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  • AMMEX Blue Synthetic Vinyl Powder-Free Exam Gloves AMMEX Blue Synthetic Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves are a terrific alternative to latex. A blend of synthetic materials and PVC. Synthetic vinyl combines advanced synthetic rubber (elastomer)* and vinyl polymer materials to create an…

  • AMMEX Exam Grade Vinyl Gloves Material – Vinyl, Weight - 5.0g Color: Clear Shape: Ambidextrous Sizes: S - XL Cuff: Beaded Type: Non-Sterile Usage: Single Use Interior: Powder Free Exterior: Smooth Process: Polymer Coated

  • ECONOMIC ALTERNATIVE TO NITRILE Latex-free to eliminate Type 1 latex allergies Excellent ESD properties Processed to ensure ISO Class 5 compatibility Packaging: 10 bags of 100 pieces (1000 pieces) per carton.

  • Powder-free, vinyl gloves Ambidextrous Non-latex Non-textured Derma Free is specifically used for institutional and industrial use. A powder-free, 100% synthetic glove is a vital component of any food safety program. The gloves are 9.5 inches long with a beaded cuff that is 2.0 mils thick.…

  • HandPRO& reg Series 1550 Clean Class 100 12" Vinyl Gloves are powder-free, smooth gloves with a beaded cuff. Double bagged and suitable for ISO 5 and up environments. Available in sizes S to XL. Not made with natural rubber latex, to reduce your risk of Type I latex allergy, for static…

  • Sealing Tapes For Microwell Plates

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Minimizes evaporation Removable tabs Pressure sensitive acrylate adhesive Temperature range: -40° to 80°C Sealing tape for microwell plates provides an effective seal on all polystyrene, polypropylene and polycarbonate microwell plates. Compatible with aqueous solutions and organic solvents.

  • Precut Pierceable Sealing Films for Automation Protect samples and limit evaporation, short-term Temperatures -40°C to 90°C Special hairline X-cuts and thin adhesive prevent fouling or occlusion of probes and tips Sealing film reseals for continued sample protection after…

  • Made from premium quality PVC for extra durability Powder-free Dura-Touch® gloves comply with FDA food handling requirements (21 CFR 177.2600) Industries Food Processing Food Service General Industry Janitorial/Sanitation Pharmaceutical Research…

  • Box of 100 gloves Thickness: 4mil Powder-free examination grade vinyl Designed for consistent fit and flexibility Smooth surface for natural tactile sensitivity Rolled cuff added for strength Latex-free

  • BrightMax™ sealing films are 203 µm thick white vinyl adhesive sealing films for use with white microplates. The sealing films may be applied to either the top or bottom of the plate. A split backing aids in applying the sealing film properly. The light-reflective properties of…

  • A non-latex, durable solution for professionals and their patients who risk sensitivity to natural rubber latex. They offer exceptional strength and protection at a value price. Powder-free.

  • Ideal for Fluorescent Assays Light-blocking and absorbing properties protect light-sensitive samples Versatile can be applied to either top or bottom of plate Reduces stray light and well-to-well crosstalk Notched film edges aligned with plate bottom supports facilitates…

  • Vinyl Gloves, Non-Medical. Ideal for general purpose use and food handling. Great for applications that do not require a medical grade glove such as food prep, light-duty cleaning and general maintenance.

  • GripStrong® Vinyl gloves are designed to meet the needs of those seeking light duty hand protection at an exceptional value. GripStrong® Vinyl powder-free gloves are manufactured with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which eliminates exposure to latex and reduces the potential risk of a latex protein…

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