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  • To maximize SNR, Precision NMR Tubes have minimal paramagnetic impurities that would impact shimming. Tight ID and OD tolerance as small as 0.0065mm accommodates Wilmad inserts. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 USA facility using a unique precision shrinking and grinding…

  • Pyrex® MAS Rotor Inserts

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Designed for air-sensitive samples and semi-solid samples such as gels or highly viscous liquids, Pyrex® MAS Rotor Inserts allow samples to be sealed into an NMR rotor by heat-seal or epoxy. Note: A glove box may be required for sealing of air-sensitive samples.

  • These large capacity Soxhlet extraction apparatus with modified design feature a wide mouth opening that provides easier charging and sample removal and a large area at the filter plate for rapid drainage of the solvent. Bulky solids may be placed directly on a fiberglass mat (not supplied) and…

  • Buchner Filter Funnels

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    WUsed in applications where filter paper would be attacked by the material being filtered, these borosilicate glass Buchner filter funnels with sealed-in fritted glass discs are available in Coarse(C), Medium(M), or Fine(F) porosities.

  • Calibrated "to deliver" at 20°C, these borosilicate glass pipettes have a permanently colored amber scale with the zero line at the top. The small amount remaining in the tip, after completion of free delivery, is blown out and added to the main delivery volume (ground band indicator…

  • This borosilicate glass pear-shaped separatory funnel is supplied with a Standard Taper glass stopper/stopcock and a PTFE plug.

  • Dean-Stark Moisture Traps

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Calibrated "to contain" at 20°C, these borosilicate glass moisture traps are used for the determination of water in various materials by distillation with an immiscible solvent. They consist of a full length Standard Taper inner joint for vapor tube connection to distilling flask and…

  • These borosilicate glass vacuum traps have a Standard Taper joint to ease disassembly and allow cleaning/draining. The sidearm 3/8" hose connectors are 180° apart with a bent top stem and provide an easy connection when using rubber tubing. See LG-11020 for body only.

  • Stainless Steel Micro Spatula

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Getting a tiny powder sample into any tube larger than 4mm OD should never be a struggle again. Unlike ordinary spatulas, WILMAD's Stainless Steel NMR Spatula fits into the most common NMR tubes. Add or remove samples easily (including freeze-dried); scoop samples with the round end or pry…

  • For routine use. Furnished silvered, evacuated and with aluminum base. Not for transportation of Liquid Nitrogen. Properties Capacity mL: 1000 Inside Diameter Inches: 2-11/16 Inside Depth Inches: 11-7/8

  • Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Used for the continuous extraction of solids with a suitable solvent. Units are supplied complete with flat bottom boiling flask, Soxhlet extractor and Allihn condenser. The extractor capacity shown is the solvent volume held in the extractor to the top of the siphon tube. The siphon tube is…

  • Calibrated "to contain" (TC) at 20°C and amberized for light sensitive studies, these Class A, borosilicate glass, wide mouth flasks are designed to provide pipette access along with facilitating filling and sampling. Unique flat bottom interior permits use of a standard stir bar. The…

  • Used to connect two pieces of glass with flat flanges of the same diameter, these stainless steel horseshoe-shaped clamps are uniquely designed. Adjustable tension springs that secure even pressure over the flange area, may be slid on or off easily - thus facilitating assembly and disassembly of…

  • These borosilicate glass apparatus are used in general purpose and phenol distillation. They are useful for batch production of high purity water. Complete unit consists of a flask with a flat bottom and distillation head having Standard Taper 19/38 joint, Standard Taper Stopper, and Graham style…

  • Made of borosilicate glass, these freeze drying flasks are used with VirTis® lyophilizing equipment. Openings are extra-wide for efficient shell freezing and suited for bulky samples. Wall thickness of flask is designed for vacuum applications. These flasks are supplied with a nylon translucent…

  • Luer Lock Syringe Needles

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Designed for easy sample loading with Luer Lock syringes, these needles are available in stainless steel or PTFE. Ideal for puncturing septum in air-sensitive samples PTFE needles offer a convenient way to wash your small volume tubes by minimizing the possibility of scratches

  • Reaction Kettle Clamp

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    This reaction vessel clamp for O-rings and flat flanges is a cast bronze ring with a black oxidized finish. Three insulated, spring activated clamping arms fit beneath the flange of the flask body. Simple pressure on the heat-resistant fiber knobs and a twist, permit attachment or removal.

