13mm Filter Holder

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13mm Filter Holder
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  • …in small area Borosilicate glass filter holder assembly for microanalysis of small volumes of liquids under vacuum. Filter biological samples or organic solvents. The holder utilizes a 25mm filter membrane yet concentrates the sample into a 13mm diameter 1.2cm 2 area. The anodized aluminum…

  • …waste using disposable units use a variety of membranes that may not be availabe in disposable units These 13mm and 25mm type 304 stainless steel syringe holders are economical and re-usable thereby reducing waste. Luer-lock fittings are compatible with standard syringes. Luer slip…

  • …Glass Vacuum Holder Assemblies, 47mm Glass Vacuum Holder - PTFE Seal, 90mm Glass Vacuum Holder Assemblies , and  47mm Stainless Steel Vacuum Holder , see 1177G36 and  1177G60 For accessories that work with  47mm Sterility Test Filter Holder , see 1177G36…

  • Reservoir elliminates the need for a pressure vessel Filter small batches of liquid Available in type 304ss or 316ss These quality stainless steel holders are designed for filtering small batches of liquid without having to use a separate pressure vessel. There are separate ports for…

  • SX0001300


    Millipore Swinnex™ Filter Holder, 13 mm. Use to ultraclean or sterilize small volumes of liquids dispensed by syringe Made of polypropylene with silicone gasket These filter holders accept 13mm membrane filters of your choice Autoclavable with filter in place for sterile…

  • …computer. An optional software package is available that allows users to perform a wider range of analyses and documentation. The spectrophotometer comes with 1/2" (13mm ) round tube holder, 10mm square cuvette adapter, box of twelve round optical glass cuvettes, dust cover, and user manual.

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