10 Mm Cuvette

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10 Mm Cuvette
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  • Thomas Square Spectrophotometer Cells


    …have a 15 mm "Z" dimension or greater, not an 8.5 mm "Z" dimension. Square, Self-masking, Micro and Semi-micro, 10 mm Light Path Cells (8491V65, W05, W20, W35) Internal width: 2-4 mm (approx.) Approximate outside dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 46 mm high Nominal…

  • Thomas Methacrylate Cuvettes


    Cuvettes Convenient and affordable Save time with no cleaning required Prevents cross-contamination Useable in the range of 285 to 750 nm. Tight dimensional tolerances ensure high reproducibility from package to package. 10 mm path length; 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm outside dimensions. All cuvettes

  • Cuvette Caps, Square, Tight Fit, Cs.1000


    Polyethylene Fits most standard 10 mm cuvettes Flexible fins on 8495V27 caps allow tight fit with 10 mm cuvettes from most other manufacturers.

  • Thermal Cell, 10 mm


    …Small jacket volume minimizes undesirable heating of phototube Fits standard carriers for 10 mm square cells One-piece construction Sample well, sealed between two optical faces, is 4 mm wide. Circulating liquid enters jacket at top of one side of cell, passes across bottom and…

  • 10 mm Diameter NMR Tubes


    These precision 10 mm diameter NMR tubes are made from quality Pyrex® borosilicate glass for compatibility with ground joints, valves, and vacuum racks. Made using precision bore tubing manufacturing techniques proven most reliable in NMR applications. They have an O.D. of 10.00 + 0.000-0.013mm…

  • Thomas Polystyrene Cuvettes


    …Polystyrene Cuvettes Convenient and affordable Save time with no cleaning required Prevent cross-contamination Useable in the range of 340 to 750 nm Tight dimensional tolerances ensure high reproducibility from package to package. 10 mm path length; 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm

  • Scienceware® Stir and Add™ Cuvette Mixer

    Bel-Art Products

    Stir and Add™ Cuvetter Mixer Of clear acrylic plastic Used to add enzymes and other materials to solution in spectrophotometer cells 8498D06 Cell Mixer has plunger for square 10 mm light path cells; length 105 mm 8498D11 Cell Mixer has narrower plunger for semi-micro cells…

  • Thomas Methacrylate Fluorometry Cuvettes


    …Methacrylate Cuvettes for Spectrofluorometers Negligible variation in absorbance between the 4 optical sides allows readings from any side Standard 10 mm Light Path Designed specifically for fluorometry, cells are also ideal for nephelometry and spectrophotometry. The methacrylate cuvettes are…

  • Thomas Sub-Micro Cells


    Designed for the measurement of very small samples Retain exterior dimensions of standard cells Volume range: 10 µL to 160 µL Path length: 10 mm The entrance to the sample compartment is hemispherical to eliminate sharp corners which can cause sample loss due to…

  • UV-Cuvettes, Ultra-Micro


    …of quartz  cuvettes. Packaged 100 per pack. Specially designed for photometric determination of  proteins, ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and oligonucleotides in the UV range Ideally suited for measurements at 260 nm, 280 nm and in the visible range Standard 10 mm light path No…

  • GENESYS™ 10S Spectrophotometer Accessories

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    …models, cuvettes, replacement lamps and pump tubing. Contact your Thomas Scientific representative for specific questions. 335916-000 (Thomas 0880A48) 10mm Single Cell Holder with Baseplate Holds one 10 mm path square cuvette 840-202100 (Thomas 1189N77) 10mm Single Cell…

  • µCuvette® G1.0


    …in a cuvette format. In the case of standard cuvettes, the path length is determined by the width of the cuvette because the light beam travels through the cuvette horizontally. When using the µCuvette G1.0, the distance between the upper and the lower portion of the cuvette determine…

  • Thomas Short, Micro, Spectrophotometer Cells


    …volume of this range represents only 20% of that of the standard cell with the same path length. Outside dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 x 25 mm high. Inside width 2 mm; flared at top to assist filling. May require modification of standard cell carrier to accommodate short cells. Self-masking type has…

  • Thomas Polystyrene Fluorometry Cuvettes


    Cuvettes for Spectrofluorometers Negligible variation in absorbance between the 4 optical sides allows readings from any side. Standard 10 mm light path Designed specifically for fluorometry, cells are also ideal for nephelometry and spectrophotometry. The polystyrene cuvettes are…

  • NMR Tube 10mm 7" Grade 4

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …gauged for wall thickness, concentricity and camber specifications. Polyethylene caps attached OD 10 mm (+0.00/-0.013) mm ID 9.065 (+0.013/+0.00) mm Wall thickness 0.462 mm Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438,…

  • Cell (Cuvette) Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Bel-Art Products

