17 X 100 Tubes

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17 X 100 Tubes
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  • 17 x 100mm Test Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    …line for multi-use test tubes. They are molded from premium grade polystyrene for clarity of polypropylene for impact strength and stability to common acids, alkalies, and solvents. Polystyrene tubes can withstand 1500 RPM during centrifugation. Polypropylene tubes can withstand 3000 RPM and…

  • 17 x 100mm Autosampler Tubes with improved markings and accurate graduations: Made from virgin polypropylene Assures ultra low metal content 0 to 15 graduation lines in increment of 1mL 5mL - 10mL - 15mL graduation lines are accurate to Class A tolerances (+/-0.10mL) Tubes fit…

  • … Ultra-High Performance - High spin rates with maximum RCF ratings of up to 20,000 x g for 50mL centrifuge tubes and 17,000 x g for 15mL centrifuge tubes Certified for Science SM - Tubes are manufactured in a class 100,000 clean room, gamma irradiated to SAL 10 -6 , and are certified…

  • Sterile Culture Tubes

    Evergreen Scientific

    …closures. Most sizes are available with and without caps. All tubes are packaged in easy-to-open bags of 25 tubes each. Individual packaging is available for 12 x 75 mm, 13 x 100 mm, 17 x 100 mm, and 16 x 125 mm sizes. All tubes are gamma radiation sterilized and shipped ready to use. Quality…

  • Translucent polypropylene tubes, 17 mm x 100 mm, are designed to provide excellent chemical resistance.

  • … ATP, RNase/DNase and Endotoxin Free (non-pyrogenic) Polystyrene USP Class VI resin Centrifuging to 1,500 x G Not Freezable to -80°C Not Autoclavable Capacity: 14 mL Seal with plug caps sold separately 1000 tubes per bag/1 bag per case 17 mm W. 100 mm H. Made in USA

  • 17 x 100mm Disposable Culture Tubes without Caps 14mL Capacity Sterile, 125/bag

  • Translucent polypropylene tubes, 17 mm x 100 mm, with dual position caps, are designed to provide excellent chemical resistance.

  • …of tubes remain visible and sample can be added to uncapped tubes without stopping the action. Drive base and upper section are coated for resistance to most acids and solvents. Comes with two cartridges; for 12-13 mm and 15-16 mm diameter tubes. Dimensions: 17” W x 7” D x 13 1/2”…

  • Pipet Washers

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …cycle of 100 to 200 seconds, requiring 4 1/2 gallons (17 liters) of water for each cycle. Cycles are repeated as long as water supply is connected. Washing chamber and pipet carrier must be purchased separately. 7792H54 and 7792H64 One-piece, molded chambers, 152 mm i.d. x 260 mm wide…

  • Tube made of polystyrene / Cap made of polyethylene. These 8 ml screw cap tubes are available either sterile or non sterile. A special tamper evident cap is offered for applications needing the utmost security where sample integrity is of high importance. Tubes are made of optically clear…

  • Translucent polypropylene tubes, 17 mm x 100 mm, are designed to provide excellent chemical resistance.

  • … ATP, RNase/DNase and Endotoxin Free (non-pyrogenic) Validated Sterilization (ISO 11137) for use in Research and Medical labs Polypropylene USP Class VI resin Centrifuging to 12,500 x G Freezable to -80C Autoclavable tube Teal color caps 17 mm W. 118 mm H. Made in USA

  • Translucent polypropylene tubes, 17 mm x 100 mm, are designed to provide excellent chemical resistance.

  • …stability up to 17,000 x g, lid tightness from -86°C up to 100°C as well as optimal sample and pellet visibility are assured. Compatibility with existing laboratory periphery is given as this new Eppendorf tube has the same diameter as 50 mL conical tubes. System components like…

  • 0.2, 0.5, and 1.5 mL Tubes

    Heathrow Scientific

    …reliable snap cap. Made of autoclavable polypropylene, these graduated tubes can withstand temperatures up to 121°C. Microcentrifuge 1.5 mL Tubes feature frosted writing area, convenient snap-cap, and a syringe-pierceable cap. Maximum RCF is 17,000 x g. Made of 100% virgin polypropylene.

  • …round-bottom tubes from 1.1 to 100 mL Optional aerosol-tight covers protect user from hazardous samples Rotor A-4-38 with 4x 90ml rectangular swing-buckets, for Eppendorf Centrifuges 5701/5702R/5702RH. Maximum speed 2,750xg (4,000rpm). Adapter for 4x 1.5/2mL microcentrifuge tubes (11mm…

  • …Conical Tube is manufactured in a fully automatic, human touch-free plant with class 100K clean room facility. The tube fits all standard and high capacity centrifuge rotors. Tubes are supplied in double safety self-standing bulk bags and eco-friendly racks – 15 mL and 50 mL tubes are available…



    …Ø 13 mm Test tube rack for max. 243 tubes 160 x Ø 16/17 mm Test tube rack for max. 63 tubes 160 x Ø 25-30 mm Mike Bottle Rack 12 openings 56mm each Insert rack for Falcon-Tubes 15 ml max 20 tubes Insert rack for Falcon-Tubes 50 ml max 12 tubes Shaking Tray H20 S, H…

  • …as 10% medium slurry in three different pack sizes (2 x 1 ml, 5 x 1 ml, and 10 x 1 ml) and can be used together with different test tubes and magnetic racks, for example MagRack 6 for test tubes up to 1.5 ml or MagRack Maxi for test tubes up to 50 ml. 1 ml medium slurry is sufficient for five…

  • … Available with refrigeration 12 x 15 and 8 x 50ml swing out capacity With 17 available rotor options, the Z326 series defines the term “universal”. Swinging bucket rotors and high speed angled rotors are available to accept tubes from 0.2ml up to 85ml, making the Z326…

  • Master Crime Scene Tac Pak Kit

    Arrowhead Forensics

    …50) 2.25 x 4.25" Glassine Envelopes 5) 3.25 xx 0.25" Evidence Slide Box 1) Red/White Stripe Evidence Tape 10) Transfer Pipettes 3) 50ml Polypropylene Collection Tubes 40) 6" Sterile Cotton Tip Swabs 2/pk (80 total swabs) 100)

  • Genie Shaker Accessories

    Scientific Industries

    …0K-4000-900 Shock Absorbing Feet 4 pk. Multi-Tube Rack Tube Rack to hold up to 12 tubes for the Multi Vortex-Genie. Accomodates tubes of any material type, up to 29mm diameter. Non-Slip Mat for Low Speed, 18in x 17in (457mm x 432mm) Grey silicone mat is an alternative to flask…

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