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  • Buchi V-850/855 Vacuum Controller Accessories


    1229D81 - Buchi V-850/855 Vacuum Controller Valve combined with condensate trap and non-return valve with attachment for Rotavapor (not necessary with V-700/710 in stand-alone systems). 1229D82 - Buchi RC-81 remote control can be used to control the vacuum controller and the Rotavapor:…

  • Socorex Acura® Manual 855 8 and 12-Channel Micropipettes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Reliable volume adjustment Easy-to-read digital display Adjustable tip ejector Volumetric module allows for optical working position Fully autoclavable The Acura manual line offers 8- and 12- channel models with volumes ranging from 0.5 to 350 µL equipped with a precision…

  • Buchi V-850 / V-855 Vacuum Controller


    To make the most of the potential of our Buchi Vacuum Pumps, we recommend a Vacuum Controller. The intuitive operating concept is suitable for a wide range of applications, from simple control of the set vacuum to automatic distillation of complex mixtures. Eliminate bumping with evaporation…

  • Inoculation Loop, Rigid with Needle

    Globe Scientific

  • 2-Chloroethylvinyl Ether 1mL

    SPEX CertiPrep

  • Mercury(II) sulfate-Sulfuric acid solution, for COD determination according to…


    NOTE: Due to special handling or shipping requirements, these products will have additional fees added during checkout. Click HERE for a description of what fees might be charged.   MDL No.: MFCD00011047 Purity: 5.855-5.913 g/L K2Cr2O7 basis UNSPSC Code: 41113319 General…

  • 12x32mm Wide Opening Snap Cap/Crimp Seal Vials

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Snap cap vials have a standard 12x32 profile compatible with 11mm snap caps or 11mm crimp closures Microsampling vials allow for max sample extraction without separate inserts Manufactured from clear, Type 1 Class A or amber, Type 1 Class B borosilicate glass

  • Dukal Bzk Swab/Towelette

    Dukal Corporation

    BZK Swab is a 2 ply, non-woven pad ideal for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. The BZK Towelette is used as an antiseptic cleanser for the face, hands, and body without soap and water.

  • DURAC Probeless Electronic Thermometers

    H-B Instrument

    Digital Thermometers that Withstand Wet Environments Designed for use in high moisture or wet environments, these digital thermometers are used in green houses, sample prep areas, water treatment facilities and aquariums. Window thermometer (B60900-2500) features easy installation with…

  • Chest Style Ultra-Low Freezers


    Temperature Range: -40°C to -85°C Temperature Control   Digital Control with two temperature displays. One display shows the set temperature, the other shows the actual temperature in the freezer. Alarm System   Battery operated alarm system will emit an audible and…

  • human XAB2-gst fusion protein


    The human XAB2-gst fusion protein from Proteintech is 530 - 855 aa of human XAB2 expressed in E. coli with the expression vector PGEX-4T. This protein has been detected in SDS-page gel. The protein is lyophilized powder.

  • human DSG4-gst fusion protein


    The human DSG4-gst fusion protein from Proteintech is 855 - 1040 aa of human DSG4 expressed in E. coli with the expression vector PGEX-4T. This protein has been detected in SDS-page gel. The protein is lyophilized powder.

  • human XAB2-6*His fusion protein


    The human XAB2-6*His fusion protein from Proteintech is 530 - 855 aa of human XAB2 expressed in E. coli with the expression vector PET30a. This protein has been detected in SDS-page gel. The protein is lyophilized powder.

  • Citranox Biodegradable Cleaning Compound


    Phosphate-free, biodegradable and readily disposable Acid detergent (pH 2.5) is used for critical cleaning in hospitals, laboratories and industry. Ideal for acid cleaning of industrial parts, metal brightening, dairy milkstone removal and boiler cleaning. Citranox is usable in manual and…

  • Nitrile Exam Gloves (4 mil)

    High Five

    Superior puncture and chemical resistance. The soft and stretchy feel of these premium gloves gives superior fit and performance. The latex-free construction offers protection without the risk of allergic reactions associated with latex proteins. Fully textured finish offers an excellent grip.

  • LH 21

    Cayman Chemical

    A cannabimimetic with a relatively low-affinity for the CB1 receptor (Ki = 855 nM); interferes with the action of the potent CB1 agonist WIN 55,212-2, suggesting that it acts as a silent CB1 antagonist; reduces food intake and body weight gain in obese Zucker rats.

  • H-B DURAC Safety API Combined Form Thermo-Hydrometers; Traceable to NIST

    H-B Instrument

    These combined-form hydrometers, with a convenient, built-in thermometer, come in a wide range of models measuring the relative density (specific gravity) of oil and petroleum related products in various ranges from -1° to 101°API in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API)…

  • 1536-Well 2 L/10 L Polystyrene Microplates


    Stacked plates can be easily separated Working volume up to 1.5 µL Extra wells can be used as controls Treated or untreated versions available Low volume microplates are primarily suited for the immobilization of large molecules, such as antibodies, that have large…

  • Deflected Point Septum Penetration Needles

    Cadence Science

    The deflected needle style features point positioning on the axis of the needle lumen. This improved point geometry provides easier penetration and minimizes coring and tracking (particularly with finer gauge needles).

  • Microtiter Plates

    Thermo Scientific

    Well shapes, colors and binding surfaces for a variety of applications Compatible with all standard instrumentation Rigorous quality control for superior consistency Three Immulon® binding surfaces available Microtiter plates are specifically designed for the demanding immunology…

  • Dihydrotestosterone Propionate (CIII)

    Spectrum Chemical

    CAS No.: 855-22-1

  • 3-Hydroxyflavone, 99+ Percent

    Spectrum Chemical

    CAS No.: 577-85-5

  • Biotin, Powder, USP

    Spectrum Chemical

    Grade: USP CAS No.: 58-85-5

  • Biotin, Powder, FCC

    Spectrum Chemical

    Grade: FCC CAS No.: 58-85-5

  • Resodiacetophenone

    INDOFINE Chemical Company

    MF: 194.19 CAS: 2161-85-5 Purity: 0.98

  • Citalopram for system suitability


    European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard Synonym(s): Citalopram hydrobromide; 1-[3-(Dimethylamino)propyl]-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-5-isobenzofurancarbonitrile hydrobromide Empirical Formula: C20H21FN2O -+ HBr Formula Weight: 405.30 Linear…

  • 5,7,3',4'-Tetramethoxyflavone

    INDOFINE Chemical Company

    MF: C19H18O6 MF: 342.35 CAS: 855-97-0 Purity: >99%

  • 5,3'-Dihydroxy-6,7,4'-Trimethoxyflavone

    INDOFINE Chemical Company

    MF: C18H16O7 MF: 344.33 CAS: 855-96-9 Purity: 0.98

  • 3-Hydroxyflavone

    INDOFINE Chemical Company

    MF: C15H10O3 MF: 238.25 CAS: 577-85-5 Purity: >99%

  • Boc-Aminooxyacetic Acid

    INDOFINE Chemical Company

    MF: C7H13NO5 MF: 191.18 CAS: 42989-85-5 Purity: >98% by HPLC

  • "α-Amylase from Bacillus licheniformis, suitable for determination of…


    Synonyms: 1,4-α-D-Glucan-glucanohydrolase CAS No.: 9000-85-5 Storage Temperature: 2-8°C

  • Z-D-2-Cyclohexylglycine

    INDOFINE Chemical Company

    MF: C16H21NO4 MF: 291.35 CAS: 69901-85-5 Purity: >98%

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