96 Well Aluminum Block

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96 Well Aluminum Block
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  • …from a solid anodized aluminum block, the close contact of tubes to block walls allows for maximum heat retention. Single block. Titer Plate (5890J65) Constructed from a solid anodized aluminum block. Ideal for 96-well or 384-well titer plates. Recessed well for better stability, flat…

  • …each well to gently speed solvent evaporation. Needles are constructed of stainless steel. 96 well unit has the needed pressed into the block, while the 11, 15, 24 and 48 well units have removable/replaceable needles. Manifold is constructed of polypropylene and the base is coated aluminum. Equipped…

  • Polarsafe™ Cooling Blocks

    Argos Technologies

    Polarsafe™ Cooling Blocks are perfect for the utmost in temperature control for precious laboratory samples. These electric blue aluminum blocks are anodized to stand up to cold temperatures. Uniform well construction provides inserted tubes with a snug fit and a highly efficient degree…

  • 96-Well Plate Cover Foil

    Zymo Research Corporation

    Pierceable aluminum foil with strong adhesive strength for sealing 96-well plates and blocks. Ideal for cold storage. Dimensions are 82.6 mm x 132.6 mm.

  • …MICROVAP. NA1896 96 position gas manifold for use with the MICROVAP product line. The needle array is compatible with a standard 96 well microplate. NA1897 Solid aluminum conduction block for use with the MICROVAP product line. The block is designed to hold a standard 96 well microplate.

  • …Microcentrifuge or PCR Tubes: Aluminum block holds 96 standard (0.6 mL) microcentrifuge tubes. Cryo-Blocks are chilled in 2600 Cryo-Station to preserve RNA and proteins during grinding. Sold in pairs. 2666 Cryo-Block for 48 Microcentrifuge or PCR Tubes: Aluminum block holds 48 standard (1.5…

  • …of both plates. The chilling/heating surfaces are each 2.875" (7.3 cm) x 4.375" (11.1 cm) aluminum plates that are very flat for optimal contact with the sample blocks. When unloaded, the plates will reach below 0°C in under two minutes. They will heat to 37°C in under…

  • … Quickly converts between models for use with both plate and tube samples, using dry block and gas manifold conversion kits Standard Features: Digital temperature control High temperature limit switch 4 inch x 19 gauge needles Nitrogen filter Anodized aluminum dry block

  • …a block included. The blocks are interchangeable and feature automatic block recognition. Select from a variety of designs including the twin block with two 48 wells each, twin block with 30 wells each and a single block with 96 wells. The gradient function is available on the 48 well and 96 well

  • 96 needle manifolds and three heat blocks into a single platform. This allows for simultaneous evaporation of up to three 96 well plates. The triple plate MICROVAP’s solid aluminum heating units provide consistent temperature for uniform evaporation rates throughout all three plates. Each 96

  • …available with different block formats. The Quick Block Exchange technology allows for an easy exchange of block modules. All blocks are made of aluminum and offer high ramp rates for fast protocol running times. Additionally, to achieve ultimate performance a 96 well block made of silver is…

  • …energy transfer into the sample, the thermal block is made of gold-coated silver serving much better physical properties than aluminum. As a result, the qTOWER 3 is characterized by excellent temperature control accuracy of ±0.1°C (over 96 wells) and first-class heating rates of up to…

  • Lab Armor Beads™

    Lab Armor

    Lab Armor™ Beads are eco-friendly and low-maintenance metallic beads that replace water in existing water baths, aluminum blocks in dry baths and even ice in ice buckets. The innovative Lab Armor Beads can also be used in containers placed in ovens and incubators to replace sample racks. …

  • …use all types of consumables Small footprint 2 Year warranty Mastercycler® X50l, 110 – 230 V/50 – 60 Hz, aluminum block, 96-well or 0.1/0.2 mL tubes, eco unit Heating rate: up to 5 °C/s Cooling rate: 2.3 °C/s Control accuracy: ±0.15…

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