24 Tube Rack

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24 Tube Rack
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  • ChillBlock™ SBS Footprint Tube Racks


    …accept 200 µL PCR tubes, strips, plates and most Microcentrifuge tubes. S700-56 Rack will hold twelve screw cap Microcentrifuge tubes or 1.5 ml and 2.0 ml snap cap Microcentrifuge tubes along with up to 6 PCR strips or 48 individual 0.2 ml PCR tubes. Rack S700-58 will hold up to 24 x 1.5 or 2.0ml…

  • 80 Well Micro Tube Racks

    Bio Plas

    The 80 Well Micro Tube Racks are designed with 80 wells in a 16 x 5 configuration with each well numbered for convenient sample identification. Rack dimensions are 9"L x 2-1/16"D with a well diameter of 10.5mm. Available in 9 original colors plus 5 fluorescent colors, this assortment…

  • Wireless Racks for Microtubes

    Globe Scientific

    Reinforced nylon rack is autoclavable and chemical resistant Fits 1.5mL and 2.0mL microtubes Single piece construction Molded handles facilitate secure handling Alphanumeric markings for sample identification Stackable Dimensions (L x W x H): 24-Place rack: 143 x 90 x 52mm…

  • 24-Place Stacking or Connecting Racks for Microtubes

    Globe Scientific

    Autoclavable polycarbonate (PC) rack for sample processing and short to medium term storage down to -80ºC Racks can be stacked or coupled with other racks to form a larger workstation Numeric markings for sample identification Dimensions (L x W x H): 260 x 60 x 50 (10.25" x…

  • Visiprep™ SPE Vacuum Manifold, Standard, 24-Port Model


    …offer better sealing and vacuum control. Valve takes 1/4″ vacuum tubing. PP collection vessel rack accommodates autosampler vials; small scintillation vials (22.75 mm O.D. recommended); 10 and 16 mm test tubes; and 1, 2, 5, and 10 mL volumetric flasks. An optional plate for 20 mL…

  • Test Tube Rack for 12 Tubes


    Stainless steel test tube racks up to 150°C Suitable for: 2 x A 12, 6 x A 24, 1 x RA 12, 6 x RA 24, 1 x AL 5, 3 x AL 12, 6 x AL 18, 6 x AL 25, 2 x ET 12, E 10, 4 x ET 20, E 20

  • 30mm, 24-Place Plastic Test Tube Racks

    Globe Scientific

    Perfect for 50mL Centrifuge Tubes. Dimensions: 300 x 112 x 85mm Racks are shipped flat for easy storage Easy to assemble: simply fold and snap together securely Racks are Autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes Can be used dry, wet or in water baths and will not float …

  • Test Tube Rack Set

    United Scientific Supplies

    This set contains twleve 24 mL glass test tubes with rubber stoppers, and a brightly colored two tiered test tube stand.

  • OneRack® Half-Size Delrin® POM Test Tube Racks


    …most acids, solvents, and heat. Extra-tough storage for smaller spaces. These durable racks are molded in a single, continuous piece—no assembly required and no detachable pieces. Racks are made of Delrin® fiberglass-reinforced polyoxymethylene (POM), an engineered polymer developed…

  • OneRack® Full-Size Polypropylene Test Tube Racks


    …OneRack® durable racks are molded in a single, continuous piece so no assembly required and there are no detachable pieces. Made from Polypropylene Offers good chemical and heat resistance (0 to 110°C) Available in half and full rack sizes for 2 different tube diameters Not…

  • 30 & 50mL Centrifuge Tube Racks

    Evergreen Scientific

    …screwcaps Vacuum-chamber testing (95 Kpa) ensure that our rim-sealing screwcaps close tightly every time. Convenient packaging Gamma irradiated sterile tubes are packed 20 tubes/tray, 24 trays oer case ir 10 tubes per bag, 50 bags/case. Non-sterile tubes are packed 1000 per case.

  • AzerPath H&E Stainer

    Azer Scientific

    …program up to 50 staining protocols with up to 50 steps each. This compact, space-saving stainer can easily be incorporated into your current lab setup. Stainer includes slide racks (2), containers with lids (24), water inlet tubes (2), a drain fitting adapter, charcoal filter, and power cord.

  • Drying and Draining Rack

    Globe Scientific

    Stain-Resistant Durable Rack 72 interchangeable pegs - 11 small pegs Drip channel with draining hose Mounting kit and template for hanging Hooks for joining together additional racks Rack dimensions: 17.7"(W) x 24.8"(H) x 4.3"(D) (450mm x 630mm x 110mm) Peg…

  • Magic Touch™ Rectangular Floating Tube Racks

    Bel-Art Products

    …+200°F) Expanded Polymer Foam is chemical-resistant, impervious to moisture and odors, and unbreakable under normal use conditions Fits Magic Touch™ Ice Pans - Midi, 1 rack; Maxi up to 3 racks 36 places (1.5 ml tube racks) or 24 places (15 ml tube racks) 9 1/4 x 4 1/4" (23.5 x 10.8cm)

  • Eppendorf epT.I.P.S.


