0.7 Glass Fiber Filter

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0.7 Glass Fiber Filter
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  • AP40 Glass Fiber Filter


    This 90 mm hydrophilic Glass Fiber filter with a 0.7 µm pore size is recommended prefilter for 0.9 to 8um filters, especially for proteinaceious & heavily contaminated liquids. Can be sterilized by EO, gamma & autoclave. Filter Color: White Thickness: 475 µm …

  • Glass Microfiber Filters


    100% pure borosilicate glass microfibers; contains no binders or additives High loading capacity Consistent uniformity and excellent weight repeatability Rapid flow rate Particle retention range: 0.7 - 3.1 µm Chemical and thermal resistance (up to 550°C) Long shelf life GRADE…

  • Presep Glass Prefilters

    GVS Filter Technology

    Glass Fiber Filters WITHOUT Binders, 0.7 µm Pore Size (4749A72) Borosilicate glass fiber filters designed for use in U.S. EPA Method 1311 Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP). Federal regulations require the filters for this application be made of borosilicate glass fiber,

  • …and are easily sterilized. Wide, useful temperature range which can be used at 500°C and at low temperatures. Three times thicker than GF/A and with greater wet strength Borosilicate glass fibers 1.0 µm particle retention 0.7 mm thick; filtration speed 5.5 mL/second

  • Depth filtration glass micro fiber GRADE F - Fine porosity, medium flow rate, with a 0.7 µm size particle retention. Frequently used with Grade D to filter diluted aqueous solutions containing strong oxidizing, acidic, or alkaline components prior to laser spectroscopy. May also be used for TCLP…

  • Efficient retention of small size particles to 0.7 µm Extremely high flow rate; filtration takes place both vertically and laterally through the filters High loading capacity, which continues to filter efficiently for a greater extended period Highly resistant to chemical attack;…

  • glass. GF/F offers very fine particle retention and good loading capacity and flow rate. 0.7 µm nominal particle retention Served as the basis filter for EPA standard for the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure Cytiva Whatman brand glass microfiber filters provide…

  • …the solution may need to be filtered through a glass fiber filter. STM 4500-P.C Phosphorus in Water: Vanadomolybdophosphoric Acid Colorimetric Method During sample preparation a glass fiber filter may be used as a pre-filter before the membrane filter. Grade 161 is suitable. Activated…

  • Standard TCLP Filters

    Environmental Express

    Binder-free borosilicate glass fiber filters have porosity limits of 0.7µm +/- 0.1µm and exhibit a 98% particle retention rate at that particle size.

  • …and GF/F are produced from 100% borosilicate glass microfiber. The unique, graded density GMF 150 medium has a coarse top layer meshed with a fine layer beneath that retains particles to 1.0 µm. A GF/F filter then retains particles down to 0.7 µm. The prefilter stack is below the final membrane.…

  • FilterMate™ Filtration System

    Environmental Express

    …to a 0.45µm final filter. This model is not recommended for particulate laden samples. For filtering small volumes of TCLP extract, we offer the SC0404 FilterMate with prewashed glass fiber filter material suitable for TCLP filtrations. The 0.7µm filter is acid washed per EPA Method…

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