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10ml Tube
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  • 5 & 10mL Transport Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    Transport tubes and vials are designed for the safe storage and transport of biological materials. The transparent polypropylene (PP) vials allow unobstructed viewing of the sample. The vials are shatter-proof and may be exposed to freezing temperatures. They feature leak-resistant screw caps that…



  • 10mL Centrifuge Tube with Screw Cap

    Globe Scientific

    10mL centrifuge tube, polypropylene (PP) with screw cap and printed graduations Dimensions: 16 x 100mm Available in non-sterile and sterile packaging White graduation marks and writing area Non-sterile tube (#6292) has natural screw cap Sterile tube (#6293) has yellow screw cap Spin…

  • Tube Culture Graduated 10ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    KIMAX® culture tube intended primarily for use in the testing of milk for the presence of bacteria by the methylene blue reductase test. Smooth, fire-polished rim Graduation line is located at the 10 mL level Durable white ceramic enamel marking spot Described in APHA Standard…

  • Tube Test Grad 10ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Reinforced bead top Scale is a permanent brown stain Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements

  • Tube 10mL Self Stand Screw Cap


    Skirted, self-standing tubes with a conical bottom Graduated at 1.0mL intervals and feature a large frosted writing area Caps fit tubes securely for a leakproof seal Sterile tubes come with caps attached

  • Centrifuge Tube 10ml Oak Ridge FEP

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    For high-speed centrifugation of aggressive chemicals Excellent for lipid and phenol extractions, as well as biomolecular applications using nucleic acids, proteins, and more Resists acids, bases or solvents Withstands temperatures from –100 to 150°C (–148 to 302°F) Withstands up to…

  • FluidX™ Tri-Coded Jacket 10mL Sample Storage Tubes with External Thread

    Brooks Life Sciences

    …of sample security, management and tracking in modern high-density storage applications Tri-Coded Jacket 10.0ml external thread tubes carry three unique and permanent high-contrast tube identifiers, 2D Code, Linear Barcode and a Human Readable Number (HRN) Provides a lifelong and secure chain…

  • Test Tube Glass 10ml w / Cap 13 X 130mm


  • Test Tube Glass 5 & 10ml w / Cap


  • 4' Tubing TFE For 2/5 / 10ml Dispenser

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    4' fluoropolymer resin extension tubing. For 2, 5 and 10mL dispensers filling racked tubes or vials

  • PYREX® 10mL Heavy Duty Conical Centrifuge Tubes with White Graduations, Screw…


    10mL PYREX® conical centrifuge tubes are made with increased wall thickness for greater mechanical strength. In order to conform to outside diameter and overall length limitations imposed by centrifuge rotors and supports, it has been necessary to reduce the capacity of these heavy duty tubes.

  • Oakridge Style Centrifuge Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    …Oakridge style tubes are autoclavable and re-usable and are designed with leakproof linerless closures. Oakridge Style Centrifuge Tubes Features: Tubes have round bottoms and consistent wall thickness for high speed refrigerated or non-refrigerated centrifugation Tubes withstand up…

  • Test Tube Calibrated w / Cap 2.5-10ml


  • 12mL Centrifuge Test Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    …centrifugation. Polypropylene tubes can withstand 3000 RPM and are autoclavable and freezable. Globe's broad range of sizes are sure to fit most laboratory applications. 12mL centrifuge tube with rim, conical bottom, graduated. Graduated at 0.5, 1, 2, 5 & 10mL Dimensions: 16…





  • solarus® 10mL


    …reagent recirculation system Stable discharge tube, always correctly positioned All valves are easily exchangeable Closure cap in a safe storage position Hand wheels with a softtouch surface Luer-Lock connection for filter, dry tube etc Device rotates freely Quick-Cal individual…

  • Orange Serum Broth 10mL


  • 10mL Spin Columns


    10ml spin columns have an internal volume of 22ml and is designed for small scale purifications using 50ml centrifuge tubes. Supplied with screw cap and plastic stoppers. This columns are also ideal for gravity flow purifications Features Total Volume: 23ml Resin Volume: 10ml

  • 5mL & 10mL Transport Vials

    Stockwell Scientific

    Tube Material: PP-CO Cap Material: HDPE 5mL Size* (Length x Dia.): 60 x 20mm 10mL Size* (Length x Dia.): 94 x 20mm Min. Temp.**: -40°C Max. Temp.**: 120°C * Dimensions are measured with cap intact. Diameter measurement is the OD taken at the widest part of…

  • 5mL & 10mL Macro Tips

    5mL & 10mL Macro Tips. Improved accuracy over serological pipettes. Tip length facilitates access into bottles, cell culture flasks, and tubes. Universal fit for compatibility with most major pipettor brands. Certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and…

  • GCC Series Standard Clinical Centrifuges

    Globe Scientific

    …applications with simple yet robust features. The included twelve (12) position rotor accommodates 5mL, 7mL or 10mL culture or blood collection tubes and up to eight (8) 15mL tubes (all adapters are included). An easy to read LED display shows both time and speed and easy easily programmed.…

  • 5mL & 10mL Transport Vials, kPa Pressure Tested

    Stockwell Scientific

    tubes (Stockwell No. 3205, 3206, 3210 , and 3211) in accordance with standard laboratory practices and referenced test methods. The results of the test can be found in the Additional Info Tab. Tube Material: PP-CO Cap Material: HDPE 5mL Size* (Length x Dia.): 60 x 20mm 10mL

  • GCC Series Enhanced Clinical Centrifuges

    Globe Scientific

    …numerous clinical and research applications and includes a twelve (12) position rotor that accommodates 5mL, 7mL or 10mL culture or blood collection tubes and up to eight (8) 15mL tubes. All adapters are included. Programming allows for setting by either speed or G-force. A quick spin function…

  • Tube 10 ml


    These 10mL PYREX® conical centrifuge tubes are used in connection with the Wasserman test. Also used to measure H2O content and potassium ions in oil muds. API RP 13B standard testing method. They are graduated in 0.1 mL divisions up to 4 mL, and 0.2 mL divisions from 4 to 10 mL …

  • Centrifuge Tube 15 ml


    These 15mL PYREX® conical centrifuge tubes have white enamel graduations for durability. The 15mL size is graduated upward from the tip in 0.1mL divisions. The 50mL size is graduated upward from tip to 10mL in 0.5mL divisions, and from 10 to 50mL in 1mL divisions. The phenolic 15-415 GPI…

  • Pyrex Oil Conical Centrifuge Tube


    …sediment in petroleum products. These tubes are graduated upward to 0.5mL in divisions of 0.05mL; from 0.5mL to 2mL in divisions of 0.1mL; from 2mL to 3mL in divisions of 0.2mL; from 3mL to 5mL in divisions of 0.5mL; from 5mL to 10mL in divisions of 1mL; from 10mL to 25mL in divisions of 5mL and at…

  • Transport Tubes

    MTC Bio

    tubes, sometimes called mailing tubes, are used in multiple sectors of the laboratory market, including medical, hospital, environmental, independent testing, food testing, and biological research labs. Used to store, transport or freeze samples, these tubes come in both 5mL (16 x 60mm) and 10mL

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