    This magnetic stirring bar fits into the standard 10mm light path cuvette and provides rapid vertical and horizontal mixing with a minimum of vortexing when placed on a magnetic stirring machine. Centrifugal pumping action, generated by the cross channels in the upper face, mixes without…

  • 1100 Series Spectrophotometers


    …and beverage labs, water and wastewater labs and other fields of quality control. Both models include 10 mm test tube cuvettes (Bx. 12), a 10 mm test tube adapter, a 10 mm square cuvette adapter, an operator’s manual and a dust cover. Model 8406A11 also has an RS-232C interface for connecting…

  • Thomas Cylindrical Spectrophotometer Cells


    Cylindrical Cells End windows fused to cylindrical body, of far UV silica, range 170 to 2,600 nm With Teflon stopper; 10 mm and 20 mm have single neck, longer sizes have 2 necks Light path length and minimum sample volume given in listings

  • Thomas Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Cells


    …mL Cells can also be used for absorption measurements through 10 mm light path Cells have all four sides and bottom polished; 8429N30 furnished with Teflon cover, N19 has a stopper; outside dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm. Matched sets are supplied in cushioned storage box. Usable spectral…

  • NMR Sample Tubes


    10 mm diameter with 0.60 mm wall thickness ASTM type I Borosilicate glass Concentricity and camber tolerances are strictly maintained for superior performance. Shimming that may have been required with other manufacturers' tubes may no longer be necessary. All tubes are supplied with end…

  • AquaMate Spectrophotometer Accessories

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    …which accommodates tubes up to 125 mm high and 18 mm diameter or 10 mm pathlength cuvettes; a variable path length cell holder for cuvettes from 1 to 50 mm pathlength; and a cell holder for HACH® 1 squre cells and AccuVac® ampules. An optional built-in 110 mm graphics printer or drivers for…

  • Cuvette Washer

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …Operates efficiently with a conventional sink aspirator ·         Recommended for 10 mm NMR tubes ·         All glass apparatus manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable…

  • SMART Spectro 2000-01


    …pre-programmed tests. Portable for use on the lab bench or field. Spectrophotometer includes 6 sample cells (25 mm round), 2 sample cell holders (25 mm round andCOD, 10 mm cuvettes), power supply, battery charger and manual. Optional accessories include carry case and rechargeable battery pack with…

  • 2100 Series Spectrophotometers


    …to a printer or computer. Sample compartment accepts 5 mm to 100 mm pathlength cuvettes and various accessories. Both models include a four-position 10 mm square cuvette holder, one set of four matched optical glass 10 mm square cuvettes, an RS-232C interface, an operator’s manual and a dust…

  • LCM IV Photometer


    …touch-screen display with intuitive user guidance for simple operation Automatic cuvette detection – avoids faulty data measurement Works with 10 and 50 mm rectangle as well as 11 mm round cuvettes for optimum precision Easy to exchange rectangular cell compartment Gardner, Hazen…

  • 1200 Series Single Test Colorimeters


    …built-in RS 232 port enables readings to be transferred to a computer or logger. Colorimeters include six, 25 mm screw top sample vials (except 3075B30 which includes five, 10 mm cuvettes), instruction manual and a tough plastic carrying case. Power requirements: one 9 V battery; optional 110 V and…

  • Spectro 2000RS / 2000RSP Spectrophotometers


    …automatic four cuvette holder factor mode, RS-232 interface selectable power source (110 V/60 Hz) and are available with a built-in printer. Both models include square 10 mm cuvettes (4), four cell holder, dust cover and instructions. Self masking flow through cell 10 mm path length …

  • DiluCell™


    …design of DiluCell™ cuvettes, the light-path is reduced from the standard 10 mm to 0.5 mm (DC 20) or 1.0 mm (DC 10). According to the Lambert Beer Law this shortened pathlength results in an automatic sample dilution by factor 20 (DC 20) or 10 (DC 10). Automatic dilution with DiluCell™…

  • Accessories for the SPECTRONIC 20 and 20D

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    …Adapter Adapts 8420Q18 test tube holder to take square cuvettes with 10 mm light path. Test Tube Holder As supplied with all models of the SPECTRONIC 20 and 20D spectrophotometers. Takes 1/2" diameter test tubes or 10-mm round cuvettes; ability to accommodate hatch COD vials. Test Tube…

  • Pipet Calibration Kit

    VistaLab Technologies

    …into a cuvette containing diluent. Absorbance of the resultant solution is then compared to a prepared calibration curve. Tests are made at 515 nm wavelength, in 12 mm diameter cuvettes; requires suitable spectrophotometer. Kit includes materials for 30 tests, graph paper, one 12 mm cuvette each…

  • UVette®


    …plastic, free of fluoropolymers and other halogenated hydrocarbons Two built-in optical path lengths in a single cuvette - just turn the UVette 90° to change from 10 mm and 2 mm Volume markings for 500 µL and 1,000 µL Individually packaged and certified PCR clean and…

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