48 Well Plate

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48 Well Plate
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  • 48 Deep Well Plates

    Evergreen Scientific

    48 deep well plates are suitable for storage & dilution and have distinct alpha-numeric designations. Each well bottom has rounded corners and chamfered edges to eliminate dead space during mixing. These plates have the same footprint as our 96 well plates. Polypropylene lids are available. EZ…

  • 48 Well Deep Well Plates

    48 Well, 5mL Deep Well Plate, Rectangular Wells w/ Pyramid Bottom, 25/Case, Polypropylene.

  • 96 and 48 Deep Well Plates

    Evergreen Scientific

    …and DNA sequencing. 48 deep well plates are suitable for storage & dilution and have distinct alpha-numeric designations. Each well bottom has rounded corners and chamfered edges to eliminate dead space during mixing. Plates have distinct alpha-numeric well designations and have the…

  • CELLSTAR® 48 Well Cell Culture Multiwell Plates

    Greiner Bio-One

    …gas exchange with the lowest possible evaporation Single position lids to prevent cross-contamination Alphanumeric well coding Compatible with automated systems Easy-to-open packaging Suitable for all common instruments and for automation Max. volume per well: 1.7 ml Sterile

  • ThermoGrid™ PCR Plates, 48 well pcr plate* without skirt, pkg. of 50


    plate for better fitting of tubes in thermal block Can be cut to desired format Corner is cut away to facilitate orientation of plate Inside of tube is smooth and has an inert surface These 48-well PCR plates are thin-walled and designed for rapid thermal transfer. Each well has a…

  • Storage and Collection Plates, 48 Well

    Innovative Laboratory Products

    … Raised rims on each well make for easy and secure sealing with adhesive films, silicone mats, or heat sealing films.  Manufactured from virgin polyproplyene and certified to be free of RNase, DNase, and Pyrogen contamination. Deep Well Plates offer: Ultra-flat surfaces…

  • 24, 48, and 96-Well Deep Well Plates

    NEST Scientific USA

    Plates are made from virgin polypropylene, and certified Dnase/Rnase and pyrogen free. Unique plate bottom and raised rim design, ideal for magnetic bead based nucleic acid extraction and other applications Available at 24 well, 48 well, 96 well format; U-bottom or V-bottom, Square well

  • Corning® CellBIND® 48 Well Multiple Well Plates, Flat Bottom, Clear, with Lid,…


    0.95cm² growth area per well. Flat bottoms. Nonreversible lids with condensation rings to reduce contamination. Individual alphanumerical codes for well identification. Uniform footprint for ease in stacking. Corning® CellBIND® surface treated for optimal cell attachment. Sterilized by…

  • Culture Plate, 48-Well, Non-Treated


    Falcon® 48 Well Clear Multiwell Plate uses a well-characterized, crystal-grade polystyrene and a highly controlled vacuum-gas plasma process to create the consistent growth surfaces. Multiwell plate with low-evaporation lid Non-treated polystyrene Flat bottom shape Non-pyrogenic…

  • Advanced TC™ - 6, 12, 24, 48 Well Cell Culture Multiwell Plate

    Greiner Bio-One

    Advanced TC™ polymer modification for fastidious or sensitive adherent cells Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic Lid with condensation rings Sterile Advantages: Improved cell adherence Consistent cell attachment Homogenous…

  • AxyMat™ Silicone Sealing Mat for 5mL 48 Rectangular Well Deep Well Plates


    …samples Tight seal to the plate, no sample evaporation or well-to-well contamination Usable within wide temperature range from -80ºC up to +121ºC High contrast alphanumeric grid for easy well identification Compatibility: P-5ML -48-C For use with 48 well deep well plaes

  • AMPLATE™ Thin Wall 48-Well PCR Plates


    Made of polypropylene Thin-walled 48-well PCR plates (6 x 8) designed for rapid thermal transfer Each well has a capacity of 0.2 ml Smooth and inert surface on which enzymes and nucleic acids do not bind Flexible design allowing them to be cut into sections Alphanumeric grid to help…

  • UNIPLATE Collection and Analysis Microplates

    GE Healthcare

    …of well volumes ranging from 80 µl to 10 ml, well densities from 24 to 384 wells with round or 'V' bottom for maximum recovery. Chemical compatibility: Available in chemically resistant polymers capable of withstanding low temperatures for long-term storage. Opaque plates prevent…

  • Axygen® 48 Well Clear V-Bottom 5mL Polypropylene Rectangular Well Deep Well…


    …deep well and assay plates are used for sample collection, in vitro growth chambers and long-term storage. Made of polypropylene, they offer excellent chemical resistance and will withstand temperatures down to -80°C. Features 5.0mL deep well plate with rectangular wells

  • 48 Well PCR Microplate


    Axygen® 48 well clear PCR microplate is designed to fit standard 96 well blocks. Ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness allows precise thermal transfer for optimum results. Can be sealed with 8 strip caps or sealing film. Certified RNase-/DNase-free Nonpyrogenic Nonsterile …

