50 Ml Centrifuge Tube Rack

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50 Ml Centrifuge Tube Rack
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  • Scienceware® Rack Slanted for 50ml Centrifuge Tube

    Bel-Art Products

    Easy tube content ID Autoclavable Angling 50 mL tubes allows easier identification of contents marked on cap. The rack, whether used on a benchtop or in a refrigerator, holds frequently used reagents nearby and on an angle facing the user. Angled rack is also useful for draining excess…

  • 4-Way Flipper Racks


    … Regardless of the support position used, the 2 x 7 in. or the 3 1/2 x 8 in. format is small enough to be used under the hood or on the benchtop. Rack will hold four 50 mL conical tubes, twelve 15 mL conical tubes, thirty-two 1.5/2.0 mL microcentrifuge tubes and thirty-two 0.5 mL microtubes.

  • Premium Quality Centrifuge Tubes Rack, Universal


    Holds two sizes of conical bottom tubes Polystyrene foam racks are designed to hold Corning 15 and 50 mL conical bottom plastic centrifuge tubes in the same rack.

  • 15 and 50 mL Conical Tubes

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Conical Centrifuge Tubes – developed with researchers in mind: Premium, high quality conical tubes developed for functionality, flexibility, and ease of use in the lab Environmentally friendly: recyclable plastic rack reduces waste in the lab Reduced contamination risk: New…

  • The MultiRack™


    …stacking. Series S600-13 will accommodate all tubes up to a diameter of 13 mm while series S600-16 will accept tubes up to 16 mm in diameter including 15 ml centrifuge tubes. Model S600-30 is perfect for accommodating up to 18 x 50 ml centrifuge tubes. Autoclavable at 121 °C for 20 minutes.…

  • Chest Freezer Rack for 15 and 50 ml Tube Boxes, capacity 4 boxes 20 1/16 x 6 x 6…

    Argos Technologies

    …boxes for 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes: For 15ml Tubes For 50ml Tubes Plastic boxes R8126 R8121 Cardboard boxes R3020 boxes + R1600-15-PK dividers R3020 boxes + R2000-16D-PK dividers Metal Freezer Storage Racks are constructed of high-quality,…

  • Wire Racks for Centrifuge Tubes


    racks for transport or sample handling These compact chemical-resistant, epoxy-coated steel wire racks have a slotted bottom for better drainage and handling. Ideal for conical centrifuge tubes but can be used to hold other types and sizes of tubes. The 15 mL rack has 20 mm holes; 50 mL rack has…

  • EZ Flip™ Conical Centrifuge Tubes

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …to withstand aggressive centrifugal forces. The 15 mL tube has a mximum RCF of 8500 x g while the 50 mL tube’s maximum RCF is 9500 x g. Tubes are graduated and feature a convenient writing surface. All tubes are sterile and come in racks or bags of 50 (15 mL) or 25 (50 mL) in cases of 500.

  • Novarack Tube Storage Racks

    Diversified Biotech

    …to 46 tubes while using a single NovaRack at a fraction of the standard cost. Single-handedly, the NovaRack accommodates 24 microcentrifuge tubes (0.5-2 mL ), 14 tubes (12 x 75 mm culture tube, cryovial and a variety of blood collection tubes), 7 tubes (15 mL centrifuge tube) and one 50 mL tube.

  • 30 & 50mL Centrifuge Tube Racks

    Evergreen Scientific

    Multiple Uses Ideal for general purpose laboratory work. The 30 ml tubes are also being incorporated as one of the leakproof primary containers in shipping infectious specimens. 30 ml tube with spork is widely used in parasitology specimen transport Leakproof screwcaps …

  • Organizer/Storage Boxes for 15, 20, 30 & 50mL Tubes

    Evergreen Scientific

    These tube storage boxes are made of durable polypropylene. Each box consists of three components:a heavy-duty brightly colored deck, a transparent top, and a transparent bottom locked to the deck component. The transparency of the top and bottom allows for easy viewing of the contents. These…

  • Falcon® Conical Centrifuge Tubes


    …leading centrifugation rating of 16,000 RCF (50 mL polypropylene) Unique double threaded cap design reducing cross threading and leakage Easy-to-read graduations Consistent biological and physical properties Ideal for long-term cryogenic storage of specimens at -80°C (15 to 225 mL

