4 Way Tube Rack

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4 Way Tube Rack
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  • …the benchtop or under the hood. Suitable for use in ultra-low temperature freezers (-90°). Available in standard or interlocking versions. Accommodates all popular tube sizes, from 0.5 mL to 50 mL, and 20-25 mm. Rugged polypropylene construction. Bright colors. Autoclavable.

  • …at a glance Versatile design accommodates different tube sizes on each side The four sides hold the following tubes: Eight – 50mL or 30mm diameter tubes Twenty – 20mm diameter tubes Twenty four – 15mL or 17mm diameter tubes Forty – 12mm diameter tubes

  • …1/2” x 7”. Large racks (Thomas numbers 9259D51 through D66) can hold eight 30 mm diameter tubes (e.g. 50 mL conical tubes); twenty 20 mm diameter tubes; twenty-four 16/17 mm diameter tubes (e.g. 15 mL conical tubes); or forty 12/13 mm diameter tubes. Large rack footprint is 3 7/8”…

  • racks together for a custom rack solution Autoclavable polypropylene (PP) Heavy-duty construction is durable and chemical resistant Multiple colors available for benchtop organization at a glance Numeric markings for sample identification Versatile design accommodates different tube

  • Tube Racks

    MTC Bio

    …Bio’s benchtop tube racks are made of 100% polypropylene and are available in three popular configurations. No. R1030 is a 4-way rack that can be used to hold 4x 50ml, 12x 15ml or 32x micro tubes (0.5, 1.5 or 2ml). They can be snap-linked together to form as large as rack as is needed. …

  • 4-Way Flipper Racks with Tray Multi-tube compatibility. Four 4-way racks in a convenient tray. Each Flipper can be independently oriented. 4-way rack can be used either in the tray or independently. Standard or fluorescent colors.

  • GeNunc Storage Boxes and Racks

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …a mechanical freezer. The box and lid are keyed for a one way on/off fit preventing orientation errors. The base and the insert are white and the lid is clear with a ten-by-ten blue grid for easy identification. Storage Vial Racks For use with 6830A40 and 6830A42 storage vials Stores…

  • The 4-Way Flipper benchtop storage system combines four racks in one. Designed to support a variety of tube sizes and styles, each rack can be rotated to any of the four sides to support different size centrifuge tubes. Their rugged polypropylene construction allows them to be autoclaved, placed in…

  • Droplet™ Blood Collection Tray

    Heathrow Scientific

    …ratcheting handle with soft rubber grip that rotates out of the way for easy access. Each tray includes either a 13mm or a 16mm Heathrow OneRack® test tube rack and two disposable polystyrene inserts. Additional inserts sold in packs of 4 in two different configurations. Tray measures 429 x 265…

  • Clinical 4-Way Tube Racks

    Heathrow Scientific

    The Clinical 4-Way Tube Rack is the only tube rack specifically designed to hold round, flat & conical blood collection and culture tubes. It holds multiple tube sizes without multiple racks.  

  • Chain Tube Rack

    Heathrow Scientific

    …traditional tube rack box shape, or don’t. You decide. Now you can configure a tube rack to meet your requirements instead of the other way around. The Chain Tube Rack has a unique linkable design that enables the possibility of multiple configurations to form different shaped tube racks.

  • The T101 BIOTUBE™ System is designed in such a way that the 96-place rack, having a standard on-center spacing of tubes, also has a standard microtiter sized footprint. This rack is therefore suitable for use with robotics systems and for transferring liquids with multichannel pipettors and…

  • rack units to suit your needs. PCR workstation options: 48 x 0.2 mL tubes per block. 6 x 8 tube strips per block. 8 x 12 tube strips per 2 blocks. 1 x non-skirted or semi-skirted 96 well plate per 2 blocks. Four rotate-and-lock racks. Fast reconfiguration for different tube

  • BioReaction


    …Heating Multiple Tubes Sizes Temperature Remains Uniform Across the Block Can be Used with Dry Ice or CLS-2991 Lab Armor Beads Rack can be Placed on Hot Plate for Heating Solid aluminum metal chamber for micro centrifuge tubes. Ideal way to keep micro centrifuge tubes cold by placing in…

  • eSeal Electric Plate Sealer

    KBiosystems Limited

    …require for a reliable, consistent plate and tube closing. This new electric sealer series is ground breaking for a market used to noisy pneumatically operated instrumentation. The eSeal unit is an automated heat applied micro plate and tube rack sealer. The unit uses a roll of surface modified…

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