    …cone and improved access to a wider variety of tubes and wells. The epT.I.P.S. are available in three purity levels (Eppendorf Quality, PCR Clean, and Eppendorf Biopur®) and a variety of packaging forms, including bulk, boxes, refill trays, racks and individually wrapped tips. Packaging…

  • Poxygrid® 50mL Centrifuge Tube Racks

    Bel-Art Products

    This black epoxy-coated rack holds 30mm diameter or smaller centrifuge tubes in a 4 x 6 pattern, 24 tubes per rack. Height: 7.9cm (3.1"); four feet that raise the height an additional 2.1cm (0.81") Heat-cured epoxy coating is unaffected by organic solvents, salts, weak acids and…

  • Rack Test Tube, High-Density Polyethylene


    Test Tube Racks. High-density polyethylene. 2 tier racks hold 10 tubes and 3 tier racks hold 12 or 24 tubes. Lightweight, unbreakable test tube rack. Molded of high density polyethylene. Will withstand  temperatures up to 110° C. Three-tier racks have legs to raise them from table.…

  • Hybridization Oven/Incubator Accessories

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …number of membranes per tube: 5 (1 mL liquid/membrane). Hybridization Tube Rack (7187D24) Conveniently holds three tubes and lids Small Tube System (7187D27) For installation into 7187D18 Incubator, allowing it to hold up to 24 small tubes Tubes not included Rocker…

  • Magic Touch™ Rectangular Floating Tube Racks

    Bel-Art Products

    …and odors, and unbreakable under normal use conditions Fits Magic Touch™ Ice Pans - Midi, 1 rack; Maxi up to 3 racks 36 places (1.5 ml tube racks) or 24 places (15 ml tube racks) 9 1/4 x 4 1/4" (23.5 x 10.8cm) * Sale price valid only on current stock. Additional…

  • 4-Way Tube Racks, Large racks for 8 x 50ml, 24 x 15ml, 20 x 20mm, or 40 x 5ml …


    Supplied in assorted colors Autoclavable

  • Test Tube Rack

    Bennett Wood

    Test tube support with 7/8" diameter holes, holds 12 tubes.

  • Talboys Pivoting Test Tube Rack


    …x 9.9cm) Outer Rack Housing: 5L x 10.9W x 5H” (12.7 x 27.6 x 12.7cm) Thomas No. 1217R41 (Holds 90 13mm tubes) Thomas No. 1217R42 (Holds 60 16mm tubes) Thomas No. 1217R43 (Holds 40 20mm tubes) Thomas No. 1217R44 (Holds 24 25mm tubes) Thomas No. …

  • 3-Way Rack


    …finger slots are molded into the rack making them easy to pick up and move. Lowest level has 24 wells to hold individual 0.2 mL tubes or strips of 8 or 12 tubes. Middle tier has 14 wells to hold 0.5 mL tubes. Top tier has 12 wells to hold 1.5 mL tubes. Autoclavable. Rack measures 164 x 123 x 62 mm.…

  • Novarack Tube Storage Racks

    Diversified Biotech

    …to 46 tubes while using a single NovaRack at a fraction of the standard cost. Single-handedly, the NovaRack accommodates 24 microcentrifuge tubes (0.5-2 mL ), 14 tubes (12 x 75 mm culture tube, cryovial and a variety of blood collection tubes), 7 tubes (15 mL centrifuge tube) and one 50 mL tube.

  • ChillBlock™ Cluster Tube Racks


    …or heating. The ChillBlock™ Cluster Tube Racks are available in two models of 96 wells each. An alphanumeric grid allows for indexing rows and columns, therefore facilitating tube position. S700-24 rack will hold 0.5 ml cluster tubes while S700-28 rack accepts 1.2 or 1.4 ml cluster tubes.

  • Foam Test Tube Racks

    Bio Plas

    …locks 50 culture tubes securely Holds and locks 30 microcentrifuge and micro blood collecting tubes securely in racks More uniform incubation: Tubes may be pushed down into H20 bath while still being held securely in rack May be used in blood drawing trays-holds blood drawing tubes securely

  • PCR Tube Rack - 96 x 0.2ml, PCR tube rack with lid, assorted colors, Qty: 5


    …units or more $30.0 With clear polypropylene lid Autoclavable and freezer safe These stackable racks utilize an 8 x 12 format making them compatible with single tubes, strips of tubes, plates and with other manufacturers tray / retainer sets. They are alpha-numerically indexed and ideal…

  • Scienceware® Microcentrifuge Tube Ice Racks

    Bel-Art Products

    CLEARANCE SALE! Original Price: $88.20 Lower section of these 2-piece racks is a tray for water or crushed ice. Of gray, high-impact styrene. Holds 120 tubes under 12 mm diameter and is 16" L x 5-5/8" W x 2-1/4" H. * Sale price valid only on current stock.…

  • MyBath™, Optional test tube rack for 40 x 0.5 ml tubes


    Digital accuracy and convenience Includes tube racks for 1.5/2.0ml,15ml and 50ml tubes Quick-CAL user calibration function Hinged lid also removable This compact 4 liter water bath features easy to use controls that allow the user to digitally select and monitor temperature.…

  • RACK FREEZER 15-50ML 80 TUBES 22X4/15/16X5.5

    Argos Technologies

  • OneRack® Full-Size Delrin® POM Test Tube Racks


    Racks are made of Delrin® fiberglass-reinforced polyoxymethylene (POM), an engineered polymer developed by DuPont to have exceptional chemical and heat resistance. These durable racks are molded in a single, continuous piece—no assembly required and no detachable pieces. Molded index…

  • Flipper 96™ Reversible Rack, Rack with lid, Color: Natural, Each


    …spacing between the cavities of Flipper 96 allows all holes to be occupied simultaneously. The 8 rows of 12 holes are alphanumerically indexed for sample identification. Available with translucent, polypropylene lids, tall enough to accommodate screw-cap tubes. Lids fit on either side of the rack.

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