1 Ml Pipette Tips

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1 Ml Pipette Tips
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  • ART™ Non-Filtered Hinged Rack Pipette Tips


    …any pipette in your lab, Thermo Scientific™ ART™ pipette tips provide precise sample delivery across many applications. From raw materials to the finished product, all components of each manufacturing lot are fully traceable and produced in a controlled environment. From 10 µL to 10 ML, every tip is…

  • 1000 Reach Pipettor Tips


    Extended length prevents contamination Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue Available with ART® barrier Fits most 1 mL pipettors 1000 Reach pipet tips have extended lengths to prevent contamination by keeping the pipettor shaft from entering the sample vessel. SoftFit design reduces hand…

  • 3M™ Pipettor Tips

    3M Food Safety

     Designed and tested for use with the 3M™ Electronic Pipettor 1 mL. Wide bore for easy sample uptake and dispensing Available pre-racked for fast, convenient sampling or in bulk for setting up custom racks Improved accuracy in sampling and diluting when used with the 3M…

  • MLA Macro Pipettors And Tips

    VistaLab Technologies

    …Pipet Tips (7735G37) For use with MLA Macro pipets Non-wetting polypropylene, graduated from 1 to 5 mL in 0.1-mL intervals Length 148 mm, tapering from 10.5 mm o.d. at top of graduations to 4.5 mm o.d. at delivery tip. Packaged upright in boxes of 100, allowing one-hand tip

  • Maxitips®


    …Select the right Eppendorf Maxitip which meets your needs. The Eppendorf Maxitip P is designed for aspirating 1 mL to 10 mL, for example from beakers. The Eppendorf Maxitip S for 2.5 mL to 10 mL forms a system with the Maxitip and is used for aspirating liquid from tall, narrow-necked vessels.

  • Sequencing Pipet


    …delivery in DNA gel sequencing operations Polycarbonate tips reduced to 0.34 mm o.d. over 20 mm length at tip to fit into narrow gel slots Tips transparent and autoclavable Precise nanoliter samples delivered over range 0.05 to 3 mL Of anodized aluminum, with spring-loaded, stainless…

  • VistaRak™ Low Retention Tips

    VistaLab Technologies

    1. Non-Sterile Tips: Not for use with Ovation Multichannel pipettes. Note: 2. Sterile Filtered Tips: Not for use with Ovation QS or Ovation M 2 uL or Ovation F2 1 uL or 2 uL. 3. All 5 mL macro tips are graduated at 0.1 mL increments. 2 uL tips for Ovation 1 uL and 2 uL pipettes

  • BRAND PLT™ Pipette Leak Testing Unit


    …inaccuracy in piston-operated pipettes is leakage. This arises from damage either to the seals, pistons, or tip cones.Often not detectable by the naked eye, leaks lead to significant volume errors.The BRAND pipette leak tester (PLT unit) for air displacement pipettes finds even the smallest leaks…

  • Roxy M™ Repeating Pipettor and Universal Fit Roxy M™ Repeating Pipettor Tips

    Bel-Art Products

    … Use with Scienceware® Roxy M™ sterile or non-sterile tips to offer nearly 60 different volume settings in as many as 48 steps without refilling the syringe tip Includes adapter for use with 25 and 50ml tips (adapter pack also available separately) Maintenance-free; no internal…

  • StepMate Repeater Pipettor


    …is designed to be used with syringe volumes ranging from 0.5 mL to 50 mL, and is compatible with most manufacturers’ syringe-combi tips, providing complete versatility for almost any situation. E-Z polypropylene syringe tips are also available from Scilogex. Optimized for smooth…

  • Dual Solution™ Reservoir


    …shape guides and protect pipettor tips Polypropylene solution basin/reagent reservoir has a standard 50 mL basin on one side and 12 individual 5 mL basins on the other side. Wells are angled both downward and outward, guiding multichannel pipettor tips toward a centered position, which …

  • Pipette Washer/Dryer

    SPEX CertiPrep

    pipettes tip, reflects off the ceiling portion of the washer and rains a shower down over the outside of the pipettes; thus cleaning both the inside and outside of the pipettes. To dry the insides of the pipettes the line is connected to a vacuum source and air is pulled in through the pipette tips

  • Acura 1:10 Dilution Pipette


    …filter Justip™ system for height adjustment of tip ejector Easy maintenance, fully autoclavable Two pre-calibrated fixed volumes - no setting required The 810 air displacement micropipette allows subsequent pipetting of 1.0 and 0.1 mL of same liquid. The two pre-calibrated fixed volumes…

  • Tips And Reservoirs

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Pipet Tips for Wheaton Multi-Channel Adjustable Packed in an autoclavable box in an 8 x 12 row configuration 7730G50 are 5-200 mL virgin polypropylene tips, free from trace metals. 77730G60 Tips are the same as 7730G50, but are bulk-packed in bags of 1,000. Of virgin polypropylene …

  • Corning® Step-R™ Repeating Pipettor and Syringe Tips


    … Corning Step-R Starter Pack In order to enable a smooth start, the Corning Step-R Starter Pack is conveniently packaged with a Corning Step-R Repeating Pipettor, 2 syringe tip adapters (25 mL and 50 mL), and 24 syringe tips (0.05 mL, 2.5 mL, 5 mL, 12.5 mL, 25 mL, and 50 mL).

