5 Gallon Carboy

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5 Gallon Carboy
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  • Nalgene Polypropylene Carboys

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …place of cap Not recommended for use with hazardous materials Autoclavable and leakproof Dimensions: 10 liter carboy: 15 1/4” high; 20 liter carboy 20 1/2” high; 50 liter carboy 26 1/2” high. Before autoclaving, set cap or closure on top of container without engaging threads.

  • Low-Density polyethylene carboys

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Nalge 2318 series Supplied with cap and Thomas number 1753C67 spigot Leakproof Sizes 10 L and larger have two molded handles and take Cap No. 83B; 4 L size takes Cap No. 38-430 Graduated to deliver in 1-gallon and 5-liter increments. 4 L is not graduated.

  • Polyethylene Carboy with Handles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …handles and size 83B polypropylene screw cap Leakproof Graduated to contain in 1-gallon and 5-liter increments Dimensions: 20 liter carboy: 20 1/2” high, 11 1/4” o.d.; 25 liter carboy: 23 1/2” high, 11 1/4” o.d.; 50 liter carboy: 26 1/2” high, 14 3/4” o.d.

  • …Molded-in graduations in liters and gallons Polypropylene screw cap, size 100 Leakproof Neck i.d. 3 1/2 inches 20 liter size has molded-in hand-grips Dimensions: 9-liter carboys measure 216 x 146 x 343 mm (8-1/2" x 5-3/4" x 13-1/2"); 20-liter carboys measure 318 x 219 x 381 mm…

  • …of solutions and are ideal for media preparation. The 9.5L (2.5 gallon) and 13.25L (3.5 gallon) sizes are in a conventional bottle shape. The 19L (5 gallon) and 45.5L (12 gallon) sizes are similar in design to a carboy. The 19L size is weight controlled to 15 lbs maximum for ease of handling.…

  • Polyethylene Jerricans

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    gallons; recess in bottom serves as hand grip to assist tilting. Not suitable for storage of gasoline, etc., because of vapor leakage. Dimensions: 1 1/2 gallon Jerricans measure 6” x 8” x 13 1/2”; 2 1/2 gallon Jerricans measure 7 1/2” x 9” x 14 1/2”; 5 gallon

  • KimCote® plastic-coated bottle with sloping shoulders of the carboy-style. Neck is tooled for a uniform fit with a #12 rubber stopper. The 5 gallon size is designed from Federal Specification DD-B-597.

  • …Polyethylene closures that are threaded and can be drilled to accept faucets ( 1213F25 ). Carboys are made with food grade resins, are leakproof but not considered to be a shipping container. Maximum temperature for high-density Polyethyleneis 110°C. Lightweight with 5 gallon capacity.

  • Dispensing Jug

    SP Bel-Art

    Dispense Directly from 5 Gallon Graduated Jug without Lifting or Moving Use this 20 liter (5 gallon) jug with molded-in gradations (in gallons) to store and dispense common solutions, including janitorial cleaners, deionized / distilled water, or other aqueous liquids. Gasketed and…

  • Poly Drum

    Eagle Manufacturing Company

    …Quality Stack tested - 3 high at maximum weight capacity (24 hrs) Lab Packs: For use with smaller non-damaged bottles, cans, carboys and 5 gallon pails of non-leaking hazardous materials - if leaking, must pack with sufficient sorbents for - NO FREE LIQUIDS. Over Packs: For…

  • …for the Dynalon 6 Gallon PET carboy. Made from 100% pure food grade PET resin, the product contains no plasticizers or BPA. A wide 4 inch mouth provides easy access for cleaning, sanitizing and filling. Molded graduations mark the 5 and 6 gallon levels. This carboy is available with and…

  • KIMAX Solution Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …of distilled water and standard solutions Kimble 14950 Made from KG-33 glass Kimax bottle with sloping shoulders of the carboy-style. Neck is 2 1/4” i.d. and is tooled for a uniform fit with a #12 rubber stopper. The 5 gallon size is designed from Federal Specification DD-B-597.

  • …versatile Bottles aim to take full advantage of storage efficiency at minimal effort. Overall functionality is available for many applications, in 5 Liter, 10 Liter or 20 Liter sizes, with spigots and a HDPE Cap. Foxx laboratory Polypropylene Asparator Bottles are hydrophobic and US FDA 21CFR…

  • Carboys


    Carboy, High-Density Square Tubing & Clamp, 5 Gallon ( 1212U50 ) High-density Polyethylene square shaped carboy with 60" of vinyl food grade tubing (#1085 series) 3/8" I.D., 1/2"  O.D. and supplied with a standard 15 position ( 1212X10 ) Dura-Clamp(TM). 5 gallon

  • …to molded-in shoulder loops Leakproof Autoclavable Ideal for storing solutions, media, and sterile water. Useful for handling large volumes of powders and other solid samples. Calibrated in liters and gallons. Before autoclaving, set cap on top of the container without engaging threads.

  • LDPE Wide Mouth Carboys

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …Leakproof Neck i.d. 3 1/2 inches Graduated to contain in 1-gallon and 5-liter increments Dimensions: 10 liter carboys measure 13 3/4” high x 9 7/8” o.d.; 15 liter carboys measure 15 1/4” high x 11 1/4” o.d.; 20 liter carboys measure 19 3/8” high x 11 1/2” o.d.

  • Decontamination Spill Kit

    FyterTech Nonwovens

    …require dilution and are phosphate free. Solutions are not for use on skin. Spill Kit contains 1 each of Decon Solution 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (5-gal. Carboy), 6 Hazmat Socks (3” x 10’), a 55-gallon Poly Drum, 2 Poly Sprays (3-gal. Capacity), 3 Decon wash brushes, 1 pair of Nitrile gloves,…

  • Clearboys Polycarbonate Carboys

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …esters, hydrocarbons, etc. Graduated to contain in 1-gallon and 5-liter increments Neck i.d. 2 3/4” Dimensions: 10 liter carboys measure 15 high x 10 o.d.; 20 liter carboys measure 21 high x 11 1/2 o.d. NOTE: Before autoclaving, set cap on top of carboy without engaging threads.

  • Book Bottle

    SP Bel-Art

    Space Saver with Two Hand Holds Unique, polypropylene book bottle stacks book-like on shelves for efficient use of space. Includes top handle and convenient front grip hold for easy removal from a shelf Capacity: 5 liters (1.25 gallons) Graduated markings on front in liters

  • Decontamination Solutions

    FyterTech Nonwovens

    Use separately or in sequence 5-gallon carboys No dilution required Decontamination Solutions are designed for decontamination of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), tools and surfaces at hazardous material incidences or waste sites. Decontamination solutions can be used separately or…

  • …undenatured Ethyl Alcohol and 5% water that meets USP and multi-compendial specs including EP, BP, JP.  Used as a cleaner, solvent, or as a reagent.  Our Ethyl Alcohol is packaged in convenient plastic, glass, and metal containers including pint, gallon, 5 gallon, and drum sizes. …

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