1.5 Ml Eppendorf Tubes

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1.5 Ml Eppendorf Tubes
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  • Posi-Click™ 1.7 mL Large Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …Microcentrifuge tubes feature a large easy-to-open/close cap with the assurance of an audible "click" to know that your sample is secure. Frosted Large Cap and writing panel allows for an extra writing room and is resistant to smearing. Boilproof available Fits all standard 1.5mL

  • 1.5 and 2.0 ml microcentrifuge tubes, graduated, with frosted window and flat, safe-lock cap These microcentrifuge tubes are moulded from virgin polypropylene. Their safe-lock mechanism guarantees closed tubes even during boiling or autoclaving. The innovative cap design includes an additional…

  • Posi-Click™ Microcentrifuge Tubes Without Caps

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Posi-Click™ capless tubes are ideal for customers not needing to seal their samples.  With no cap to interfere, collecting from spin columns is easy and mess-free with no caps to break off during centrifugation. Graduated every 100µL for easy volume identification Ultra-clear…

  • 1.5mL Easy-Click Graduated Microcentrifuge tubes feature a small, easy-to-open cap. Graduated every 100µL for easy volume identification Small cap allows tubes to be spaced closely together in racks and storage boxes Frosted Cap and writing panel allows for an extra writing room and…

  • Locking Centrifuge Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    …1.5mL, 2.0mL & 5mL Diamond Midi™ Locking Centrifuge Tube Locking Centrifuge Tubes are engineered with a secure locking system that provides the security of a screw cap microtube with the simplicity of a snap cap tube. Features: Secure – Maintains sample integrity…

  • …Microcentrifuges Model 2509C77 Standard Fixed-Angle Rotor with lid holds thirty 1.5 - 2.0 mL tubes and is fully autoclavable. Model 2509C80 Aerosol-Tight, Fixed-Angle Rotor with lid holds thirty 1.5 - 2.0 mL tubes for a double aerosol tight barrier against biohazards such as TB, HIV and…

  • …barrel into the tube to retrieve samples Available non-sterile or sterile and are RNase, DNase and pyrogen free Spin up to 25,000 x g with proper support in appropriate rotor 5mL Snap Cap Macrocentrifuge Tubes Provide convenience of 1.5mL microcentrifuge in a tube that holds…

  • …Scientific is pleased to expand on this line of premium quality microcentrifuge tubes with attached snap caps. The polypropylene (PP) tubes are resistant to most chemical reagents and can be autoclaved at 121°C. Each tube is molded with precise graduation marks for accurate measurements. The…

  • 6 carrier capacity 90° Force for 16,435 x g 60 x 1.5 mL or 120 x 0.4 mL tubes Carriers not included.

  • Fits 100 ml tubes Adapters for 1.5 to 30 mL Spins to 4,500 x g Max Aerosol covers optional

  • 4 x 250 ml Swing Bucket Rotor Adapters for 1.5 to 250 mL tubes Microtiter plate buckets available RCF to 3200 x g Aerosol covers optional

  • …labeling surfaces Excellent mechanical stability during centrifugation: up to 30,000 x g for 0.5 ml and 1.5 ml tubes; up to 25,000 x g for 2.0 ml tubes; 70,000 x g possible in form-fitting rotor Graduation scale Available in Eppendorf Quality, Eppendorf Biopur and PCR clean purity levels

  • …x g (4,400 rpm) Low-noise centrifugation without rotor lid  Centrifugation of 1.5 mL and 2 mL Eppendorf Tubes® Adapter for: 0.2 mL PCR tubes, 0.4 mL centrifuge tubes, 0.5 mL micro test tubes and 0.6 mL Microtainer® tubes Rotor and adapter are autoclavable (121°C, 20 min)

  • For Eppendorf Model 5702 centrifuges Round buckets accommodate conical and round-bottom tubes from 1.1 to 100 mL Optional aerosol-tight covers protect user from hazardous samples Rotor A-4-38 with 4x 90ml rectangular swing-buckets, for Eppendorf Centrifuges 5701/5702R/5702RH. Maximum…

  • …Thomas No. 8289Q32 For up to 36 test tubes or centrifugal tubes with a diameter of 16 mm. Dimensions (W x D x H): 140 x 145 x 115 mm Material: Macrolon Weight: 300 g Thomas No. 8289Q22 For intensive mixing of up to 64 Eppendorf tubes (1.5 ml). Dimensions (W x D x H): 210 x 210 x…

  • Fits 6 x 85 mL tubes Spin to 15,500 x g Adapters for 1.5 to 50 mL tubes

  • IsoTherm-System®


    …technology reduces contamination risk associated with classical icebath incubation for safe sample handling Holds up to 24 micro tubes (e.g., 0.5 mL or 1.5 mL/2.0 mL) for broad flexibility Two versions of IsoPack (cold pack) available: White maintains 0°C for up to 6 hours. Blue maintains…

  • Thermomixers


    …programmed for applications such as enzyme reactions or DNA hybridizations. The exchangeable blocks allow unit to accommodate 24 tubes with 0.5 mL , 1.5 mL or 2.0 mL volumes. Built-in RS 232 interface allows documentation of operating parameters. NOTE: does not include block, must be…

  • …which can be programmed in six languages Operation Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (included), unit requires a block (1.5 ml block included) - compatible with Eppendorf Thermomixer® R blocks Communication USB port provides greater flexibility in data collection and transfer …

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