  • Multiple Well Plates

    Celltreat Scientific

    Available in 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 well flat bottom configurations NEW — 96 well plates now available with a round bottom Plates are labeled with alpha-numeric markings for easy identification of individual wells Each well has a raised rim which nests into the rings on the single…

  • Well Plate Reader Accessory


    For measuring the fluorescence or phosphorescence from a 6-, 12-,24-, 48-, or 96-well plate in either the X or Y direction or for luminescence micro densitometry of TLC plates and electrophoresis gels. Controlled by the computer. Silica excitation fiber, glass emission fiber. May require LS-50B…

  • 96 Well Flexi PCR Plate

    Thermo Scientific Pierce

    Polypropylene 96 well Flexi plate that can be separated without scissors into 8,16,24,32,40,48,56,64,72,80,88,96 well Format, Certified RNase, DNase and Human DNA Free,Compatible with all major thermal cyclers.

  • 96 Well Semi-Skirt PCR Plates

    Thermo Scientific Pierce

    …allows plate to be cut into 24 and 48 well sections Versatile semi-skirted plate with broad range thermal cycler compatibility Sealing Options: Heat Sealing, Adhesive Sealing, PCR Cap Strips The plastics manufacturing process makes us the world leader in PCR plates, and the…

  • Microtiter plate, 48 Position, (5mL) (Qty 5)


    Microtiter plates are ideal for micro volume applications such as storage and sample transfer. 1 Pack (5 each) 48 well, 5 mL microtiter plate, square well, pyramid bottom.

  • Microtiter plate, 48 position, (7.5mL) (Qty 3)


    1 Pk (3 ea) 48 well, 7. 5 mL microtiter plate, square well, pyramid bottom. Microtiter plates are ideal for micro volume applications such as storage and sample transfer.

  • 48 Tube Rack System 1.5mL for Te-MagS

    LVL technologies

    6 x 8 conical reaction tubes in rack Volume by well 1.5 ml Microtube polypropylene Fixation of the tubes in x-, y- and z-axis (no lifting of single tubes durning aspiration) Stable plastic frame Pre-sterilized

  • Microplate Well Orienters

    Diversified Biotech

    …Microplates A thin, plastic card that slips under the well plate, providing sharp, alpha-numeric characters to identify each sample in a 96-, 48-, or 24-well microplate. No more cross-referencing headaches! Multi-Color Well Orienters Bright colors make it easy to…

  • Microplate Well Pads

    Diversified Biotech

    A note pad that corresponds to the layout of a 96-, 48- or 24-well plate. A fast and easy way to keep accurate records of samples in a microplate. The adhesive backing allows the researcher to affix individual sheets into a notebook. The pad contains (50) 5" x 7" sheets.

  • Non-Skirted PCR Plate Segments


    …genomic DNA. Non-Skirted PCR Plate Segments Standard profile, 0.2 ml wells, polypropylene, working volume: <200 μl, total well capacity: 300 μl Features 96 Well Non-Skirted PCR Plate divided into 8 well, 16 well, 24 well, 32 well, or 48 well segments Available in 6…

  • Well Orienter, Stand and Pad

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …The Well Plate Stand View samples at a comfortable 30° angle and pipette without strain The neoprene pad and rubber feet prevents slippage of the plate and stand The Well Pad A convenient note pad that corresponds to the layout of a 96-, 48- or 24-well plate Keep…

  • Multiwell Plate Freezer Storage Rack

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …sides and top for easy transport and fit namy NUNC™ Brand well plates. Two convenient sizes available. 4 x 4 holds 48 standard 96-well plates or 16 deep well plates. 4 x 6 holds 72 standard 96-well plates or 24 deep well plates. Dimensions (L x W x H): 19" x 7" x 10.5" (4 x 4); 25" x 7" x…

  • Upright Freezer Drawer Rack for 96/384 Well Microtiter Plates, 4 drawers (4…

    Argos Technologies

    Upright Freezer Drawer Rack for 96/384 well microtiter plates, 4 drawer, capacity 48 with lids/64 without lids 14 1/2 x 9 11/16 x 5 7/1" (L x H x W)

  • Mini Plate Spinner Adapter for 1/2 plates, strips and individual tubes


    …most plate centrifuges and accepts skirted, non-skirted and all standard PCR plates. Quickly spins down droplets and condensation. Use before and after thermal cycling to improve PCR yield. Support: 8 x 0.2ml PCR strips 12 x 0.2ml PCR strips 0.2ml PCR tubes 24 well or 48 well PCR…

  • Falcon® Multiwell Plates For Cell Culture


    …24 Well Plates Well dimensions: 15.5 dia. x 18 deep mm; thickness: 1.39 mm Total volume per well: 3.5 mL; Growth area per well: 2.0 cm 2 Model 6902A09 plates are individually wrapped in a case of 50; Model 6902A11 plates are bulk packaged in bags of six in a case of 36. 48

  • Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast and Mold Count Plate

    3M Food Safety

    …as 48 hours of incubation time. Proven as reliable as the DRBC and DG-18 spread plate methods as well as the acidified PDA and YGC agar pour plate methods, 3M Petrifilm Rapid Yeast and Mold Count Plates also enhance productivity by eliminating the inoculation of multiple spread plates, the…

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