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  • Tris Buffered Saline, (.05M) pH7.6, Liter. MasterTech buffers are made from the highest quality chemicals using a specialized process which ensures exact pH levels. Accuracy is maintained through the use of a double-digit precision pH meter, calibrated against industry standard reference buffers.

  • Xylene resistant slide labels, 15/16 x 15/16”, 1” core, opaque liner, 1800 labels per roll

  • Specifically designed and optimized for use with ink jet slide printers. Also work well with Statmark pens. Print quality exhibits high resolution bar codes and alpha-numerical characters for efficient and error-free scanning. Excellent for routine H&E, special stains, and frozen sections. 10…

  • Running out of a component in your MasterTech Stain Kit? Replace your used or expiring item by purchasing an individual solution. Components are available in larger sizes to fit your rate of usage.

  • Stains fat and neutral fats in 10 minutes. Oil Red O serves as the primary stain, producing red fat with blue nuclei stained by the Hematoxylin. 100ml Stain Kit yields between 80 and 100 slides. Pint Stain Kit yields between 320-500 slides. Liter Stain Kit yields between 680-1000 slides. Slide…

  • Toluidine Blue Stock Solution is a component for the MasterTech HelicoStat® Rapid Helicobacter Stain Kit.

  • Dry Mats™ are a unique solution for aggressive spill response and formalin vapor control. Highly absorbent and dry 12" x 13" sheets contain a proprietary formaldehyde-specific neutralizer. Excellent for grossing stations, countertops, storage cabinets, and any area where…

  • Cervical Brush


    A superior means for collecting endocervical cell samples. Round, textured handle, tapered brush. Sterile, individually packaged. 8" length. 100/pack.

  • Stains for bone marrow, core sections, mast cells, and Helicobacter pylori in 25 minutes. This procedure is used to differentiate cells present in hematopoietic tissue. Both May-Grunwald and Giemsa Stock serve as primary stains, producing blue to purple nuclei, cytoplasm, Helicobacter pylori, and…

  • Plain glass slides (no frost) with clipped corners. Non-adhesion. 75 mm x 25 mm x 1 mm. 10 gross per case.

  • Blue, black and white foam sponges that secure small specimens during processing. 1"x1 1/4". Thin 2mm, 1000/case.

  • Periodic Acid Schiffs Kit,R.A. /Ea

  • 100% d-Limonene for processing and staining. Mild citrus odor. Exceptionally high purity. Flash point 122°F. 1 Gallon, 4/case

  • Stains collagen, muscle, cytoplasm, chromatin, osteocytes, and neuroglia in 40 minutes. Aniline Blue serves as the primary stain, producing blue collagen, reticulum fibers, and a pink to red cytoplasm, with orange to red Chromatin, neuroglia, osteocytes, and muscle, counterstained by the Azocarmine…

  • Traditional biopsy cassette with most popular hinged design. 1 mm pore size. 45° labeling surface. Front tab, lids attached. 500 per case.

  • Slide Yields assume maximum slides stained per run, maximum runs per use. Actual Slide Yields may vary. 100ml Kit Consists of: Type 1 Silver Solution 5 vials, 0.1% Gold Chloride 100ml, 5% Sodium Thiosulfate 100ml and Nuclear Fast Red Stain 100ml. Pint Kit Consists of: Type 1 Silver Solution…

  • Oxalic Acid, 2%


    2% Oxalic Acid is a component for the following MasterTech Stain Kits: Bodian Microwave Stain Kit and Hepatitis B Stain Kit. Running out of a component in your MasterTech Stain Kit? Replace your used or expiring item by purchasing an individual solution. Components are available in larger sizes to…

  • Laboratory grade xylene. Purified and filtered to deliver a high quality, consistent product. High solvency factor ensures quick and complete clearing. Free of impurities and water.

  • Secures small biopsies during processing. Synthetic mesh, small pore design, ensures unrestricted flow of processing reagents around specimens. Resistent to solvents and acids. 1,000 bags per case.

  • NBF with 5% alcohol added, in StatClick Prefill Vials. Special alcoholic formalin blend is an ideal year-round fixative but is especially suitable for laboratories in colder climates. The addition of alcohol makes the solution more resistant to freezing temperatures. StatClick™ containers…

  • Fixative decalcifier can save time. Fresh tissue can be placed directly into Formical-4™ to fix and decalcify simultaneously. Formulated for use on large dense samples that normally take several days to decalcify. In most cases, poor decalcification is due to poor fixation as large, dense…

  • Use NeutraGreen™ aldehyde test strips to determine if waste formalin has been safely and effectively neutralized for drain disposal. 50 test strips per bottle. Use with NeutraGreen™ Liquid Neutralizer.

  • Cincinnati precision carbon blades manufactured of high-grade surgical steel resulting in exceptional durability and sharpness. Blades are packaged 100 per box, non-sterile and individually wrapped.

  • 5% Sodium Borate can be used to make a working silver stain during the MasterTech G.M.S. Staining procedure. Running out of a component in your MasterTech Stain Kit? Replace your used or expiring item by purchasing an individual solution. Components are available in larger sizes to fit your rate of usage.

  • Pressure sensitive, permanent adhesive. Satisfies OSHA 1910.1200 (f) requirements. Right side of label provides space for patient name, date, DOB, specimen ID, and doctor. 1,000/roll

  • Reagent ACS grade. Concentration is 37.4% 16 oz.

  • Acetone


    Common uses include removing mounting media, mordant, and a cleaning solvent.

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