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  • Serological Pipets

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce Brand Serological Pipets are manufactured from optically clear polystyrene in a class 100,000 clean room. Both the pipets and individual pipet wrappers are color coded for easy volume identification. Available in 1mL, 2mL, 5mL, 10mL, 25mL and 50mL, labForce serological pipettes are supplied…

  • VE-821

    Cayman Chemical

    An ATP-competitive inhibitor of ATR (IC50 = 26 nM); augments DNA damage and cell death of cancer cells in response to radiation under normal and hypoxic conditions; sensitizes cancer cells to chemotherapy.

  • ANTI-SEMA6A (821-835) 200UL


  • [Nle^8^,^2^1, Tyr^3^4] Parathyroid Hormone (1-34), amide, rat

    Alfa Aesar

    Formula: C182H296N56O48 Formula weight: 4036.69 CAS Number: 105267-88-7 Harmonized Tariff Code:  2937.90

  • Inoculation Loop, Rigid with Calibration Certificate

    Globe Scientific

    Thomas No. 1202F80 Inoculation Loop, Rigid, 1uL, with Calibration Certificate, STERILE, Green, 20/Peel Pack, 50 Packs/Unit Thomas No. 1202F81 Inoculation Loop, Rigid, 10uL, with Calibration Certificate, STERILE, Blue, 20/Peel Pack, 50 Packs/Unit

  • Anti-LPIN3 (821-835) antibody produced in rabbit IgG fraction of antiserum


    Synonym(s): Anti-LIPN3L; Anti-Lipin 3; Anti-SMP2 MDL Number: Storage: −20°C Included Fees: C938Q18 has a Dry/Wet Ice Fee included in the price. To see the value of these fees, download our Fee List.

  • Anti-RPP14 (8-21) antibody produced in rabbit IgG fraction of antiserum


    Synonym(s): Anti-P14; Anti-Ribonuclease P/MRP 14kDa subunit MDL Number: Storage: −20°C Included Fees: C937B05 has a Dry/Wet Ice Fee included in the price. To see the value of these fees, download our Fee List.

  • Anti-WDR44 (821-835) antibody produced in rabbit IgG fraction of antiserum


    Synonym(s): Anti-RAB11BP; Anti-RPH11; Anti-WD repeat domain 44 MDL Number: Storage: −20°C Included Fees: C939W37 has a Dry/Wet Ice Fee included in the price. To see the value of these fees, download our Fee List.

  • Anti-MED24 (821-835) antibody produced in rabbit IgG fraction of antiserum,…


    Synonym(s): Anti-ARC100; Anti-CRSP100; Anti-CRSP4; Anti-DRIP100; Anti-Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 24; Anti-THRAP4; Anti-TRAP100 MDL Number: Storage: −20°C Included Fees: C939R93 has a Dry/Wet Ice Fee included in the price. To see the value of these…

  • Corning® Low Volume 384 Well Black Flat Bottom Polystyrene Not Treated…


    Round well design with a solid black flat bottom2.8 mm distance between well bottoms to plate bottomValidated by Molecular Devices for the FLIPR reader. Outer wells aligned for proper viewing with FLIPRIdeal for miniaturized 384 well fluorescent homogeneous assaysNot treated (or medium binding)…

  • Dewar Accessories

    Pope Scientific

    Pope Lab Grade Dewars are supplied with stoppers for the wide mouth model and for the narrow mouth cylindrical Dewars. Need another one? Replacement stoppers can be purchased separately.

  • Filtered Pipettor Tips


    Avoid cross contamination Packaged sterile Corning® IsoTip™ Filtered Tips feature an inert, hydrophobic bonded-fiber barrier that prevents aerosolized contaminants from coming in contact with pipettor shafts. Filtered Tips are suitable for applications where avoidance of…

  • STAT Specimen Bags

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific's STAT specimen transport bags are tinted red to indicate urgency and special handling procedures. They are designed for the safe transportation of specimens and documentation. Each bag is printed with the biohazard symbol, bold STAT lettering and offers checkmark boxes to indicate…

  • Sample Cup for Alpha Wassermann® ACE Analyzers

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific's polypropylene (PP) sample cup is designed for use on automated instrumentation including Alpha Wassermann® ACE and Gilford® analyzers.

