10 Ml Reservoir

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10 Ml Reservoir
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  • Reagent Reservoir

    United Scientific Supplies

    For use with micropipettes. Total capacity of 75 mL. Includes graduation marks at 10, 30 and 60 mL levels. Autoclavable.

  • Zymo-Spin VI Columns with Reservoir

    Zymo Research Corporation

    …VI with Reservoir assembly can be used with vacuum manifolds for the purification of DNA and/or RNA. The spin column and reservoir feature durable polypropylene construction. The spin column features a unique silica-based matrix for the purification of up to 500 µg DNA or RNA in 1 ml elution…

  • HPLC Mobile Phase Cap And Reservoir Systems

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …Systems include the following: economy three hole cap; flat bottom reservoir; All PEEK Inlet/Sparge Filter (2 µm); two flangeless nuts, ETFE, 1/4-28, 1/8”; flangeless ferrules, ETFE, 1/8”; nut plug, ETFE, 1/4-28; FEP tubing, 1/8” o.d. x 1/16” i.d. x 10’ length; and an Instruction Manual.

  • Reagent Reservoirs

    VistaLab Technologies

    10 mL “mini” for 8-channel multichannel use with lower reagent volume necessary 100 mL with lid option 25 mL in 4/8 divided design 12-channel polypropylene, autoclavable, with lid Reagent Reservoir Cooler Accessory Our reusable reagent reservoir cooler is…

  • …to the accuracy requirements found in ASTM specification E 694 Kimax precision bore buret has a side filling tube with a separate stopcock to control liquid within the permanently attached reservoir, approximately 70 mL in capacity. Reservoir stopper is medium length Standard Taper 14/20.

  • Permanently marked with an individual serial number Supplied with a Certificate of Graduation Accuracy Buret is self-zeroing style Designed from ASTM E 287, Class A requirements Filling tube and overflow tube at the top of the buret accept 1/4” i.d. flexible tubing. Filling is through…

  • Class B accuracy With filling tube and overflow tube Kimax®, with 3-way PTFE stopcock overflow cups and refill tube. Filling is through stopcock. Overflow tube at the top of the buret that accepts 1/4” i.d. flexible tubing. Buret is self-zeroing style. Stopcock for all sizes is…

  • 12 Channel Reagent Reservoirs

    Lee Plastic Company

    The 12-channel Reagent Reservoir is designed for use with a multi-channel or single tip pipette. Product Detail: Each numbered channel holds 5 ml of solution Design of the v-shaped channel allows for complete sample withdrawal Reservoir has tabs on the bottom to ensure secure…

  • …ideal for repeat titrations requiring traceable volumetric accuracy or when the titrant should not be handled. Packed complete with a reservoir bottle, U-shaped drying tube, vented connecting tube, rubber squeeze bulb, #1 single-holed rubber stopper, PTFE stopcock plug and 1/4 inch ID tubing…

  • … delivers virtually all of the mobile phase without dangerous reservoir tilting Coated with an autoclavable, UV-absorbing plastic for protection against breakage and ultraviolet rays (up to 385 nm). Reference graduated for easier volume determination. Reservoir sizes range from 500 mL to 20 L.

  • Bomb Sampler, SS, Type 302, 500 mL

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …or at any depth means of a second cord. A weighted plunger with Viton ® O-ring seals reservoir chamber at bottom. Top and bottom seals keep interior entirely sample-free until plunger assembly is activated. Required cable is not supplied. Dimensions: 2 1/2” dia. x 10” long.

  • …to 0.1 mL Delivery end fitted into plastic push-button stopcock permitting drop-by-drop delivery Small screw clamp presets drop speed for repeat titration Polyethylene filling tube extends from buret top into bottle reservoir 10 mL and 15 mL Burets have a 500 mL reservoir bottle;…

  • …glass, 305 mm long With offset dispensing tip Graduated 0 to 10 mL in 0.1 mL increments Self-zeroing; overflow is returned to reservoir 2002A01 (LaMotte 0847) and A06 (LaMotte 0996) burets include 50 mL plastic squeeze bottle reservoir with screw cap to hold buret. 2002A03 (LaMotte 0427) and…

  • …using gravity flow. The columns hold up to approx. 13 ml of chromatography media. The frits can be used as an upper bed support that prevents the medium from running dry under gravity flow. Together with LabMate Buffer Reservoir, up to 25 ml of buffer and/or sample can be applied, which reduces…

  • Automatic Zero Acrylic Burets

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Nalge 3640 Safe and easy-to-use Includes reservoir bottle with screw cap, 0.9 meter of PVC tubing and dust cap Similar to 1985R15 series, but automatic zero type with low-density polyethylene squeeze bottle reservoir connected to side filling tube by PVC tubing.

