250 Ml Conical Tubes

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250 Ml Conical Tubes
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  • Corning® polypropylene (PP) centrifuge tubes are ideal for applications requiring large volume centrifugation.  Support cushions (2602A46 for 250mL or 0330E07 for 500mL) must be used with this product unless the centrifuge rotor has appropriate V-bottom cushions Polyethylene plug…

  • Wide-Mouth Conical Centrifuge Tubes

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …Scientific™ Nunc™ 250 mL Conical Tube offers added capacity for your larger samples with a one-of-a-kind wide mouth design, providing open, easy access for pipetting, decanting and removal of the pellet following centrifugation. Wide mouth design; 250mL capacity RNAse/DNAse…

  • Conical Centrifuge Tubes

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Polypropylene tubes offer excellent chemical resistance Maximum RCF 7,000 x g with cushion adapter High-density polyethylene plug-seal screw cap Volume 200 mL Molded volume graduations Sterile Compact design fits table top and floor standing centrifuges with 250 or 500 mL swinging bucket…

  • …These tubes meet the quality and performance standards demanded by researchers. High Speed 15 mL and 50 mL tubes Rated up to 17,000 RCF 95kPA (14 psi) pressure-tested (plug seal cap) RNase-/DNase-free Nonpyrogenic Sterile Large Volume 250 mL and 500 mL tubes

  • Easy tube content ID Autoclavable Angling 50 mL tubes allows easier identification of contents marked on cap. The rack, whether used on a benchtop or in a refrigerator, holds frequently used reagents nearby and on an angle facing the user. Angled rack is also useful for draining excess…

  • Centrifuge 5910 R


    …adapters’ can spin a selection of tubes and plates: Adapter 1: Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mL, 15 mL conical, DWP Adapter 2: 50 mL conical, MTP Adapter 3: 50 mL conical, 250 mL, MTP Your benefit: Even more comfort when using conical tubes and plates. Additional…

  • HPLC Mobile Phase Cap And Reservoir Systems

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …fittings (1/4-28) and adapters allow easy connections to any HPLC pump system. Systems include a three hole cap, conical bottom reservoir, standard fittings kit and PTFE tubing. NOTE: Not recommended for use with tetrahydrofuran (THF) or other aggressive organic solutions. Cap O-Ring and…

  • …workstation to meet users chemistry needs. For use in benchtop stirring applications from 2 to 250 mL, the StarFish accepts a wide range of standard glassware, including dram vials, test tubes, beakers and round-bottom flasks. It is suitable for simple heating or stirring and for more complex…

  • Centrifuge Bottle Rack

    Heathrow Scientific

    …bottles Epoxy-coated steel wire rack is ideal for conical-bottom centrifuge bottles that can not stand by themselves. Bottom rails hold bottles securely upright. Accommodates round-bottom tubes as well. Holds up to 60 mm diameter bottles (250 mL max.). Autoclavable. Measures 205 x 135 x 104 mm.

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