10ml Pipet Tips

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10ml Pipet Tips
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  • Eclipse™ Macro 10mL Pipet Tips for Popular Pipettors


    Labcon Eclipse™ Macro pipet tips for large volume pipettors. Made of virgin autoclavable polypropylene. These tips fit most popular large volume pipettors. In graduated or extra long non graduated styles. Available in our zip style resealable bag or in our exclusive sustainable composite racks…

  • Tips for XL 3000i™digital pipettes, Capacity: 10ml, Bulk, Qty: 100 Additional…


    Accommodate all pipette sizes Regular and filtered tips at realistic prices

  • Serological Pipets

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …convenient aspiration and dispensing Negative graduations on all sizes and to -10mL on 25mL and 50mL pipets Pipettes are designed with anti-drip tips Lot numbers and expiration dates conveniently printed on pipet wrappers Fit all major brands of pipette controllers Packaged in a…

  • XL 3000i™digital pipettor, *1 to 10ml , Accuracy%: ±2.5 to 0.5 Coef. Var.%:…


    …volume adjustment is easier to rotate, and minimizes glove snags, but remains substantially unchanged. The new tip ejector is adjustable to accommodate virtually all brands of tips. The user may choose from the two ejector buttons provided to maximize personal ergonomics. Eight different…

  • Tips F / 10ml Pipette

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    For both fixed- and variable-volume models Precision injection molding care for air-tight fit Made from high grade, virgin polypropylene Free from trace metals for excellent accuracy and reproducibility

  • Pipette Tips for use with Various Pipettors

    Globe Scientific

    …1000-10,000uL (1-10mL) pipette tips are designed for use with Finnpipette®, Brand®, Gilson®, Socorex® and Labsystem® pipettors. They are available in bulk packs of 100 or racked (25/rack, 4 racks/box). The 151267 1000-10,000uL (1-10mL) pipette tips are designed for use with…

  • 5mL & 10mL Macro Tips

    5mL & 10mL Macro Tips. Improved accuracy over serological pipettes. Tip length facilitates access into bottles, cell culture flasks, and tubes. Universal fit for compatibility with most major pipettor brands. Certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and…

  • Finntip Flex 10mL Extended


    tips, significantly lowering the risk of repetitive stress injury (RSI). Excellent for single and multichannel pipetting Sterile tips are supplied in vacuum sealed, sterilized, 10 × 96 rack and they are certified to be free from DNA, DNase, RNase and Endotoxins The soft tip

  • BRAND Pipette Tips


    BRAND Pipette Tips BRAND pipette tips are designed for use in a wide range of pipetting applications including the most sensitive assays. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations for delivering volumes from 0.1µL to 10mL. BRAND tips are precision-molded from high purity,…

  • Finntip™ Filtered Pipette Tips


    …applications and for pipetting radioactive, infectious, and aerosol-emitting samples. Available in racks with a wide volume range of 0.2μL-10mL. Features: Inert and nonsealing polyethylene filter Tips come vacuum sealed in irradiation-sterilized hinged tip racks Not…

  • Shorty Serological Pipettes

    Globe Scientific

    …prevent ambiguity and guarantee precise reading with less than 2% inaccuracy at full volume. Calibration is certified for accuracy. Available in 5mL, 10mL and 25mL sizes. Features at a Glance: All 230mm long Material: USP Class VI approved polystyrene (PS) Manufactured under…

  • SIBATA Wide-Tip Volumetric Pipets

    Vee Gee Scientific

    …water treatment facilities, winemakers, and essential oil testing. These pipets have sharp and permanent graduation lines are calibrated to deliver. Feature permanent amber markings. Sizes 1, 2 & 5mL do not have drawn tips, while sizes 10mL through 100mL feature standard drawn tips.

  • Micropipette Tips, PP

    United Scientific Supplies

    …100% virgin polypropylene, United micropipette tips are DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free. The highly smooth surface is hydrophobic to provide low liquid retention, increased accuracy and repeatability. Inner radial rings enable an airtight grip on the tip cone. Autoclavable at 121°C and 15 psi for…

  • Class A, USP, Certified Glass Graduated Pipettes


    …at all intermediate volumes. Available in all ISO sizes from 1mL – 10mL. Made of AR-GLAS®. The optimized flow geometry in the tip ensures reliable liquid dispensing from the pipette. The mechanical resilience of the tip and its fire-polished edges ensures a long service life. All BLAUBRAND®…

  • PCR Plates


    … Maxymum Recovery Universal Fit Pipet Tips with Reference Lines ( 1209G56 ) Maxymum Recovery® graduated reference tip is designed to fit a wide variety of single-channel and multichannel pipettors Maxymum Recovery® pipet tips are for applications requiring high…

  • MicroPette Plus Single-Channel Adjustable Volume Pipettors

    DLAB Scientific

    Fully autoclavable Slim design and light in weight, less risk if strain injuries. Covers all volume ranges in the lab from 0.1µL to 10mL Easy calibration and maintenance Compatible with most universal tip brands

  • Transferpette® S Single Channel Pipette


    …0.1ul to 10mL volume range. Eight sizes are available in both digital adjustable and fixed volume instruments. Tips The Transferpette S accepts universal tips. Optimal performance will be achieved with the use of genuine BRAND premium tips. For more information on tips that fit…

  • Ovation Bionatural Macro Pipettor

    VistaLab Technologies

    tips Relaxed grip design, low weight and electronic operations make repetitive pipetting effortless The nozzle on the 10 mL model will accommodate glass and plastic serological pipets when an extra-long length is needed to reach the bottom of tall vessels. Simply insert the pipet into the…

  • ACURA Electro Macro Pipette, Basic Package

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …Pasteur pipettes and straw tips Optional nozzle protection filter Two year warranty The 4.8V Acura electro 936 macropipette line includes a microprocessor-controlled motor and rechargeable battery pack. Three models cover the volume range 0.1 to 10mL. Additional interchangeable…

  • ACURA Electro Macro Pipette

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …Pasteur pipettes and straw tips Optional nozzle protection filter Two year warranty The 4.8V Acura electro 936 macropipette line includes a microprocessor-controlled motor and rechargeable battery pack. Three models cover the volume range 0.1 to 10mL. Additional interchangeable…

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