  • Storage Temperature: 2-8°C Application: Tris-Tricine-SDS (TTS) running buffer is the cathode (upper reservoir) buffer for SDS−polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of proteins using the Schagger and von Jagow method. The Schagger and von Jagow method is designed for the separation of small…

  • Glass reservoir and buret with PTFE stopcock create an easy-to-use workstation for standard solutions. Subdivisions of 1.0 mL and 0.1 mL.

  • Universal Columns

    Evergreen Scientific

    …column has a reservoir section, a straight resin section and a luer lock compatible tip. The reservoir has a wide-mouth opening for easy pouring. The reservoir is segmented at various levels for easy visual level references. The straight resin section has a capacity of approximately 5 mL.

  • …centrifugation. Flexible run protocols – perform desalting and buffer exchange using gravity flow (1.0 to 2.5 mL samples) or centrifugation (1.75 to 2.5 mL samples) Flexible throughput – desalt one sample or multiple samples in parallel Good recovery – in the…

  • The grinding vessel, a round bottom tube with 2 mm wall, has grinding chamber made of precision bore tubing and top reservoir with pouring spout, to accommodate displaced fluid. Unground walls are completely transparent. Pestle is rounded to conform to bottom of grinding chamber and is either…

  • Zymo-Spin VI-P Columns

    Zymo Research Corporation

    …and a unique silica-based matrix that allows for purification of up to 10 mg of plasmid DNA in ≥ 2 ml eluate when used in combination with ZymoPURE™ Plasmid Prep buffers. Capacity is 15 ml and can be increased to 615 ml when used in conjunction with the 600 ml reservoir (Cat No. C1033-5).

  • …sample volumes can be applied in one go, and the histidine-tagged protein is effectively eluted in a small volume. LabMate PD-10 Buffer Reservoir can be connected to the columns for handling of sample volumes above 10 ml. Leakage of cobalt ions from TALON® Superflow™ medium is negligible.

  • Finnpipette™ Novus GLP Kits

    Thermo Scientific

    …prompts guide Novus users through 10 pipetting functions. Novus GLP Kit 1 includes: Finnpipette Novus 10-100µL Finnpipette Novus 100-1000µL Two Finnpipette Novus stands One rack of Finntip Flex 200 and Flex 1000 Reagent Reservoirs demo pack Finntip Sample…

  • Roundwell Multidish Culture Plates

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …wells treated for improved cell attachment and growth Working temperature range -40° to +75°C 1.9 mm deep, V-wells, 0.5 mm thick; capacity 10 mL Raised rims around wells prevent cross-contamination. Rows have letter and number designations. Flanges on cover and plate ensure proper orientation…

  • His GraviTrap


    …and reducing agents, as well a wide range of additives. His GraviTrap columns are delivered in a package that can be converted into a column stand to simplify purification. LabMate PD-10 Buffer Reservoir can be connected to the columns for convenient handling of sample volumes above 10 ml.

  • Minipet™ Pipettors feature a three-way check valve for continuous, repetitive pipetting. Just place the filling line in a reservoir, push the Teflon® plunger to dispense and release to refill. Molded polypropylene handle offers comfort for extended use Turning the knob on top…

  • …volume of 1.0 liter. Do not adjust the pH. 4. 5% TGE Gel. Prepare 60 ml of solution by mixing 10.5 ml 30% polyacrylamide, 6 ml 10X TGE, 3 ml glycerol, 40 ml H2O, 0.45 ml 10% ammonium persulfate and 0.06 ml TEMED. 5. 5X NFkB Binding Buffer. This 5X concentrated buffer is composed…

  • Maxipettor


    …tasks: Simply press down the operating lever to aspirate liquid from the reservoir. Press the lever again and the liquid will be dispensed into your sample vessel. Features Volume range: 1 mL to 10 mL Fast pipetting and convenient operation due to unique one-hand operation.…

  • …longer used (5). Directions: Suspend 21.75 grams in 500 ml distilled water. Heat to boiling to dissolve the medium completely. Sterilize by autoclaving at 15 lbs pressure (121°C) for 15 minutes. Cool to 45-50°C and aseptically add sterile 10 % v/v sheep blood and sterile 5% v/v inactivated horse…

  • …from 0.1 - 200 mL Unique hook-shaped design reduces hand fatigue. Autoclavable manifold rotates 360 degrees, allowing optimal hand position. Individually replaceable tip cones allows easy in-lab servicing and cleaning. NEW! Dual-ring design improves tip fit on 0.5 - 10uL and 2 - 20uL sizes.…

  • … This automatic fill-by-fill syringe comes without a supplied valve system. It features a Luer Lock nozzle, and volumes ranging from 0.1 to 10.0 mL . A complete package includes syringe, PVC protection sleeve and operating instructions. Fatigue-free handle design Semi-automatic action…

  • RapidStill I


    …also be used to perform only one or two macro determinations per day by simply diluting and aliquoting the sample. Accepts digested samples up to 4 ml (max.) and gives reproducible results in ranges as low as 1 mg/L Kjeldahl nitrogen. A one-piece still is mounted on powder-coated steel benchtop…

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