  • Calibrated "to deliver" (TD) at 20°C, these borosilicate glass, color coded pipettes are fabricated to meet the requirements for accuracy, appearance, glass quality and calibration line accuracy. Reference: Volumetric, Class A ASTM E-969

  • Wilmad Precision NMR Quartz Tubes have an extremely low thermal expansion rate and high tensile strength which is 14 times more robust during the cooling/heating process than Type 1 Class A glass tubes. Naturally occurring quartz maintains an over 85% transmission rate (10 mm thickness,…

  • Short Oil Centrifuge Tube, TC

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Calibrated "to contain" (TC), this borosilicate glass short oil centrifuge tube is designed to be utilized in the field. It is used in petroleum test methods ASTM D 96 AND API Code 2500. Reference No. ASTM D 96

  • Wilmad X-Band Precision Brand EPR Quartz tubes are manufactured from naturally occurring quartz with the highest purity to minimize the background signal. Hold 10 to 15 times better tolerances on the inner diameter and 5 times smaller camber and concentricity vs economy brand tubes Ideal…

  • Bulb Oil Centrifuge Tube

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Calibrated "to contain" (TC), this Goetz-type borosilicate glass bulb oil centrifuge tube is a pear shaped tube, similar to LG-4420, but it has a lower stem calibrated to hold 1.5mL. Specified in ASTM Method D 96 as suitable for a number of tests on petroleum products. Reference No.…

  • This borosilicate glass pear-shaped separatory funnel is supplied with a Standard Taper glass stopper and a Standard Taper glass stopcock.

  • Schlenk Vacuum Sample Tubes

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    These borosilicate glass Schlenk sample tubes incorporate a grease-free high vacuum 0-4mm valve and are suited for pressure/vacuum applications. Ideal for reaction and storage of air-sensitive compounds. Sidearm can be connected to inert atmosphere/vacuum source or a manifold.

  • 5mm Screw-Cap NMR Tubes

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Commonly used in sample degasification these tubes can maintain vacuum quality of >10-4 torr. For better vacuum, please check our Pressure/Vacuum Tube and Quick Pressure Valve Tube. Tube comes complete with open top screw cap and septum. Caps and septa can be ordered separately.

  • Solid Penny Head Stoppers

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Product is used extensively with volumetric flasks and separatory funnels.

  • Wilmad’s 2nd generation Multi-Tube Jet Solvent Washer/Dryer is recommended for research labs that routinely clean NMR and EPR tubes; a single unit can accommodate up to 5 tubes (3, 4 and 5 mm OD) at once. When an inverted tube is inserted onto the solvent transfer tubing and the open end is…

  • NMR/EPR Tube Racks

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Three styles available for our NMR and EPR Tubes 1187C59 (820-A): Lightweight polypropylene rack maximizes your benchtop storage capacity and is virtually inert 1187C64 (WG-2442): Simple but useful this stainless steel NMR tube rack accommodates 12 tubes with a maximum OD of 5mm.…

  • Class B Graduated Cylinders, TD

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Featuring a reinforced bead and pouring lip, these Class B borosilicate glass graduated cylinders comply with ASTM E 1272. The 5mL size has a funnel top. Calibrated "to deliver" (TD) at 20°C and suitable for general laboratory use. Reference No. ASTM E 1272

  • Ideal for use with 43, 60,& 80MHz manual sample loading benchtop NMR spectrometers, Wilmad-LabGlass Benchtop NMR Tubes have been tested in the most popular benchtop spectrometers to assure performance and give you confidence in purchasing consumables for your instrument. 5mm O.D. tubes…

  • With closed bottom standard taper pennyhead style stopper Pennyhead stopper forms a secure seal Wide opening for easy addition and removal of samples Light weight for simple tare settings Manufactured from ASTM Type I, Class A borosilicate

  • Available in various sizes, these borosilicate glass round bottom flasks have three vertical necks with Standard Taper outer joints. The side necks are 180° apart.

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