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  • Stains for amyloid deposits in just over 60 minutes. This kit is suitable in lieu of and comparable to the alkaline congo red method, commonly used to stain for primary, secondary, myeloma-associated, or tumor-associated amyloidosis. The MasterTech Congo Red Amyloid Kit requires no working solution…

  • Parafilm


    Made of a semi-transparent, flexible and water-proof material, film is resistant to most acids and alcohols, 2" x 250' roll

  • Stains RNA, DNA, and Mast Cells.

  • For the safe containment and disposal of used microtome blades, scalpel blades, slides, coverglass, or other medical waste. Made of high density polyethylene plastic. Attached lid prevents loss and forms a leak-proof seal when securely attached. OSHA Compliant. Available in 1, 1.5, and 2 quart…

  • Proprietary progressive nuclear stain, considered a hybrid hematoxylin product. Select hematoxylin possesses the rapid staining qualities of Gill Hematoxylins along with the familiar  brilliant nuclear chromatin delineation of a Harris. Does not require daily filtering. Has no affinity…

  • Base Mold Disposable, Multiple sizes

  • Gill's I is the lightest of three Gill’s Hematoxylin formulations and is best suited for staining in cytology preparations.

  • Stains for gram positive and gram negative bacteria in less than five minutes. This kit is suitable in lieu of and comparable to the Brown and Brenn, Brown and Hopps, and Modified Gram Methods for staining gram positive and gram negative bacteria. The MasterTech Gram Stain Kit® differs from…

  • 10% NBF prefills. 24, 40, and 60mL vials are StatClick Vials. StatClick™ containers produce an audible “clicking” sound when the leak-proof seal has been properly engaged, assuring accurate closure and maintaining specimen integrity during transport. Get your tissue into fixative…

  • Cytoplasmic counterstain that provides a brighter reddish stain in muscle and other connective tissue. Provides a more dramatic color contrast than traditional Eosin-Y. StatLab’s Vintage Stain Line features more common hybrid stains. It includes a durable and tinctorially effective…

  • Acetate Buffer


    Acetate Buffer pH8.0 is a component in the MasterTech Microwave Copper Stain Kit.

  • A disposable blade with an integral non-slip handle for autopsy and grossing. May be re-sharpened for a longer lasting edge. Each box contains ten knives. 8" macro-autopsy knife, 10/box.

  • The original! Designed exclusively for lab techs, this original formulation does not dry out, and withstands exposure to common processing chemicals; excellent for both slides and embedding cassettes.

  • 20% Neutral Buffered Formalin is intended as a general purpose fixative for all tissues to be examined by light microscopy. It is often used for surgical and necropsy specimens, and is an excellent fixative for brain tissue.

  • 1% aqueous stock solution. Uses include Reticulum and Gomori Methenamine Silver Nitrate Stain (GMS) stains. 120 mL

  • 2% Glutaraldehyde/Cacodylate Buffer, pH 7.3, 100mL. MasterTech buffers are made from the highest quality chemicals using a specialized process which ensures exact pH levels. Accuracy is maintained through the use of a double-digit precision pH meter, calibrated against industry standard reference buffers.

  • 6" non-sterile, splinter-free applicator stick with cotton tip. For application of tissue marking dyes and other routine uses in paraffin and frozen sectioning. 1000/box.

  • Acetic Acid


    Running out of a component in your MasterTech Stain Kit? Replace your used or expiring item by purchasing an individual solution. Components are available in larger sizes to fit your rate of usage.

  • Very mild formic acid decalcifier formulated from semiconductor grade formic acid and highly purified reagent grade water. Ideal for decalcifying bone for immunohistochemistry. Will not destroy antigen sites during decalcification and can safely be used to demonstrate antigens in decalcified bone.…

  • Slide Boxes


    Blue plastic slide boxes made from durable HDPE with hinged lid, foam cushioning, and locking mechanism. Slide boxes hold 25, 50 or 100 slides. Sold as single boxes. If purchasing in bulk, 12 boxes in each case.

  • Embedding cassettes without lids designed for use with reusable metal lid (PCLID). 45° labeling surface. Available in bulk, sleeved or taped. Bulk, 1,500 per case. Sleeved, 750 per case. Taped, 2000 per case. Lids not included.

  • 3% Sulfuric Acid is a component for the MasterTech Hepatitis B Stain Kit.

  • Deionized Water


    Reagent ACS grade water, for all standard pathology laboratory applications. Water is purified in-house in the StatLab state-of-the-art deionized water purification system. Incoming water is filtered and softened before it undergoes a reverse osmosis process. The water is further purified by UV,…

  • Lab Soakers


    Manufactured using ‘non-slip’ film technology. Each sheet consists of four layers of wet-strength tissue, embossed together and adhesive laminated to a polypropylene moisture barrier. These sheets are excellent for use in areas of routine and special staining and coverslipping, placing under a…

  • Cervical Brush


    A superior means for collecting endocervical cell samples. Round, textured handle, tapered brush. Sterile, individually packaged. 8" length. 100/pack.

  • Sodium Metabisulfite Solution is a component for the MasterTech HelicoStat® Rapid Helicobacter Stain Kit.

  • 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon for processing and staining. Higher permissible exposure limit than xylene. Virtually no odor. Flash point 104°F. Exceptionally high purity. Xylene Substitute.

  • A customer favorite! CrystalView™ coverslipping tape is a proprietary, resin coated film that eliminates the need for glass coverslips and sticky liquid mounting media. The flexible, tri-acetate film is coated with a xylene-activated resin on the underside, and exhibits an optical clarity…

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