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50ml Pipet
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  • Serological Pipets

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce Brand Serological Pipets are manufactured from optically clear polystyrene in a class 100,000 clean room. Both the pipets and individual pipet wrappers are color coded for easy volume identification. Available in 1mL, 2mL, 5mL, 10mL, 25mL and 50mL, labForce serological pipettes are supplied…

  • Flip Style Pipette Fillers

    Fischer Technical

    Made of natural rubber Can accommodate pipettes up to 50mL 1/4" diameter opening Two valve system with a removable top valve for easy cleaning and one-handed use Available in red, black, blue, green, and yellow

  • These 50mL PYREX® volumetric pipets are manufactured to Class A capacity tolerances as indicated by ASTM E-969. New design allows more complete and efficient drainage Pipet has a rugged construction Colored enamel graduations Pipet will provide good life and good service

  • Plastic Serological Pipettes

    Globe Scientific

    …are produced from crystal clear polystyrene (PS) and are color coded for easy volume identification. Available in 1mL, 2mL, 5mL, 10mL, 25mL and 50mL sizes. Calibration is certified for accuracy Aerosol barrier filter plug Reverse graduations Negative graduations Fits all major…

  • Feature Highlights: Lightweight (167 g) including battery Full range pipetting 1-100ml Fast filling (50ml pipet in <10 sec) Ergonomic design allows longer fatigue-free pipetting Dispense selection by gravity and blow-out with fully adjustable speed setting Self-invert…

  • …tips to offer nearly 60 different volume settings in as many as 48 steps without refilling the syringe tip Includes adapter for use with 25 and 50ml tips (adapter pack also available separately) Maintenance-free; no internal wear-and-tear parts Includes instructions in English, French and…

  • Serological Pipets, Bulk Packed

    Celltreat Scientific

    …disposable Serological Pipets are manufactured from optically clear polystyrene in a class 100,000 clean room. The 1ml, 2ml and 5ml are a one piece construction and the 10ml, 25ml and 50ml pipets are made with a durable ultrasonically welded 3 piece construction. CELLTREAT pipets are printed with…

  • Rubber Pipetting Bulbs

    Argos Technologies

    … Manufactured for the safe and reliable aspiration and delivery of laboratory liquids. Our pipetting bulbs are manufactured from natural rubber and are ideal for use with serological pipettes up to 50mL. Our pinch and release valve system allows for one-hand operation. Each valve has a chemically…


    United Scientific Supplies

    …1ea. Beaker, Glass, 250ml, 1ea. Beaker, Glass, 400ml, 2ea. Bottles, 4 oz. w/ Screw Caps, 2ea. Burets, 50ml, Mohr, 1ea. Crucible, Porcelain, 1ea. Crucible Cover, Porcelain, 1ea. Dropper, Pipet (Eye Dropper), 12ea. Dropping Bottle, 30ml, Barnes, 1ea. Evaporating Dish, Porcelain, 1ea. Funnel, Short…

  • Total Acidity Brewing Kit

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements Components for the Total Acidity Test Kit: (3) Class A Volumetric Pipets, 50mL (1) Straight Buret with PTFE Stopcock, 50mL (6) Tall Form Berzelius Beakers, 200mL (1) Rubber Bulb (1) Buret Stand with Clamp

  • …racks of Ovation tips. Nozzle extenders available - to get to the bottom of 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes. The Ovation Cap Opener provides an easy-to-use ergonomic solution for opening PCR or microtubes while pipetting. Ovation QS pipettes now come with a cap opener attached to the base.

  • …arrow for quickly locating negative graduations when using a pipet controller 10mL Wide Tip Serological Pipet for viscous solutions – Wide Tip opening is 4x larger than standard 10mL pipet 25 & 50mL pipets feature an anti-drip tip for accurate delivery Available individually…

  • … Volumes from 1µl to 5ml can be dispensed Maintenance-free Equipped with durable tip insertion lever Works with eight sizes of disposable, polypropylene syringes from 0.05ml to 50ml 25ml/50ml syringe adapter securing syringes firmly on place 3-year manufacturer's warranty

  • Repeater® E3/E3x


    …advanced® creates a versatile dispensing system that functions according to the positive displacement principle and is therefore capable of pipetting any liquid while maintaining the highest standards for accurate results. The motor driven dispenser gives you full volume control, improved…

  • Fixed Volume Pipettors

    VistaLab Technologies

    …fixed volume models enables pipettors to get to the bottom of 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes or other tall tubes. The Ovation Cap Opener provides an easy-to-use ergonomic solution for opening PCR or microtubes while pipetting. This accessory attaches to the base of the pipette, and accommodates…

  • Constructed of highly transparent prime virgin polystyrene Available in 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml volumes, each volume is labeled with a different color Ascending and descending graduations, Filter at the top of each pipette prevents damage to pipettors Non-pyrogenic, non-cyotoxic;…

  • Scienceware® 50mL Tube Holders

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Polystyrene construction. Leave both hands free for pipetting and other critical tasks Non-Grip Style safely supports a 50ml conical centrifuge tube and permits the tube to freely be removed Grip Style gently grips the tube and moves with the tube when it is lifted from the bench top

  • 50ml Serological Pipettes, Sterile, Individually Wrapped, 100/Pack, One Piece.

  • Flexirack Pipetting Workstation

    Argos Technologies

    This versatile rack is actually a pipetting work station. Its modular design allows you to create a rack based on your individual requirements. The Flexirack can accommodate tubes from 0.5 – 50mL by selecting the proper, color-coded insert. Easy release tabs allow the user to quickly change…

  • 50mL Cupric Nitrate 0.1M 50mL Cupric Sulfate 0.1M 50mL Ferric(III) Nitrate 0.1M 50mL Ferric Sulfate 0.1M 50mL Zinc Nitrate 0.1M 50mL Zinc Sulfate 0.1M 100mL Cupric Nitrate 0.4M 100mL Nitric Acid 70% 20g Brass Pellets Materials needed but not supplied: Beakers, 50mL Graduated Cylinders, 50mL Pipets

  • Safety Pipette Fillers

    Fischer Technical

    Made from all natural rubber Will accommodate pipettes up to 50ml Features a 1/4 inch diameter opening This filler eliminates the need for dangerous mouth pipetting. They are available in red, black, blue, green, and multi-colored.

  • Silicone Pipette Fillers

    Fischer Technical

    The 3-Valve Pipette Filler is available in chemically-resistant silicone rubber. The bulb accommodates pipettes up to 50mL and has a 1/4 inch diameter opening. Silicone construction

  • …3um hydrophobic filter prevents liquids from contaminating the inside of the Levo. 50ml of liquid can be pipetted from one squeeze of the bulb. Features: Comfortable design Precise pipetting control Autoclavable silicone pipette holder Supplied with integral and replaceable…

  • Capp Tempo Pipette Controller

    Oxford Lab Products

    …memory effect and enables up to 12 hours of continuous use. Capp Controller can be charged while using. It’s a powerful instrument, filling up a 50ml pipette in less than 10 seconds. Fully adjustable speed-setting as well as gravity delivery and blow-out dispensing modes are available. Exchangeable…

  • Suspension Culture Flasks

    Celltreat Scientific

    …Surfaces are flat and free from striation to provide improved transparency. Flasks are available in four different sizes; 25ml (12.5cm 2 ), 50ml (25cm 2 ), 250ml (75cm 2 ) and 600ml (182cm 2 ). Flasks are provided with vent caps that contain a 0.22 µ filter to allow gas exchange and…

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