  • Spectroscopy Cell, Ultra-Micro with Pipette Tips, Quartz SUPRASIL, Light Path: 0…


    Spectroscopy Cell Ultra-Micro with Pipette Tips QuartzSUPRASIL® Light Path: 0. 1mm Center Height: 15mm Outside Dim. : 40H x 12. 5W x 12. 5D mm Aperture: 1. 0 x 5. 0mm Chamber Volume: 0. 5 mL, and Filling Volume: 2. 0 mL All cells contain two clear windows

  • Spectroscopy Cell, Ultra-Micro with Pipette Tips, Quartz SUPRASIL, Light Path: 1…


    Spectroscopy Cell Ultra-Micro with Pipette Tips Quartz SUPRASIL® Light Path: 1. 0mm Center Height: 15mm Outside Dim. : 40H x 12. 5W x 12. 5D mm Aperture: 1. 0 x 5. 0mm, Chamber Volume: 5. 0 mL, and Filling Volume: 10. 0 mL. All cells contain two clear windows.

  • Tips, 1250µL L Bulk 1000


    tips to be used with pipettes from other manufacturers. Packaged in resealable bags Drop-contour design gives all Eppendorf tips a uniform look Soft, flexible tip cone ensures better pipette tip sealing Ergonomically optimized cone geometry ensures perfect fit on Eppendorf pipettes

  • Microlab 300 Pipettor


    …attach and eject ClickSure pipette tips Hardware The guided pipetting system features a high torque, precision stepper motor that provides unsurpassed liquid handling through a single pipette probe that covers a pipetting volume range of 0.5 µL to 1 mL—the first of its…

  • Scienceware® Flowmi™ Cell Strainers

    Bel-Art Products

    …debris Use with your favorite pipette tips; Flowmi fits most 1000µl tips including Fisherbrand Sure-One, VWR brand, Axygen, Nichiryo and Eppendorf and more Compact tray holds 50 Flowmi™ Cell Strainers ready for press and fit attachment to your tip; features a sliding cover for…

  • Universal Sealing Mats


    Protect contents and prevent carryover with pre-slit cap mats Chemically resistant, silicone mats are excellent for compound storage to -80°C Pre-slit mats pierceable by autosampler needle, pipette tip, or probe Universal mat for sealing 0.45, 1.3, and 2.0 mL plates

  • Maxipettor


    …liquid from the reservoir. Press the lever again and the liquid will be dispensed into your sample vessel. Features Volume range: 1 mL to 10 mL Fast pipetting and convenient operation due to unique one-hand operation. Liquid automatically aspirates and dispenses by simply pressing…

  • Midi Plus™ Pipetting Controller


    …plastic pipettes, but can also be used with Sartorius 5 ml and 10 ml disposable tips. The speed can be fine-tuned by applying varying finger pressure to the operating buttons. Precise finger tip control of variable speed ranges. Fits all commonly used 1 - 100 ml glass or plastic pipettes

  • 225 cm Cell Culture Flasks


    370 mL maximum working volume Angled or canted neck style Rectangular or traditional flask style Certified non-pyrogenic Sterilized by gamma irradiation Optically clear virgin polystyrene material Corning cell culture flasks are manufactured under strict process…

  • Combitips advanced®


    …dispensing Provides protection from radioactive and toxic substances Quick dispensing of long series with precise, repeated dispensing of identical volumes (with Repeater hand dispensers) Assortment Pack 1 of each of the 9 tip volumes and one adapter for the 25 and 50 mL tips

  • Repeater® E3/E3x


    …the user; filling the tip once allows dispensing up to 100 times. The system is an essential lab tool ideal for all liquid handling applications, accommodating more than 5,000 different dispensing volumes between 1 μL to 50mL. Consumables Combitips advanced tips easily attach to the…

  • Vegan Control™ Kits

    Minerva Biolabs

    …No. 607-1050) or user method. Required Consumables 1.5 ml reaction tubes, PCR reaction tubes, sterile filter tips Required Lab Devices qPCR cycler with FAM™ and HEX™ filter, variable microliter pipettes, benchtop centrifuge Time to result Approx. 150 minutes …

  • Food Control™ LFA Kits

    Minerva Biolabs

    …Devices Racks for reaction tubes, benchtop centrifuge for reaction tubes or PCR plates, vortex, variable microliter pipettes (1 µl – 1000 µl), sterile filter tips, any conventional PCR cycler. Shelf Life and Storage Components can be stored at +2 to +8 °C for at…

  • Food Control™ LFA+ Kits

    Minerva Biolabs

    …Devices Racks for reaction tubes, benchtop centrifuge for reaction tubes or PCR plates, vortex, variable microliter pipettes (1 µl – 1000 µl), sterile filter tips, any conventional PCR cycler. Shelf Life and Storage Components can be stored at +2 to +8 °C for at…

  • Microlab 600 Dispensers and Diluters


    There are three different dispenser models available all designed to dispense volumes from 100 nL to 50 mL. The Single Syringe Dispenser is ideal for dedicated dispensing applications requiring a single syringe drive. The Dual Syringe Dispenser has two syringe drives for applications such as Animal…

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