Pierce

    These are polystyrene 96-well round-bottom plates suitable for use with Thermo Scientific BCA-RAC (reducing agent compatible) assays.

  • Corning® 96 Well Clear Round Bottom Polypropylene Not Treated Microplate, 25 per…


    Corning® 96 Well Clear Round Bottom Polypropylene Not Treated Microplates feature uniform skirt heights for greater robotic gripping surface.  Solvent resistant polypropylene provides compatibility with many common organic solvents (e.g., DMSO, ethanol, methanol)Sterile and certified DNase-…

  • Flexible PVC 96 Well Plates


    Non-sterile Round, flat or V-bottom well shape General assay plates are ideal for solution-based assays (i.e. Hemagglutination Assays), serial dilutions and storage applications. Each well holds 250 or 260 µL (V-bottom).

  • 96-Well Polypropylene MicroWell™ Plates

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …of colors for quick identification of storage plates. Features: Shared wall design increases the well volume Wider wells and rounded bottom improve mixing Conical bottom well for optimal sample recovery Black and white plates available for fluorescent- and luminescent-based…

  • Black And White Polypropylene Assay Plates


    …micro wells Polypropylene construction Round bottom design Non-sterile The black and white polypropylene assay plates are an ideal platform for fluorescence and luminescence assays that have a compound non-specific-binding problem while using polystyrene plates. These plates

  • 96 DeepWell™ Polystyrene Plates

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …Nunc™ 96 DeepWell™ Polystyrene Plates. These plates feature round bottom wells and are suited to agglutination assays and sample collection. Alphanumeric grid provides quick and easy sample identification Optimized for robotics and liquid handling systems Round-bottom wells

  • Deepwell 96 and 384 Well Plates


    … Eppendorf Deepwell Plates 96 and 384 are designed to be centrifugation-stable and durable in a temperature range from 4 to 40°C. Standard, DNA and Protein LoBind Eppendorf Deepwell Plate 96 and 384 can be centrifuged up to 6,000 x g. Sterile Eppendorf Plate Deepwell 96 and 384 are centrifugation…

  • Denville® Cell Culture Plates


    …24 and 96 well plates Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/RNase-FREE Denville® cell culture plates have round edges for better handling. Low profile, low-evaporation lid design and Vacuum Plasma tissue culture treatment assure uniform growth. Small feet on the bottom corners of each plate eliminate…

  • BRAND 96-well Plates


    …and other applications. Plates have 96 wells and are available with 330µL or 400µL well volumes. They are fully compatible with most standard plate readers and washers. Both sterile and non-sterile plates are available with rounded, V-shaped, or flat well bottoms to meet the needs of most…

  • 96 Well Half Area CELLSTAR® Plates

    Greiner Bio-One

    plates, reducing sample usage while avoiding the instrument compatibility issues introduced by 1536-well plates. The wells on Small Volume™ plates feature conical well geometry; wells have a round top and a flat bottom, resembling a truncated cone. Plates with µClear® bottoms

  • Deep Multiwell Plates

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    96 Deep Well Plates feature space saving design Easy-to-use with automatic sampling handling instruments Compatible with robotics and automated systems Alphanumeric grid for quick sample identification Cylindrical wells with round bottom for optimal mixing and recovery Polypropylene…

  • Nunc-Immuno Plates

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …Lids not included. Alphanumeric well identification Stackable Uniform reading and washing Raised rims and lids have condensation rings to help prevent cross-contamination. These plates have the standard 96 MicroWell® Plate format to fit standard equipment. The high…

  • Round-Bottom, 340 ml Well Volume 96-Well Library Storage Plate Polypropylene


    Falcon® 96 Well Polypropylene Microplate is an automation compatible plate that is designed for various protocols that require solvent resistance, including Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO). Round bottom Polypropylene Non-treated surface Non-sterile Nominal volume: 340µL

  • 48 Deep Well Plates

    Evergreen Scientific

    48 deep well plates are suitable for storage & dilution and have distinct alpha-numeric designations. Each well bottom has rounded corners and chamfered edges to eliminate dead space during mixing. These plates have the same footprint as our 96 well plates. Polypropylene lids are available. EZ…

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