  • Corning Pipettor Tips


    For consistency and reliability in small-volume liquid handling Gel-Loading Tips with Capillary Ends: Available in three different orifice configurations- 0.5 mm round, 0.4 mm flat and 0.2 mm flat- Costar gel-loading tips cover a wide range of applications. Tips are also available in…

  • Pipette, RV-Pette Repeat Volume

    Globe Scientific

    The RV-Pette Pipette provides accurate and reproducible repetitive pipetting from the single filling of a disposable tip. Use of the RV-Pette saves time and reduces the fatigue associated with repetitive pipetting using a standard pipettor. Twenty nine different volumes between 1uL and 5000uL may be…

  • Diamond™ Perfect Smear

    Globe Scientific

    Designed for safe, error-free blood smears every time Easier to achieve consistant, accurate smears More cost efficient than glass microscope slides Safe polystyrene construction eliminates cuts to hands and fingers Lightweight flexible design protects blood cells from destruction that…

  • HydroLogix Ergonomic Tips


    HydroLogix tips are designed to reduce sample retention. Molded from virgin polypropylene, they don’t use additives or coatings that may affect sample integrity Low retention tips are for applications requiring high accuracy and reproducibility. The delivery of highly viscous liquids can be…

  • 3.5 oz Collection Cups

    Globe Scientific

    Produced from Polystyrene (PS), these economical collection cups are packaged in sleeves of 100. They do not have a lid and are ideal for immediate collection and testing.

  • 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene


    Compound List 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene (120-82-1)

  • Cuvette for Hitachi® 902

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific's 8-place Cuvette segments are designed for use on the Hitachi® 902 analyzer.

  • Sulfamethizole

    Spectrum Chemical

    CAS No.: 144-82-1

  • Sample Cup for Bayer Immuno 1

    Globe Scientific

  • Calpain Inhibitor I

    Spectrum Chemical

    CAS No.: 110044-82-1

  • Rotor Cuvette for IL® ACL Models

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific's 20-place cuvette rotors are designed for use with the IL ACL® models: 100, 200, 300, 1000, 2000, 3000, 6000 & 7000. Please note: Not for use on the ACL 9000 & 10000.

  • 5 oz Specimen Container

    Globe Scientific

    This popular 5 ounce container features a fantastic leak-resistant snap cap. The container has molded graduation marks and a large area to write specimen information on the lid. Packaging: 300 containers and lids per case Container material: Polypropylene (PP) Cap material: Polyethylene (PE)

  • Ceric Titanate, 99.9%

    GFS Chemicals

    CeO2 + TiO2 CAS#: 52014-82-1

  • Cuvette for ATAC® 6000

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific's Cuvettes are individually wrapped and designed for use on the ATAC® 6000 analyzer.

  • Amersham™ QuickStain Protein Labeling Kit

    GE Healthcare

    Amersham QuickStain enables protein detection directly after SDS-PAGE or transfer. Supports Western blot normalization for quantitative Western blotting. Quick SDS-PAGE analysis: Prelabel protein samples with ready-to-use Cy5 dye for quick, sensitive detection without gel staining and…

  • Cuvette for Hitachi® 911 and 912

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific's 20-place Cuvette segments are designed for use on the Hitachi® 911 and 912 analyzers.

  • 5-Hexen-1-ol, 90%

    GFS Chemicals

    H2C=CH(CH2)4OH CAS#: 821-41-0 F.W.: 100.16

  • Cuvette for MLA® Electra 620, 650 & 750

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific's polystyrene (PS) Cuvettes are designed for use on the MLA Electra® 620, 650 and 750 analyzers.

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