  • 50 ml Centrifuge Tubes


    …with molded graduations from 2.5 to 50 ml. Polypropylene tubes can be autoclaved and will resist temperatures up to 121 °C; they will also resist acids, solvents and alkalies at room temperature. They withstand centrifugation speeds of 3000g. Polystyrene tubes can tolerate aqueous solutions of…

  • Centrifuge Tubes

    MTC Bio

    Conical 15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes are made of premium polypropylene for clarity and centrifugal strength. Tubes and caps may be frozen at temperatures as low as -86°C. The maximum centrifugal force is 12,000xg for the 15ml tubes and 15,000xg for the 50 ml tubes*. Caps have a flat top…

  • 50mL Tube Rack

    Alpaqua Engineering

    6-position tube rack for 50 ml centrifuge tubes with conical bottoms. SBS compliant.

  • Conical Centrifuge Tubes


    …15 mL and 50 mL conical tubes manufactured from high-clarity polypropylene. Features dark imprinted graduations and a large white writing area for sample identification. Flat polyethylene cap also provides another opportunity for labeling. Available in sterile bulk and racked versions (50 mL

  • Premium Sterile Conical Centrifuge Tubes


    …bulk and racked versions (50 mL self-standing in bulk only). Rack versions are made out of reusable cardboard, making them more environmentally friendly. Sturdy cardboard boxes provide additional transport protection. Popular self-standing tubes are available in 50 mL only. Black Tubes are made…

  • Upright Freezer Rack for 15 and 50 ml Tube Boxes, 2 x 2, Capacity 4 boxes 12 3…

    Argos Technologies

    …boxes for 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes: For 15ml Tubes For 50ml Tubes Plastic boxes R8126 R8121 Cardboard boxes R3020 boxes + R1600-15-PK dividers R3020 boxes + R2000-16D-PK dividers Metal Freezer Storage Racks are constructed of…

  • DeckWorks™ Hinged Rack Standard Pipet Tips


    …in hinged DeckWorks™ racks are available in 10 µL, 200 µL, 300 µL and 1000 µL sizes. The 10 µL, 300 µL and 1000 µL tips are extended length and allow for improved access into micro (1.5 mL) and standard conical bottom (15/50 mL) centrifuge tubes. Robust 96-tip racks are designed for repeated…

  • RM-2S Intelli-mixer, Small, Includes Mix Rack


    …Intelli-Mixer is equipped to perform each and every type of test tube mixing with brilliant efficiency. This versatile unit comes standard with a mixed test tube rack, supporting 0.5 to 50 ml test tubes. Additionally 8 optional racks are available, to satisfy your specific laboratory needs.…

  • Eppendorf Tube® 5.0 mL System


    Tube® 5.0 mL System. Eppendorf Tubes are the benchmark for simple and safe sample preparation from 0.5 to 2.0 mL. For larger volumes, 15 mL and 50 mL conical tubes are commonly used. With medium sample volumes you may face an issue: they need to be processed with large conical screw cap tubes -…

  • 15mL & 50mL Conical Tubes

    …& 50mL Conical Tubes High-clarity, medical-grade polymer Graduations every 1 mL (15 mL tube) or 5 mL (50 mL tube) increments Rated to 15,000 x G Temperature range: -80° to 40°C Tube racks are recyclable Both 50mL and 15mL tubes are BQ215 presented 25 tubes per rack

  • Phenix Conical Tubes

    Phenix Research Products

    Eco-Friendly Packaging Reduces Waste Polypropylene tubes in fully recyclable cardboard racks Easy-to-read black graduations are accurate to +/- 2%, 1 mL increments (15 mL) or 2.5 mL increments (50 mL) Available in cardboard racks or in resealable zip closure bags Can be spun up to…

  • Racks, Clamps and Holders for the 2000 Geno/Grinder

    SPEX SamplePrep

    …Holder for 50 mL Centrifuge Tubes : Thick, rugged foam block holds 12 standard 50 mL centrifuge tubes, 115 mm length. For use with 2195 Large Capacity Clamp Assembly. 2197 Holder for 15 mL Centrifuge Tubes: Thick, rugged foam block holds 24 standard 15 mL centrifuge tubes, 119 mm length.…

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