3 Finger Clamp

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3 Finger Clamp
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  • SYNTHWARE Three-Finger Dual-Adjustable Clamps

    Kemtech America

    Manufactured from chrome-plated zinc alloy, with PVC coated prongs.

  • Multi SUREGRIP™ Clamps


    The Simethicone Multi SUREGRIP™ Clamp is manufactured to meet the U.S. Pharmacopoeia Standard and holds up to 3" diameter containers. Additionally, the Simethicone Multi Clamps can be used to shake larger vessels that Finger SUREGRIP™ Clamps cannot handle.

  • Premium Lab Metalware Set


    …provides the perfect setup for any experiment. Made from high-quality metal and built to last. - Stainless steel rod - Premium powder coated support stand base - 3 Finger vinyl coated clamp and metal retort ring included Includes: (1) Base, (1) Rod, (1) Clamp, (1) Retort ring

  • Aldrich® Benchclamp™ 3-prong


    …benchclamp clamps have a nickel-plated finish and are corrosion resistant. The clamps come with slip-on fiberglass finger covers. The Grippy Knob design has a round nut which is easy to turn making tightening the clamps around glassware fast and convenient. Round extension arms allow the clamps

  • WS180 Shaker


    …by rotating through 180° of arc. It can shake two flasks simultaneously, either screw-cap top or side arm flasks. Its two large finger clamps securely hold glassware up to 3 1/2” in diameter and 10 long. Shakers shaft bearing design allows this versatile shaker to operate in a cold room or an…

  • Accessories for Incubator Shakers & Open-Air Shakers (Not CO2)


    …different size test tubes and glassware on a single platform. Numerous mounting holes allow you to add and interchange clamps and test tube racks, at your discretion. Clamps and racks sold separately. Utility Carrier includes two adjustable bars and non-skid rubber mat. Utility Tray, for…

  • Chemistry Labware Kit

    United Scientific Supplies

    …Test Tube Clamp, brass, with finger grips [1] Wire Gauze, 5” x 5”, with ceramic center [1] Crucible, Porcelain, 25 ml with lid [1] Watch Glass, 75 mm dia [1] Plastic Scoop [1] Spatula, stainless, 3” long blade with wooden handle [3] Rubber Stoppers, solid [3] Rubber…

  • Solvent Distillation Apparatus, Airfree®, Schlenk


    Apparatus for use in distillation of material such as THF or ether. Storage reservoir has a capacity of 125mL or 500mL. Extremely efficient cold finger coil condenser has a section that is immersed into the distillate. This assures that the distillate is at room temperature instead of the…

  • Cyanide Distillation Apparatus

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …The first bubbler acts as a scrubber to remove sulfides. Cyanide is absorbed in the second bubbler. Apparatus includes inlet tube, reflux body, cold-finger condenser, 1000 mL flask with center and side necks, hose adapter, scrubber tube, scrubber flask, absorber flask, dispersion tube and clamp.

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