50 Ml Erlenmeyer Flask

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50 Ml Erlenmeyer Flask
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  • For user convenience, PYREX Erlenmeyer flasks are graduated to show approximate capacity. The 25- 50- and 125 mL flasks are satisfactory for use as a weighing bottle. Erlenmeyer flasks come with a PYREX Standard Taper stopper.

  • Erlenmeyer Flask Starter Pack

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Range of sizes: 50 mL , 125 mL , 250 mL , 500 mL and 1,000 mL An assortment of popular size Erlenmeyer flasks that are ideal for those who need a variety of Erlenmeyers, but have limited lab space or glassware needs.

  • …are available with vent caps for applications requiring sterile gas exchange. Models with two-position polypropylene plug seal cap can be opened for gas exchange or closed for a liquid-tight seal. Flasks are sterile, disposable and have 25 or 50 mL graduation intervals.

  • …glass flasks for use in shakers Closures are linerless, polypropylene non-contaminating Flasks and closures are autoclavable, but polycarbonate shows some loss of mechanical strength after repeated autoclaving Closure size (mm): 50 mL has size 24; 125 mL has size 33; 250 mL has size 38; 500 mL

  • Small filtering flasks are recommended for microchemical use All flasks have permanent white-enamel marking spots Takes rubber stopper No. 3; 50 mL size, No. 4; 125 mL size, No. 5

  • …continuous service at 130°C Autoclavable 2,000 mL flasks have molded-in graduations Stopper size: 50 mL flask No.1; 125 mL flask No.3; 250 mL flask No.6; 500 mL flasks No.7; 1,000 mL flask, No.8; 2,000 mL flask, No.10. NOTE: before autoclaving, place cap on flask without engaging threads.

  • …from -100° to +150°C Can be autoclaved or chemically sterilized repeatedly Useful with all organic solvents, concentrated oxidizing agents Can be boiled in concentrated nitric acid for trace metal work Closure size (mm): 50 mL has size 24; 125 mL has size 33; 250 mL has size 38

  • Full length 24/40 joint on all sizes except 50 mL, which has Standard Taper 19/38 joint Graduated scale indicates approximate volumes Extra large marking space

  • KIMAX Heavy Wall Filter Flasks

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Heavy glass with side tubulation for tubing Sizes 25 mL through 4000 mL Designed from Federal Specifications NNN-F-240 Scale indicates approximate volumes Flasks are fabricated from molded heavy wall for strength and have a beaded bottom surface that prevents scratching and slippage…

  • Graduated Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer Flasks

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Scale indicates approximate volumes Transparent, autoclavable 50 mL flask No.1; 125 ml flask No.5; 250 mL flask No.6; 500 mL flask No.7; 1,000 mL flask No.9

  • …available. The standard model accepts rotisseries, carousels and a rocking platform. The compact version accepts only the carousels. A variety of rotisseries and carousels are available to hold sample containers such as hybridization bottles, 15 and 50 ml tubes, blood tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks.

  • Chemistry Labware Kit

    United Scientific Supplies

    50 ml [1] Beaker, Glass, 100 ml [1] Beaker, Glass, 250 ml [1] Evaporating Dish, Porcelain, 70 mm dia [6] Stirring Rods, Glass, 8” [1] Erlenmeyer Flask, Glass, 125 ml [1] Erlenmeyer Flask, Glass, 250 ml [6] Test Tubes, Glass, 18 x 150 mm [1] Cylinder, Plastic (PP), 10 ml

  • Flask Erlenmeyer 10ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …a phosphate or bicarbonate buffer The disposable center well may be cut off when transferred to a liquid scintillation counting vial Sidearm flask enables syringe needle entry without disturbing established conditions Rubber stopper provides a double seal and has an off-center hole for the…

  • Shaker Accessories

    IKA Works

    …minimum volume of 50 ml. Ideally more than 250 ml. The clamping rolls may be adjusted to two levels. Dimensions: (W x D x H): 480 x 500 x 120 mm Set-up plate: 420 x 420 mm Weight: 4000 g Thomas No. 8289T14 For shaking flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks and pear-shaped flasks (without fixing…

  • Shaking Incubator

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …has a versatile clamping system which secures most sizes and mixtures of flask up to 1 litre capacity. Typically, the platform will accommodate the following Erlenmeyer flasks: 12 x 250 ml, or 9 x 500 ml or 4 x 1000 ml. The incubator features smoked acrylic windows in the door and to both…



    …for Erlenmeyer flasks 25 ml (max 52 clamps) Clamp for Erlenmeyer flasks 50 ml (max 33 clamps) Clamp for Erlenmeyer flasks 100 ml (max 22 clamps) Clamp for Erlenmeyer flasks 200 ml (max 15 clamps) Clamp for Erlenmeyer flasks 250 - 300 ml (max 13 clamps) Clamp for Erlenmeyer flasks 500 ml

  • …Clamp has paired grip to take vessels with necks 10 to 50 mm diameter. 8286B70 Platform takes eight 200, 250 or 300 mL Erlenmeyer flasks or six 500 mL , with ten rubber clamps provided. Requires two additional clamps to take ten 125 mL flasks. 8286B75 Platform clamps are soft rubber, with…

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